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Hunters and Demons

Chapter 1: Fallen Hunters

Drea had been with Kira and the Winchesters for a week now. She had disclosed some very important information to the hunters and had even helped on a hunt. Dean found himself increasingly bothered by her presence at the motel, also by the prospect that he possessed some kind of ability. Yeah right. He just didn't get what rattled him so much about Drea. But he swore he was gonna figure it out. Dean found himself lost in thought, pacing a worn path on the carpet in his room when Sam walked in.


"Yeah, Sammy?" Dean stopped his pacing for a minute.

"What's gotten into you lately? You're wearing out the carpet."

Dean found himself in front of his bed and practically falling onto it. "Damn Sammy, I don't know. This whole higher power thing has me bothered. Do you honestly think we're meant to win this war because a bunch of angels want us to?"

"Dean, Drea never said she was an angel. She's like me… apparently like all of us. She's human, but a little more advanced. She explained it to me like she was the next step in human evolution if you believe in that sort of thing."

"You don't? You're kind of living it, Sammy."

"You are too, Dean."

"That's crap. I don't have any kind of ability. I've tried to tell her that."

"Dean, you have to be open to the possibility. Our mom was one of the protectors. She had abilities I inherited. You have to accept that maybe you did too. We are brother's Dean. You know; same mom and dad."

"Bite me Sam. I know we're brothers." Dean resumed pacing again. There was a knock on the door and Sam went to open it. He knew Kira was on the other side. She had connected with him a minute ago when she felt Dean's distress, wondering if he was okay. He opened the door to find that Drea was with her. Dean stopped dead in his tracks and stared at Drea. He'd found himself doing that ever since she'd kissed him.

"Kira, what's up?" Sam asked when he noticed the closed look on her normally expressive face.

"Bobby called. He caught wind of a pretty powerful series of demonic omens in Arizona. He's on his way there. He said he'd wait for us. Thinks it's the same demon that handed you over to Gordon."

"Where?" Dean asked.

"Just outside Sedona. Bobby gave directions and an address." Kira said, handing Dean a piece of paper. "It's about twenty two hours from here. The demon is stirring up trouble in the form of executions. Dean…it's taking out hunters."

"Then let's go." All four were packed and ready and in the Impala in less than an hour.

Twenty six somber hours, three coffee and bathroom stops, and three different drivers later they had met Bobby at Oak Creek Lodge. It was a cheaper motel complex that offered cabins instead of rooms and a little more privacy. Sam knew there would be some serious talk going on and was glad they didn't have to worry about thin motel walls.

Dean walked up to the door of Bobby's cabin and knocked the customary eight times. Eight short raps to let Bobby know it was them. The door soon opened and the four hunters were met with a haggard and upset Bobby. He said nothing and moved aside; his way of inviting everyone in. Sam glanced around the cabin and realized then how bad things had become. Bobby had only been there for several hours having only had to cover the distance from Kansas to Sedona. The cabin was a wreck, papers and books and rituals scattered everywhere. There were salt lines across every entrance, window and even in front of the wall mounted heating/cooling unit. Sam looked at Bobby and his heart stopped when he realized that the older hunter was more broken than he'd ever been before. The four young hunters stepped carefully over the salt protecting the door.

"Bobby, what's goin' on?" Sam asked.

Bobby stared at him for a moment, seemingly lost in thought. "Ellen."

That one word was all Bobby said but it was enough. "No." Sam said, his deep green eyes tearing up. Sam looked at Dean to find the same tears in his eyes.

"This son-of-a-bitch is goin' down." Dean growled, his eyes going dry and becoming livid in the dim lighting.

Bobby swallowed the lump in his throat. He'd lost four hunter friends to this damn demon and had had enough. Dean was right. Bobby just hoped the young hunters and powerful psychics were truly strong enough to beat this demon and the others that the omens were drawing into the area like moths to a very bright flame. He looked at them each in turn and cleared his throat. "Okay, here's the Intel I have on this demon and what the hell's goin' on." Bobby said gesturing to the mass of papers surrounding them and littering every available surface.

Sam pounced on the table and let his inner researcher out, fully unleashed, he had information gathered, put in order and ready to share in less than an hour. "Okay, his name is Baracus, and this is the same demon that we faced last week. Only the son-of-a-bitch isn't alone. There are three more working with him and they're pulling a four horsemen type thing with the hunters, systematically finding and wiping us out." Sam reached for another paper on the table, an astrological chart that showed omens and star alignments, one he hadn't touched yet and instantly stilled. The other hunters watched in amazement as Sam's deep green eyes came to life and began to glow softly.

Drea walked up to Dean and touched his arm. "He's having a vision, isn't he?" she asked in a whisper as if afraid she'd disturb Sam.


"I never realized he was so powerful. I'd heard the higher powers talk, but to actually see it… now I know why they say the cause is lost if he is ever lost." They watched in silence as Sam surrendered to the vision. A few minutes later his eyes ceased glowing and he looked up, meeting the eyes of each of the hunters in turn. "I know how we can beat them."

"How? Do you know where they are?" It was Drea who asked the question on everyone's mind.

"Yes. They are gonna attack us first, but not for two days. Night of the full moon. We have some time."

"What do we need to do, baby? Something is troubling you I can sense it." Kira spoke to Sam.

"We have to harness all of our gifts." Sam looked at Dean. "All of us."

"Drea, you played the biggest part in the vision I just had. You are the link we all need to truly work together."


"It's true." Sam said coming up to her and putting a strong hand on her shoulder. She shrugged him off and bolted from the cabin, disappearing into the woods.

"Dammit, Sammy."

"Dean, let her go. She's safe. They aren't gonna pull anything."

"How the hell do you know?" Dean took off after Drea, concern etched across his features.