Title: Collision between worlds
Fandom: NCIS/SGA
Pairing: Tiva and Shela
Spoilers: Every season of NCIS and SGA
Summary: The murder of a marine brings the AT-1 team and NCIS team to work together
Rating: 13+ in later chapters
Disclaimer: Nothing in SGA and NCIS belongs to me. I just like to play with them.

"You won't talk?" asked a male voice

"Never!" replied an other

"Wrong Answer!"

"NO! Please! I'll tell you anything! I just want to live! Please!"

"Too late! Bye bye..."

The conversation was followed by the discharged of a gun and a thud of a body hitting the floor.


"Come on, people! We've got a crime scene waiting!" barked Gibbs as he went to his desk in the bull pen. It was Monday morning and everybody was doing some paper work. As he went to his desk to take his back pack, gun and coat, the team replied.

"Yes, sir!"

"On it, boss"

"Who, Gibbs?"

"A young Marine with the name of Sergent Lewis Green."

McGee typed furiously on his computer, looking for the file of the marine.

"Ah, ha!" he cried, then frowned "Oh"

"Oh, What?" growled Gibbs.

McGee stood up from his desk and took the the remote for the plasma which was lying near by. He pressed on a button and the picture of the Marine and his info beside it appeared on on the plasma. It had his date of birth marriage and typical info of his life. Also the services that he did. But not all was there. The bottom part had a huge classified logo.

"Oh, that. Try to find out what last mission he did and who is his superior."

"Yes, boss!"

"Ziva! DiNozzo! With me!"

And with this final order, Gibbs strolled out of the bullpen followed by Tony and Ziva.


"Colonel! Dr. McKay!" Col Carter shouted from her office, in the control room. "A word with you."

Shepperd and McKay headed to to her office, with Teyla and Ronon trailing behind them. They had just came back from trading on M56 849. It was successful because Carter could see the fruits and vegetables they got.

"I see it was successful trading with the people on M56 849"

"Nothing uneventful happened. Unless you count McKay cutting his finger on one of the baskets" replied Shepperd

"Hey! Have you ever had a paper cut before. It's quite painful."

"Yeah, Yeah, Rodney. I believe you" Shepperd smirked

Rodney opened his mouth to retort at John but was interupped by Carter.

"Gentlemen! This is not the time!"

Rodney shut his mouth and looked at Sam with a question in his eyes.

"Do you know Sergent Lewis Green?" she asked John

"Yes, he was on SA-7 and he was on Gateroom duty while he wasn't on missions"

"It will come as a shock, but he was murdered."


"He was in Washington D.C., when he he went missing. He turned up a couple of days after, dead. Stargate Command wants you to investigate with the NCIS.

"NCIS? Never heard of it!" said Rodney

"NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. It an agency ran by civilians, in the murders or kidnappings of Marines and their families. You will go there by Stargate and report to General Landry. Then you will head to Washington D.C. by plane and meet the team working on it. You head out tomorrow morning. For now get all some sleep, even you Rodney." As Rodney opened his mouth. "You need it, also don't try to sneak in. I'm posting a Marine at you lab to make sure that you don't do so." Rodney scowled and crossed his arms. "You're dismissed."

The Team trooped out of her office and left the Control Room. Everyone could hear Rodney complaining, until the door slide closed behind them. Sam smiled and returned reading the mission reports on the laptop in front of her.


Gibbs, Tony and Ziva returned from processing the scene. They barely stepped out of the elevator when McGee walked up to them.

"The director wants to talk to you ASAP, Boss" he stated to Gibbs.

Gibbs went to his desk, barely stopping to deposited his bag and coat and climbed up to the Director's office.

"So Probie, What's with the call for Gibbs" asked Tony

McGee Shrugged. "Don't know, but I think it 's related to the case."

But then they heard Gibb crying out "What?!?"

Gibbs was pacing in front of the desk of the Director. "I don't need help with the case. I am perfectly capable of handling this case with my team."

"But this is a special circumstances. It needs to be handled carefully or it could disrupt the national security. Also you needed clearance from the President." Jenny Shepard tried to calm down her former partner.

"So that's why, The president is involved some how?"

Jenny sighed "Yes, Jethro." Then she looked at her watch. "They should be arriving any moment."

She stood up and went to the door. She turned around to see him still standing near her desk.

"Are you coming or not?"

Gibbs looked at her and walked over. She nodded to him and went out to the main room down the stairs and into the team's bull pen.

Tony was reading a magazine on super models in skimpy bikinis. But when he saw the the Director, he quickly closes it and shoved it in one of the desk drawers. Ziva greeted her.

"Director what brings you here?"

"To tell you this. You will get some help with this case."

"Why?" inquired McGee.

"National security, and you needed top security clearance. Also they are help with the case. I heard that they were in some very secret organization."

"Which?" Tony asked, thinking of one of the moves he recently saw.

"I don't know. You should ask them."

Just then the elevator pinged opened and AT-1 stepped out. Jenny made her way to them, with Gibbs, Tony, Tim and Ziva trailing behind her. She stopped suddenly, when she saw the leader of team.