Curses of High Society

Oh futz, Kanda thought. This wasn't supposed to happen, not now, not ever.

But it did.

It wasn't until four years later (now) when he first stepped into this very house, that he realized with opened eyes one of the greatest distinction between class, and gender.

Especially class.

The boy in front of him, his frightening master's son, was shyly wringing his hands, a disarming, charming blush staining the boy's cheeks. "I...I'm sorry. I don't think I can accept your feelings." It all broke and crashed from that moment, and bitter melancholy along with Kanda's regret suddenly wove into the air and displaced the younger one's nervousness.

"I see." Allen forced a smile, but it was darkened from the pain in his eyes. "Sorry to bother you then."