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Chapter 1: Life Sucks so Bite Me

The cliques. Oh come on there's a couple hundred at every school. The usuals are the jocks, the muscle well toned hunks who just about every girl wants to sleep with. The cheerleaders, the dumb, peppy wild girls who have no self value what so ever. The preps who have noses more expensive than some countries. Materialistic? Tch please that would be the understatement of the millenia. When these people sneeze Chanel diamonds come out. Next in line are female jocks very serious, thinks women sports are not fun and games. Please chicks get lives. After than there are the troublemakers you know the one's who cut class frequently and are more likely to be caught with drugs or alcohol and smoking on campus. Even though they lack respect for everyone they gain insane respect from others because bad is not good and not being good is cool simple high school logic.

Now that we've finished with the populars let's move on to the less populars. The norms, regulars boys and girls who don't really fit anywhere so decided to group together. Then the goths, the all black wearing, chain dangling screaming music fans. Then last and of course least the the geeks, freaks, dorks and losers who have excelled academically but flunked socially the guys and girls who hide behind massive books and pray to get noticed by one of the 'social ups'. Four words people Not Gonna Happen Ever.

Then again I'm not one to talk fo I am the only person even in my clique and it's called The Loner Clique. Why you ask. Well I'm not like other girls...mentally. I'm a sixteen year old, five foot five, green eyes,waist length brunette haired girl. Yeah only to me though to others in actuality I'm a short creepy loner boy. They think so because I keep my hair and girl-like appearances hidden under a big black hoodie that does a perfect job of hiding my face as well. Teachers never ask me to take it off because they think I might go nuts or something like I was one of those kids with mental issues who might start shooting people if offended.

My name is Mikan Sakura a really girly name for a really ungirly girl. No one knows for sure if I'm a girl or boy because I don't go to gym class and I don't take the annual school physicals. The only reason I haven't been expelled is because my uncle is a major contributor to this school. My parents died before I started grade one so I had to live with my fathers sister and her husband.

There are only several people who know that I'm actually female. My best friends since pre-school Anna and Nonoko. My best and only guy friend in the universe Akira, he's about eighteen now. My aunt and uncle and my three evil cousins Sumire, Kairi and Ayumi. Their perfect daughters.

All on the cheerleading squad, Sumire the captain, Kari co-captain and Ayumi co-co-captain, all have long dark hair, Sumire jet black with green highlights, Kairi dark red and Ayumi dark brown. All shop at the fanciest most expencive stores because mummy and daddy just wuv to spoil their little girls yes they do and of course all have the snottiest prepped out boyfriends.

Sumire is paired with the notorious jock king as in captain of the football team, the great and powerful Hyuuga Natsume. How do I, a pathetic loner know about him? Oh please who does not know about him? He's know all around as Japan's Most Handsome Bachelor, Japan's Richest Teen and he hold the record for having the most amount of relationships in the least amount of time.

Oh yeah and Sumire must be in a record book somewhere because she probably has been in the longest relationship with Hyuuga that anyone's ever seen. So yeah she's floating on cloud nine all of the time. It's really annoying.

Kairi is going out with Yuu Natsume's left hand and my bf Nonoko's long time crush since kindergarten. Poor Nonoko doomed to watch her crush be smothered by some preppy cheerleader. Love stinks not that I would know. Last but not least Ayumi who is claimed by Kokoro Yome, a boy who liked Anna but decided on Ayumi over her. Poor Anna who had liked him as well but now chooses to despise him to cover up the fact that she was deeply hurt by the fact. Ruka Nogi is Natsume right hand and best friend who is dating Natsume's younger sister Hotaru since the dawning of time.

Me? I'm just the weirdo in the backround of school life and hoping to keep it that way for two more years. Because in two more years this never ending nightmare thats entitled my high school life will be over and maybe just maybe I can be a little something more in University life. Maybe a norm or even a goth or something to make me relatively human like. Tch me? Yeah right.

All I wanna do is draw. I love to paint and sketch. I doodle on just about everything. My mom was a painter I was her favorite subject. My dad was a photographer who fell in love with my mother's paintings' before her. So I guess art is in my blood. My first goal is to get out of this hectic life. My second is to become a famous painter/artist. I guess later on down the road I might want to settle down and have a small family but goals one and two definitely come first.


Oops that's the bell for fifth hour Gym. Better find a good hiding place.


The loner as I am known is currently laying on the soft grass of the empty field overlooking the track where all the girls in fifth hour gym were lined up for running excercises. Further odwn the cheerleader were going over their routines and even further down were some of the preps glossing their already overglossed lips. Those things are so shining the glare from the sun reaches all the way over here. How annoying.

Despite my bad attitude I've always wanted to know what it was like to be an 'It Girl' you know to be the girl everyone wanted to be. Yeah right It'll take some kind of miracle to make me that kind of girl not that I had any desire to be I was merely curious. The P.E. group ran around the track looking like brainless morons, the cheerleading did their flips and what not with loud mouth permy leading the group and the preps glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and glossed and well you get the idea.

I've been laying in the same spot for about five minutes when I heard some footsteps and voices approaching. I did a weird James bond thing and hid behind the nearest tree. I listened and confirmed that it was Natsume Hyuuga and his posse. Just great. I sat with my back against the tree trunk hoping that it would swallow me whole. They drew nearer the five of them Hyuuga Natsume, Yome Kokoro, Nogi Ruka, Tobita Yuu and Imai Hotaru, who also seems to have cut the girls gym class this period.

"-it was hysterical." i heard Yome-san say. Damn I mumbled as I saw my bag in the dead center of their walkway. I hoped they would just walk by and ignore, but then again Kokoro was known as the nosey one. As I dreaded, he picked up my bag and started to open it.

"Shit." I cursed under my breath as they stood there getting ready to raid my bag. My moms picture was in their the one she took in France with me in her arms. I stood up as panic consumed me. My secret was about to be revealed. What do I do? Damn, damn damn. He starting to pull my stuff out pencils reading material and then my most treasured possesion my sketchbook.

My sketch book had hand drawn pictures of my friends and hilarious pictures of my family members face's on a creatures body. It had my name written in the back and wedge in between the pages somewhere was my photograph. I stood arguing with myself for ten seconds before taking action.

Like a bolt of lighting I shot out and grabbed my things out of his hands. I could tell they were surprised because Hotaru gasped and Kokoro fell backwards. I stuffed my pencils and sketchbook inside and tried to run when I felt a tug. I turned and came face to face with the Hyuuga monster.

His hair was messy in that cool way and his ruby eyes were set ablaze. He was apparently outraged by my sudden appearance. His grip on my backpack strap tightened. Damn I'm in big trouble. I lowered my head to cover my face even more. One option and I know I'm going to regret it.

So without thinking it over I punched him. In the jaw and I know it hurt because he immediately let go of my pack. I ran. Hard and fast I ran away. I know I saw some blood come from his lip. Damn I'm in some deep shit.

So just like that my peaceful role in the backround was shattered. I knew Hyuuga well enough to know he wasn't going to let this slide damn. I ran for a good 20 minutes and ended up in the storage room. I was breathing so hard I thought my heart would pop out of my chest. Normally I'm not scared of anything, but Hyuuga Natsume wasn't just anything or anyone he was a Hyuuga. He had that same Hyuuga glare. The type of glare that would make you burst into flames if he hated you enough.

I admit it I'm intimidated by him, but that doesn't mean I won't fight back. Guess what Hyuuga Life Sucks so Bite me. If it's a fight you want it's a fight you'll get.

Why did I have to open my big mouth?

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