okay so this is something that popped into my head while i was in the library typing something else for Pre AP English II. I was trying to work on my Heaven's Cry Out story when i thought of this. I hope you like it. I can write more, if people ask me to. If not then i'm content leaving it a vauge one-shot. I hope you like it!!! REVIEW!



I frantically through the forest, thrashing my way through the under brush. I searched desperately for a break in the dense branches. I kept running. Brambles tore at my hair and clothes. Twigs snapped under my rushing feet. My breath came is quick fleeting spurts. My chest was heaving. My heart beat unsteadily. As I pushed harder through the woods, I heard something that made my senses stop and an icy shiver ran down my spine. Fear, horror, and panic slowly seeped through my body. A sense of foreboding trickled into my soul. I was trapped. I whirled around to face the source of my terror. My breathing stopped as I came face to face with my living nightmare. The one thing that has haunted me for far too long. Hands of cold steel mercilessly moved, slowly painfully. I could feel a sense of menacing laugher radiating from this fiend. Scream ripped from my throat, and erupted from me. Tearing my consciousness.

Still screaming I flew up out of my bed. Two cold hands clasp my mouth, smothering my shriek. My heart was pounding. I was heaving for breath. A pair of stone arms pulled me into a strong embrace. Tears fell relentlessly from my eyes. Adding moister to my already sweat soaked face. I was trembling. My eyes were wide with shock.

"Bella? What's wrong? What did you dream?" He rocked me gently back and forth. I wrapped my arms around him, terrified to let him go. His voice dripped with worry. I drew in a shaky breath and told him my dream. He listened quietly, his alabaster brow creasing more with every sentence. He rubbed small circles on my back as I explained my nightmare. I was on the brink of tears as I finished. I was still quaking. Edward put both hands of my face and look directly into my eyes. "Bella, what were you running from?" His voice was grave, with a slight hint of sternness, as if he was going to murder the one that I was running from. Tears welled in my eyes and spilled silently over. I looked away from him and whispered,