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Oh, and since nobody brought it up, I figured I'd let the cat out of the bag in regards to the chapter titles. All of them are derived from lines from Lord of the Rings that I thought somehow expressed the mood or experiences going on within the chapters. It made it difficult to name each chapter, but I thought it was a fun challenge. And before you ask - no, i did not look any of these lines up. I remembered them without any assistance - all of it came from my fron where vast amounts of LOtR info is stored. If anyone would like me to list the full lines these titles came from, just let me know! XD

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Course of the Future

Standing a few steps back from the open back porch door, Vala sighed at the sight of her family.

The adults were all piled on the patio furniture, talking amicably and snuggled close like they'd been friends longer then just one year. Cam was lounging back in the same chair she and Daniel had been in the night Jack had come to her house, Sam on the floor between his legs. Jack and Carolyn were on the loveseat, the smaller woman's arms wrapped affectionately around his shoulders. They had harmlessly flirted with one another since their first meeting at the Mitchell house, and of course the jokes that Carolyn was Jack's other wife had followed.

Out on the lawn, the kids were playing some kind of game. Charlie and Hayden had teamed up against the evil Mitchell children, and were defending their territory from invasion. Cam had already fashioned them all armor from paper plates and cups and stick weapons, which played well into their make believe. They were shrieking and giggling and pouting accordingly. Hayden's delighted squeal was especially enjoyable to hear.

It was unbelievable how they all got along so well – like they had always meant to be together like this.

A pair of arms wrapped around her waist from behind, and Vala smiled brightly. She looked up over her right shoulder into his equally smiling face. He had every right to smile today – five years of being clean would warrant such a reaction. That was the reason they were all gathered at her house. They were all celebrating Daniel, and his success in conquering his worst demon for another year.

At least their family was celebrating that – Daniel and Vala, on the other hand, had a whole different reason to be rejoicing.

"Find it?" She asked him.

Daniel leaned down and kissed her softly. "Sure did…" He pulled up and gave her a mock glare. "You didn't make it very easy, though."

Giving him her best innocent look, Vala shrugged. "You're the archaeologist in training, baby. You need experience in finding treasures."

"Yeah, but archaeologists don't need to find their own treasure."

This time, Vala pouted. "Hey, it's mine. You gave it to me, remember…"

Smiling, Daniel nodded in agreement. "That's very true. This treasure is yours." Taking her left hand in his, he gently slipped the ring he'd just hunted down in their bedroom onto her finger. And like the night before, when he'd done it for the first time, his heart raced when it slipped perfectly into place. "My treasure I found stranded in a parking lot."

"Mmmm, yes." Vala turned in his embrace and placed her now adorned hand against his cheek. She leaned up and kissed him deeply, reveling in the fact that she was now one step closer to calling Daniel hers for good. "You'll make a good archaeologist yet."

Daniel leaned in to retake the kiss, lingering slightly longer then she had. "So they tell me…"

A round of laughter drew their attention back to the porch where their family had gathered. Once again pressing his chest snug against her back, Daniel rested his chin on Vala's shoulder.

"Think they know what's coming?" He whispered mischievously.

She grinned her own naughty grin. "Oh, I highly doubt it." Vala moved her head a little to see Daniel's face. "And it's been too long since we shook things up for this family."

Squeezing her gently, Daniel winced dramatically. "We're slipping…" Vala giggled and he smiled again. "Well, fearless leader – lead the way…"

"You're chancing all of this on my lead?" She asked on a whisper, suddenly nervous.

"I took a chance on you to lead me through love…" Daniel whispered back. "And now I more than trust you to lead me through life." He pressed a kiss to her neck, just below her ear. "I love you, my future Mrs. Jackson."

Vala pulled in a deep breath at the title and his words. "Let's do this." She whispered with determination and excitement, leading Daniel out onto the porch with her hand in his. Neither hesitated to look back – there was no need to hesitate anymore. There wasn't any doubt left between them that this was how things had always been meant to be.

They'd both chanced on love, and in the end, love had been Vala and Daniel's winning bet.


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