So here we go, the Epilogue (this is like, later on in life, about ten years later).

Ulrich's eyes snapped open with a gasp, the boy shooting upright. He breathed hard as the remnants of his nightmare slowly faded from his mind. He reached out, his hand searching blindly across the bed in the dark. It bumped into a second hand, which Ulrich grasped tightly. He held on for a moment, then let go, rolling out of his bed.

As quietly as he could he crept away from the bed and his slumbering wife. Silently he pushed the door to their balcony open and stepped out into the fresh air. He felt his head immediately begin to clear. With a sigh Ulrich walked towards the balcony's railing, leaning against the wrought iron and gazing out over the city.

As he gazed, his thoughts returned to his dream. It was one he hadn't had in awhile. In fact, last time he'd had it, he was still in school. It was strange.

"Bad dream?" a voice whispered, causing Ulrich to jump. He turned to see that his wife had appeared beside him, without him ever hearing her approach.

"Yumi, you know you shouldn't sneak up on me like that," Ulrich said, a hind on his chest. "You about gave me a heart attack."

"Sorry," Yumi said, a smile on her face. It vanished when she noticed Ulrich's expression. "So, bad dream?" she asked again. Ulrich nodded. "Want to talk about it?"

"It was that dream again," Ulrich whispered. "You know, the one about…"

"About Odd?" Yumi asked gently. Ulrich nodded.

"Yeah. But it was different this time. It started the same, with me and Odd on Lyoko, fighting some monsters. We had just defeated them when Odd suddenly turns all dark as Xana takes control of him and he attacks me. I attack back, and our fight starts moving towards the edge of the virtual sea." Ulrich paused a moment, his eyes becoming distant.

"We fight hard, slowly getting closer to the edge," Ulrich continued. "We keep getting closer and closer. Until we get too close. Then I…I push Odd over the edge and he disappears into the sea." Ulrich sighed, looking down at his arms. "The dream usually ends there. But tonight it didn't. At the part where I would have woken up something caused me to turn around. When I did, I saw a little purple cat sitting behind me, watching me. It said something to me, I can't remember what, and then I woke up. It was really strange."

"But it was just a dream," Yumi whispered, putting an arm around Ulrich's shoulders.

"I know," Ulrich said, "but it felt so real."

"They always do," Yumi responded softly. Ulrich nodded, then stopped.

"Hey, Yumi?" Ulrich said, giving her curious look. "Do you think we did the right thing? With Xana, and shutting down the supercomputer?"

Yumi didn't hesitate with her answer. "I know we did. And so do you. We both know Odd wouldn't have had it any other way."

Ulrich nodded, a slight smile tugging at his lips. "Thanks Yumi."

"No problem," Yumi said, giving her husband's shoulders a squeeze. "Now come on, let's get some rest, shall we?" Ulrich nodded, and the two returned to their bedroom, both feeling more at ease.


While Ulrich and Yumi slept, someone on the other side of France was coming awake. A little processor, deep within the bowels of a much more complicated and masterful piece of technology, whirred quietly to life. It'll little fan began to spin, and little lights appeared across it as it started its secret little work.

Two floors above the processor a computer screen lit up. Random windows of data flashed across it for few moments, eventually giving way to one single window. It showed a picture of a dark figure. With a beep numbers began flashing across the screen, while behind them the figure slowly filled with color, as if loading.

It took a few minutes for the figure to finish filling in. Once it did the numbers stopped, vanishing from the supercomputer's screen. A few new windows popped open, showing all sorts of data and programs. A few calculations flashed about. And then the screen went blank, all of the numbers and images replaced with two lone words.


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