Inzuka Naruto

A/N: Before I start this story, I would like to give a better summary, this story will mainly be about Naruto and what happens if he was an Inzuka. I will try and make it funny, but don't blame me if it isn't. As well, it is rated M for a reason, and they will be swearing, sex and all the other shit that makes life great! Now, on with the story.

Chapter 1

Naruto, or as he is known by most outside of his clan, Inzuka Naruto was a very special child. He wasn't retarded or anything; he just had a very weird childhood. His life had been started off pretty bad, he was the child of the Inzuka clan leader, and he had a twin brother who was seven minutes younger, Kiba, and an older sister Hana. You may think that this was all pretty nice, however, eight days after his birth, the most feared demon had been sealed into him, the demon died in the process, but Naruto absorbed some of his chakra giving him the potential to be a great ninja. As well, the sacrifice made Naruto a hero of the village, many thought that he had killed the demon, and rocketed the Inzuka clan to fame and political power, they were now considered one of the three most prominent clans in Konoha, the other two being the Uchiha and the Hyuuga.

Naruto's life had gone pretty nicely since then, at the age of one he and his brother picked out their companion for life, or in Naruto's case, companions. Kiba had chosen a nice cute puppy called Akamaru, who had been the nicest and most sweet looking of the bunch litter. Naruto however, picked out a cross bred between a wolf and husky (A/N: Don't ask me how the fuck that happened), however, the dog would not be separated from his brother so Naruto took both. That night he named the two dogs Masao and Akira. Masao was the older of the two and a bit bigger, they were both grey with very large fangs. At first, they scratched and attacked Naruto anytime he came near them, but Naruto persisted and eventually they began to grow attached to him, as well they both got on well with Akamaru.

Kiba and Naruto were very similar, and were always together, they were both arrogant, loved cool flashy techniques and both grew tall at an early age. Now, they are 8 and they are walking towards the academy.

"NARUTO!!!! KIBA!!!!! YOU STUPID BRATS!!!!!" a feminine voice was heard and an unreal amount of killer intent was released behind them.

"Hahahaha! It looks like Hana realized we put blue hair dye in her shampoo. Oh crap, run!"

Said sister began chasing them and their dogs through the village yelling things like "I'm going to fucking kill you" and "When I'm done with you you're not gonna be recognizable."

At the academy, Naruto and Kiba managed to snag two seats at the back. Sitting next to Naruto was Nara Shikamaru. Next to Kiba was Akimichi Chouji, they all knew each other, all being of prominent clans of Konoha.

"Hey Naruto, Hey Kiba" Chouji said

A grunt was heard from Shikamaru.

"Hey Chouji. Hey Shikamaru." The two brothers said, not in unison. (A/N: I hate it when people do that it's really creepy)

Iruka walked into the room and gave a long winded speech on how they would have to work hard and the life of shinobi was hard... We know what he says. Somewhere in the middle of it, you could hear the sound of snoring and bags of potato chips being eaten. Out of nowhere, four chalkboard erasers hit the four boys at the back.

"What the!" Naruto yelled.

"What's the big idea?!" Kiba shouted

"Troublesome teacher… stupid erasers…" Was heard coming from Shikamaru's mouth, he had not sat up and a few seconds later more snores were heard.

Iruka's head began to grow bigger and bigger, and his face turned a shade of red that was not meant to be discovered. The class were laughing their asses off, except for Uchiha Sasuke who just sighed and stared into the wall.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!!!! I should beat the living daylights out of you! Stay back after class!"

"Whatever" was heard from Chouji… the other three had fallen asleep.

"Kids, you all have a lot of potential, but if you waste your time in my class, you won't learn the basics, which are the key to becoming a ninja..." Iruka begins his lecture which ends twenty minutes later

"So I want you all to promise that you will at least try and pay attention" he finished

"Yes Iruka-sensei" all four of them chorused.

The years progressed in the fashion, and all four of them became good friends, and they all hated Sasuke and his evil fan club. Apart from the training they got from the academy, Kiba and Naruto always trained with Hana, needless to say the only way that they could stop having the shit kicked out of them was by improving. Naruto learned some interesting Inzuka techniques, for example, he could multiply his two companions into a pack of wolves, useful for hunting and fighting. As well, he learned to speak with Masao and Akira, it turned out they were quite vicious and had learned how to swear, he wondered where that came from.

Finally the day came for their graduation day, Naruto and Kiba walked to the academy like every other day, and their tagged along, talking to each other and enjoying the warm spring day. Along the way, they met up with Shikamaru and Chouji.

"So, do you think you'll pass?" Naruto asked Shikamaru

"I hope so, failing this year would be a pain in the ass, I don't want to have to go back to the academy"

"I know you'll be fine, you're like god damn genius… when you aren't sleeping"

Shikamaru just shrugged, grunted and looked at the sky, Naruto had never understood his obsession with clouds, they were so white and boring.

"Alright class, as you all know today is the final exam, the test to see if you become a genin, we will be doing the tests next door, and in alphabetic order, first up Aburame Shino"

Shino walked out of the room, his face deeply hidden beneath his jacket. The rest of the class were talking nervously, with the exception of the four musketeers who were laughing their heads off at some shit joke that no one would find funny, as well, Sasuke was staring at the wall being his usual confident ass hole self. The fan club was staring at Sasuke admiring how brave he was and how good lucking he was, there were even some boys staring at him imagining themselves in dreams to disgusting to write.

The people came and went, most of them passing, with the odd fan girl or boy failing, but they were all retarded anyway so who cared? Of course Chouji passed and he was proudly displaying his new shiny hita-ate to his friends, who were all impressed. Out of the four Chouji was the weakest, he had pretty low self- esteem and wasn't motivated, and they only was they could get him to train was to call him fat and then run like there was no tomorrow. Then came Kiba, who was much stronger than Chouji, but just a little weaker than his brother. Naruto was the strongest in terms of raw power and techniques, and his dogs were almost unbeatable, but Shikamaru was able to beat them all. His intelligence was astounding and he could come up with the perfect battle plan in seconds, but he was lazy as hell and would have to start working if he wanted to be able to beat Naruto in the near future.

"Inzuka Kiba" Iruka's voice was heard at the doorway.

"Good luck bro!" Naruto said and he gave him a high-five for luck.

A few minutes later Kiba came back with a hita-ate like Chouji's except he wouldn't stop bragging about and saying how good he was.

"Inzuka Naruto" Iruka said.

The two Inzukas went through the same motion as before except this time Naruto almost took Kiba's hand off.

"Naruto, this year's test is Bunshin no Jutsu and Henge no Jutsu, so first I would like you to make three copies of yourself"

Naruto had always had a very difficult time doing Bunshin no Jutsu, Hana just said it was due to his huge amounts of chakra, but he had eventually figured it out. Three copies appeared next to Naruto.

"Now please transform them into something that you could use in battle"

The three clones disappeared in a cloud of smoke for a second and then Chouji, Kiba and Shikamaru were all standing in front of Naruto. He had a foxy grin on his face.

"Fuck yeah! That's how we do it bitch!" yelled Masao, luckily all Iruka could hear was barking.

"Good job Naruto you pass" Iruka said and he handed him a hita-ate.

Naruto was happy beyond belief, now he an official ninja of the leaf village. He quickly tied it around his forehead, keeping his tattooed face clear, but hiding some of black spiky hair, he thought he looked pretty hot, but hey, he was the great Inzuka Naruto after all.

After the tests had finished, Iruka stepped back into the main classroom and began to give his closing speech

"First of all, I would like to congratulate all of those who passed the test and who are on their way to becoming great shinobi. Next, I would like to congratulate Uchiha Sasuke on becoming this year's Rookie of the Year!"

There was a small amount of clapping, excluding the fan girls, who had orgasms, all because their Sasuke-kun had become Rookie of the Year, one even tried to give him head, he pushed her away, where she was beaten up the rest of the fan girls and boys (the boys had grown in number) who were offended because she had tried to defile their Sasuke-kun.

"Hey Sasuke! Why don't you take the rod out of your ass and stop being so gay!" Kiba yelled across the room. Sasuke flipped him off.

"Kids who passed make sure you're here tomorrow to meet you jounin senseis!"

The Next Day

"Alright kids I'm going to read off the name's of the people in your team and your jounin sensei… Team 9: Inzuka Kiba, Inzuka Naruto and Nara Shikamaru"

The three shinobi exchanged a round of high fives and 'oh yeah!' s.

"Your teacher will be Sarutobi Asuma".

A/N: Here ends chapter one, the Sasuke bashing might stop, unless you want me to continue. So far it had been pretty cannon I know, but that will all change. This chapter was more an introductory thing so please review and tell me you want me to write chapter 2!!