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"BRING!" went the bell at Casper High School in Amity Park. That was the signal for the end of the school day. Danny Fenton, Sam Manson, and Tucker Foley walked from Mr. Lancer's English class and to their lockers across the hall. They ignored their gaping classmates like usual.

"So, Danny, got any plans for the weekend?" asked Sam.

"Maybe we'll play a little DOOMED, fight some ghosts," suggested Tucker. "Help me with my work?" he added hopefully, causing Sam to playfully hit him.

"Tuck, we do that every day," said Danny, rolling his eyes. "And don't even think about getting us to help you. I have my own work for this town."

"Which is exactly why I know we're gonna be doing it this weekend," said Tucker with a grin. He took out his PDA and opened it to the Ghost Files. "But according to our files, no ghost has escaped since the Box Ghost came during second period."

The trio packed their backpacks and put them on, closing their lockers and spinning the locks. "So, want to go to Nasty Burger and then my place to see a movie?" asked Sam as they left the building.

"I'm in," said Tucker.

"Sorry, can't," said Danny. "Mom and Dad wanted to talk to me and Jazz about something. I'll fill you in tonight, kay?"

"Sure; later dude," said Tucker.

"Oh, and you might want to take this so you can empty it into the portal," said Sam, handing her best friend turned boyfriend the trusty thermos that they used to trap ghosts in. "Catch you later, Hero," she said, kissing him on the cheek.

"I'm going ghost!" called Danny, and he allowed the rings of energy to from around his waist, transforming him into his ghost half, Danny Phantom: savior of the world. "Bye guys!" With that, he kissed Sam on the lips, and then flew off towards Fentonworks.

He smiled upon seeing Jazz exiting her car and walking to the front porch, and then yelling at some reporter sitting on the doorstep. Danny went intangible and floated through the building, landing in the basement where he transformed back to human form. "Hey Mom, hey Dad," said Danny, taking out the thermos and walking over to the portal.

"Hi Danny!" boomed his father Jack. "Fight any ghosts today?"

"Just the Box Ghost during second period," said Danny as he released the pest into the other realm. Once done, he put the device back in his backpack.

Jazz came down the stairs at that moment; an extremely annoyed look on her face. "More reporters," she explained. "I mean, it's been a month already! Can't they just leave us alone?"

"That's what we're discussing with you actually," said Maddie. "Jack and I have decided it best that you stay with a friend of ours from college for a while."

"Nothing like Vlad, right?" asked Danny nervously.

"No, I'm talking about Robby Ray Stewart, the famous singer," said Maddie. "He lives all the way across the country, in California, so they'll be less people who will recognize you guys. Or at least Jazz."

"Thanks Mom," said Danny, rolling his eyes.

"It's not our fault you're easily recognizable," said Jazz. "Besides, you can always go invisible or intangible to get away. I can't."

"Your sister does have a point Danny," said Jack. "This is why only you and Jazz are going. It'll be far too easy to recognize you if Sam or Tucker are there too."

"What about the ghosts though?" protested Danny.

"Danny, didn't you say you were splitting up patrol times with the Red Huntress person?" asked Maddie. "You just need to go tell her about the situation, and she'll take care of it till things die down."

"For your sake, I hope that happens soon," said Danny.

"Anyway, kids, go pack, cause your plane leaves tomorrow morning," said Maddie. "And Rob knows your coming, so it won't be a big surprise."

Danny grabbed a hold of his sister and phased them upstairs into the hallway outside their rooms. "I need to hurry, so I can tell Sam and Tuck the news," said Danny.

"Good luck," said Jazz. "I need to decide what books to bring!"

"And I wish you luck with that," said Danny. They both parted and entered their respective rooms. Each spent a good six hours packing the majority of all the clothes they had, including a few of their trademark outfits. Jazz put about ten psychology books on top of her clothes, and also her laptop. She reached under her bed to find her ghost weapons, and packed her usual, which included: two ecto-guns, the Fenton Peeler, a Specter Deflector, Fenton Phones, and a Fenton Thermos. Once satisfied she had everything she'd need, Jazz quickly stuffed Bearburt Einstein into the hidden pocket of her duffle. She put her special Danny Phantom plushy that her brother hated next to it.

After Danny packed his clothes, he gathered all of his Fenton Weapons, which included: several ecto-guns, three Jack-a-9-Tails, Fenton Finder, the Ghost Gabber (in case Wulf came), several Specter Deflectors (in case his powers got shorted out, or others needed them), the Fenton Boo-Merang, two pairs of Fenton Phones, a Fenton Thermos, a portable ghost shield his parents had given him, and a brand new portable ghost portal(Johnny still had the old one). Satisfied he had more than enough, Danny put his laptop with his ghost files stored in it in the bag. Then, he grabbed the First Aid Kit from under the bed and added it to the duffle.

Danny zipped it up, transformed, grabbed his duffle, and phased into Jazz's room where he saw her zipping the bag.

"Want me to carry that downstairs?" Danny questioned, grabbing the bag from the bed.

"Please," said Jazz gratefully.

Danny smiled and phased through the floor; placing the bags next to the front door. He transformed back, and walked into the lab. "Mom, Dad, I'm gonna go tell Sam and Tucker about what's going on," said Danny. "And then I'll go explain it to the Red Huntress."

"Okay Danny, be back by curfew," said Maddie. "That means you only have an hour."

"Unless there's a ghost," said Jack. "In that case come back when you defeat it."

"Right," said Danny, before transforming and flying out of the house. He flew over to Sam's mansion, and landed outside the front door. Sam's parents had become much more accepting of him after they discovered he had saved the world. Danny transformed back to human, and knocked on the door. His girlfriend's mother, Pamela Manson, answered.

"Hello Daniel," she said cheerfully. Danny tried not to scowl at the name. It reminded him far too much of Vlad.

"Hi Mrs. Manson," greeted Danny. "Is Sam home?"

"She and Tucker are in the basement," said Pamela. "I assume you know the way?"

"Yep," said Danny, walking over to the staircase to the basement. Sam and Tuck were watching a rerun of Dead Teacher V. "Hey guys," he said, walking over to them.

"Hi Danny," said Tucker. Sam muted the TV.

"Your really late you know," said Sam, standing to face her boyfriend.

"I know; does this make up for it?" Danny said, and then kissed her on the lips.

"I think so," said Sam, smiling as they broke apart.

"So, dude, care to explain your extreme lateness?" asked Tucker.

"Mom and Dad decided to send me and Jazz to California until all the chaos dies down," said Danny. "And as for the ghosts, you guys can always help Valerie."

"When do you leave?" asked Sam.

"Tomorrow," said Danny. "I'll call you guys all the time, and I'm bringing my webcam too."

"Things just won't be the same without you," said Tucker. "Have you told the town yet?"

"Tucker, that's your job," said Sam, stealing her friend's beret.

"Oh, yeah," said Tucker, grinning sheepishly, grabbing the hat back from the Goth, and putting it on his head.

"Anyway guys, I've got to go tell Val, and then I think I'll go back home to get one last practice in before I leave," said Danny.

"Wait," said Sam, and she reached into his pocket and took out his cell. She pulled both boys closer to her, and held out the phone in front of them. They all smiled, and she pressed the capture button. She then saved the picture and put it as Danny's wallpaper. Handing it back to Danny, she said, "Here's something to remember us by."

"Oh, and Sam, we're still going to be dating, even though it's long distance, right?"

"Of course," said Sam. "We were made for each other, remember?"

"Yep," said Danny.

"Bye dude, see you whenever you get back," said Tucker.

"Bye Danny, I'll miss you," said Sam, and then she kissed him on the lips.

"I'll miss you too," said Danny, and he transformed and flew off. He turned invisible and flew to Valerie's new house. Tucker had paid them enough money after he had been appointed mayor so they could actually get a house. He phased into Valerie's room, where she was reading a book.

"Hey Val," said Danny, turning visible and landing on the ground.

"Hey Danny; what's up?" asked Valerie.

"My parents are making me and Jazz go live in California for a while," said Danny. "And since no one knows your identity, I was hoping you could take over the town's ghost hunting till I get back. Sam and Tuck agreed to help."

"I'd be proud too," said Valerie with a smile. "See you when you get back."

"Bye," said Danny. "Oh, and if Danielle comes, tell her my cell number. I want to talk to her."

"You got it," said Valerie, and Danny flew from the room. He then flew back to Fenton Works, where he landed in his room. Danny transformed back to human, and changed into the only pajamas he hadn't packed. Then he went to bed.

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