Ace: Big Brother and Defender
By: Selim
Summary: Drabbles about Ace in relation to Luffy. Because even brothers need to have attention.
Disclaimer: I Do Not Own One Piece.
Pairings: Vary by chapter.

Luffy, My Hero
Summary: After Black Beard Battle. SPOILERS? No one knows. edition. Check my adultfanfiction account for the other edition.
Pairings: None.

I'm a horrible brother.

I told you to be careful before we departed a few months ago. I warned you not to over estimate your strength because it'll be your downfall. But I failed to take my own advice as I slammed my massive fireball into Black Beard's ball of dark energy destroying the island and its inhabitants. I thought I was ready to go against him, I took it as a good sign that he was unable to block my own attacks, causing him to suffer burns across his body. I thought I had the upper hand.

And then when I approached him and it felt like my devil fruit powers was being absorbed, all I could think about was you. Not about my fallen comrade or winning. No I could see you on the sideline, saying that I was being weak. I could see you, pulling my sleeve as Grandpa came towards us, intent on teaching us what it took to be a marine. Your wide eyes filled to the brim with tears, asking why pirates and marines couldn't get along so you wouldn't have to leave me.

I remember being ten and being told that a giant sea monster had attacked you and Captain Shanks saving you. I remember vouching to be stronger to protect you.

And here I am, pushing that small amount of common sense out of my head that maybe I'm not strong enough to take down Black Beard and his fucking dark powers. No! You wouldn't ever think that. Never. You'd laugh it off, get up and say in that voice that makes people whine, "that tickled."

You'd stretch your arms and pistol yourself into your enemy. You wouldn't give up until you were dead or leave as the victor. And everyone would vouch that you would be the victor.

Lunging towards Black Beard, I screamed in my head, This is for my baby brother, my hero!