Catch Me As I Fall

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The war between the space colonies and the Earth was all that anyone one would talk about. It was the same for Bunny's friends, she hated thinking about it but her friends are completely obsessed with it. For once in life she would not mind studying. Studying was way better than talking about this war!

"Come on Lita, you think its OK for this fight to be going on?"

"I'm just saying if we backed out that we would be sitting ducks!" Lita replied looking at Amy.

"Well the one thing I don't mind about all of this is the cute Gundam Pilots you sometimes see on TV!" Said Mina with a dreamy look on her face.

"What do you think Ray?" Amy asked turning to her raven haired friend.

"Everyone's aura is dark and clouded. I don't like it! At this rate humanity is going to forget about the things that really matter."

Bunny looked at the TV broadcast that had started the conversation. A young pilot's face appeared on the screen and he looked around her age with messy brown hair and emotionless eyes. "It's so sad." She thought.

"What did you say Bunny?"

Oops, had she said that out loud? "Ha!" she laughed nervously; she didn't want the girls thinking that she was sprung over a glimpse of a stranger on the TV. "The war is really sad; can we talk about something else?"

"Alright. Besides we have homework to do." said Amy.

Bunny groaned. "I can't believe that I said I would rather do homework! I should have said I'd rather eat cake maybe that would have come true." Bunny thought.

The shuttle landed at the docks. The five pilots marched off as soon as the people around them thinned out and then the boys began to talk.

"So where the next party?" said Duo with a big smile. Wufei gave Duo an intense stare that clearly showed his annoyance.

"Well our next mission," began Quatre hoping to distract the two, "Is to pose as students at Juben High school. The other day I was sent a message on my laptop and there seems to be a high level of enemy mobile suit activity in this area." He stopped typing to look up at the group.

"And we would have known that if someone had not blown up our laptops." Wufei had pulled his katana from its resting place in its sheath on his back and held it under Duo's throat.

"Ha ha! Easy there Wu-man. How was I suposta know that while I was working on my Gundam you, Heero and Trowa had your computers charging. Of course there was no possible way that I would know that all this activity would blow around 50 fuses at once!"

"How many times have I told you not to call me 'Wu-man' and yet you insist!"

Wufei screamed a battle cry as he began to chase Duo.

"Won't you two ever grow up?" said Trowa.

"That's enough" said Heero in a monotone voice. At that the two of them stopped.

"Thanks Heero man. That was close."

Duo placed his hand on Heero's shoulder. Heero pulled a gun from out of the side of his pants.

"If you touch me again the team will have one less pilot." Duo stared down the barrel of the gun.

"Yeah sure buddy, what ever you say."

Heero put the gun away as Duo let out a sigh of relief.

Bunny walked to her sister Rini's swim class. She jumped as a cat knocked over a garbage can. This war thing had Bunny on the edge. At any small sound she would jump. It was driving her mad. Plus Rini and her brother Sammy didn't make things any better they made as much noise at home as they could. They believed the whole thing to be funny. So they insisted to play jokes on her.

She sat on the steps and waited for Rini to come out.

So many things had happened. Every day at school now they had to do drills in case something went wrong, her parents made her promise that if any thing happened to them that she would take care of her brother and sister, and now a lot of areas wear marked with 'No Entry' signs.

All of a sudden a car honked in the distance causing Bunny to jump and scream.

"You're such a meatball head!"

Bunny screamed again, and jumping around twenty feet this time.

"You little nerd, I swear one day you're gonna die!"

"Whatever, lets go." Now she had to make sure that Sammy was done at the local wreck center and walk him home too. She let out a groan.

Bunny really did love both her sister and brother but the two of them at once was a catastrophe! She had, had so many tricks pulled on her that she could have shown Houdini how to get out of the worst case scenario.

Duo began to scan the area for all the places to get food. "Wow! I'm really going to enjoy it here, they have food joints everywhere."

Heero started to scan the area too but for a different reason. There were many people here so he didn't understand why rebels would place a base in such a crowded area, unless perhaps it was to throw off suspicion.

"Wow." Duo gasped. The boys stopped to see what their friend was looking at. "Babe alert."

Just across the street Bunny was standing with Rini waiting for her brother Sammy.

"Duo, you pompous fool. Is that all you can think about, we have a mission," Wufei spoke giving Duo an evil glare.

"Sorry guys but its time to work my magic. Why don't you stand back and take notes."

Quatre let out a sigh. Trowa leaned against the wall. Wufei mumbled about the injustice of him having to work with the baka and Heero stood with his arms crossed.

Bunny stood intently watching the doors of the wreck center; she would not let Sammy get the better of her with a surprise attack.

"Hey there beautiful."

Bunny jumped. She turned to find a boy with brown hair done up in a long braid standing in front of her, he had a big smile that accented his laughing eyes.

"Um yes?"

"I happened to be standing on the opposite side of the street with a few of my buddies when I happened to notice you over here standing all alone."

"She's not alone."

Duo looked down to see a small girl. "Oh I'm sorry little girl I didn't notice you, say why don't you go over and play with some rocks or something while the grown ups talk!"

With out knowing it this boy had made a huge mistake, but Bunny knew. Rini lifted her foot and kicked it in to his shin.

"Ahhhhhh!" Loud screams erupted from the boy's mouth as he began to jump up and down.

"My sis my not be smart but she's got enough brains to stay away from guys like you. Come on Bunny I wanna go get Sammy then go home!"

"Rini that was horrible, you should apologize."

"Whatever," Rini walked inside the building.

"I am so sorry," said Bunny, "Please forgive her she's a little bit of a brat," she finished hitting her head. She laughed uncomfortably. "Well if you will excuse me," said Bunny leaving a teary eyed Duo behind and ran after her sister.

Duo looked after the long haired girl as she raced after the smaller one. After the doors closed behind her he limped back over to where the Gundam pilot's stood and each of them had a smile on their face, well except Heero, his was more of a smirk.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on out with it then." A chorus of laughter began.

"That little onna got you well! Hahaha!"

"Well like you could have done better," said Duo placing his hands behind his head and glaring at Wufei.

Bunny finally caught up with her sister. "What did you do that for? That was extremely rude Rini."

"Yuck are you telling me that you wanted to talk to that guy? Believe me you'll be grateful one day." Bunny hated how Rini could sound like she was much older than she really was!

"If it wasn't for the fact that the guy already left, I'd make you go back and apologize."

"Like you could."

Bunny began to pull on her hair, Rini was driving her mad. Why couldn't her parents just stop after two kids? Better yet after adopting her they should have just left things the way they where!

The next day Bunny was awoken by her mother's constant screams for her to hurry.

Bunny looked at her clock; it was ten minutes till eight. She placed the clock back down and closed her eyes. Suddenly she sat up with a start. "Ten till eight? Oh my God!"

Rushing out of bed she pulled off her night clothes, got dressed and brushed her teeth. "Bye mom" she said rushing out the front door.

"Bunny you forgot your lunch again!"

Bunny ran on her usual morning dash. Once she reached her class room she grabbed the door and threw it open.

"I'm so sorry Ms Haruna," said Bunny bowing over and over again.


"Huh?" Bunny looked up to see her friend Molly standing before her, "Ms. H hasn't arrived yet."

"What?" Bunny looked around. There was no sign of their teacher. Bunny let out a sigh so she wouldn't have to stand out in the hall today. Bunny smiled. Maybe today would be a good day.

Bunny took her set next to Molly and they began to chat "Did you hear? There are five new students today!"

"Really? That many?"


All of a sudden a young boy with thick glasses popped out of nowhere making Bunny and Molly scream.

Once they saw who it was they felt foolish. "Melvin" said Molly busting him on the head.

"Sorry" he said with tears welling up "But I happened to hear your conversation."

"When don't you?" said Molly. "You follow Bunny around like a love sick dog."

"Well those new students that will be starting today apparently have gone to the same school for the past two years but they're not related. In fact they're not even all from the same colony."

"Melvin how did you get this info?" Asked Bunny.

"Oh I just hacked into the school computer."

"You can do that?" Their jaws dropped.

"Of course can't you?"

Bunny looked at him. "So you got any thing else?"

"Well", said Melvin looking at a small notebook. "They're all male and..."

"Male! Did you hear that Molls they're all guys!" Bunny and Molly began to jump up and down.

"Yeah I did. What do you think they look like? I hope they're cute maybe they're models and that's why they all went to the same school."

"Actually they're not ..."

"They're probably really famous who do you think they are? Maybe one of them's…" But Bunny didn't get to finish her sentence because at that moment in walked Ms Haruna with five young men, one Bunny recognized as the boy who had hit on her yesterday.

"Class these are your new classmates. Boys will you each tell the class your names and a little about your selves."

The smallest who had blond hair and blue green eyes stepped forward. "Hello." He said blushing. "I'm Quatre Roaberba Winner and I guess something that I like would be animals," he laughed a very charming laugh which made all the girls sigh.

Next the boy that Bunny met the day before stepped forward. "I'm Duo Maxwell and well if any if you ladies know where I can get some good food I might just take you out for a bite."

At this Bunny let out a giggle and Duo looked towards her, "Well hey there beautiful." The other boys looked towards her and she blushed.

"Down boy" Ms Haruna said warningly. Everyone in the class began to laugh.

Up next a boy with long brown bangs stepped forward, he didn't look up as he spoke. "I'm Trowa Barton and I prefer to spend my time reading." The boy went back to leaning on the wall.

Next a boy short ponytail stepped forward, "I'm Chang, Wufei and I do not like to be disturbed." At that the class seemed to stiffen up and lose its relaxed atmosphere.

The last boy did not come forward instead he stayed where he was. "Heero Yuy" is all that he said and he did not continue instead he crossed his arms much like Trowa.

Ms Haruna made a face that made Bunny want to burst out laughing. "Don't you want to add anything Mr. Yuy?"

Heero's reply consisted of a "Hnn"

"Well then, take the five open seats and we'll continue with our lesson."

Duo raced to sit behind Bunny.

"So sweetheart I never got your name yesterday."

Bunny received a look from Molly, "My names Usagi but I go by Bunny." She knew she would have to answer questions for Molly later.

The other new students sat in the seats that surrounded their friend one of those seats was right next to Bunny. The Boy named Heero sat down and at that moment Bunny felt tense. She somehow knew that this was going to be an interesting year.

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