"It would be so cool to have a vampire....." Aya said thoughtfully. "One like
Mosquiton....of corse Hono and Yuki too. Inaho is so lucky" She smiled as she mentioned
her aunt's name. Aya soon snapped herself out of her daydream and took a shower and got
dressed in her favorite pajamas long silky pants with moon and clouds and a shirt that said
'90% Angel'. She sat infront of her window and looked out into the starry night sky.
"Starlight, starbright......"she began, but unfortunately couldn't remember the rest so she
began making it up. " If you hear this one single wish tonight you'll make my days happy
and bright. I wish I could have Mosquiton, Hono, and Yuki with me here, along with my
aunt Inaho. I miss her so much from her letters and calls." she ended it there and went to
The next morning Aya was awakend by a phone call.
".....Aya here." She answered.
"Aya! It's your aunt Inaho. We're comming into the states so we'll stay with you.
("Yes you have to go Mosqui. You too Hono and Yuki!" Grumbling can be heard.) I have
to get going, the phonebill's getting larger!" Aya didn't even manage a 'bye' before she was
cut off.
"That's my aunt!" Aya exclaimed happily