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"This is fucking ace my friends!" Fabian slammed his pint glass down.

"Easy there brother," Gideon punched him on the shoulder, "you're out of practice, don't want to get too pissed and let the young'uns steal your birds."

"Out of practice? It was only last week I drank you and Black under the table, though it looks like it's been a bit longer than five days for you Sirius."

Sirius raised his glass and nodded, "my constitution has only improved since then."

"Very well then Fabian." Gideon shook his head at them both, "Another round Tom!"

"Did we hear someone call for another round?"

"I don't know Fred, my hearing's not so good you know."

"Is there room for me and my older brother?"

"Always, boys, always! Look we've got two sets of twins to worry about now!"

Harry and James exchanged glances. They were now closer in age to each other than Fred and George were.

"Do you know what those wankers had the gall to do yesterday?" Sirius gestured to Harry and James, "I was chatting up this lovely young lass outside of Quality Quidditch Supplies yesterday." He emphasized what part of her he thought was lovely with his hands. "When Prongs and son here run up yelling 'Dad, Dad, we found the brooms we want, please buy them for us, please!'" Laughter echoed through the whole pub. Even Sirius could hardly catch his breath.

"What did Lily do to them after that?"

"Lily? She probably told them to do it!"

Harry and James snickered and elbowed one another.

"Ah Lily," said George.

"Our new hero," answered Fred.

"We redheads have to stick together," the woman in questioned had entered the pub at just the right time.

"Lily!" She smiled and stood behind the twins with a hand on each of their heads.

"Oh, Mr. Black, can James come over to play?"

"Stop it you."

"Remus and Dora send their love, but are ditching us for quality time with Teddy, but they said see you at the match Saturday." James winked at his wife and gave Harry a shove so there was room on the bench for her between them. She rolled her eyes, but took the seat. "Also, Remus told me to warn you to not drink too much and get any ideas about scampering through the wilderness. Something about antlers and low hanging branches and I didn't really want to know the rest." James and Sirius exchanged a knowing glance.

"It's best you don't, dear."

"So where's Hermione and Regulus? I thought they were supposed to be here already." Harry asked.

Sirius only shrugged, but Lily became suddenly interested in her napkin. James noticed her.


"Nothing." He stared her down. "Fine! I stopped by on my way here, but they didn't answer and sounded," she took a deep breath, "busy."

"Busy?" Harry scowled.

James snickered, "uh, Harry, ask your father." Sirius smacked him on the back of the head.

"Oh…" Harry shuddered, "eww. She's practically my sister, I didn't want to know that."

The twins spared him from having to think about it further. "Looks like Uncle Fabian has found himself a date."

"I think you better go rescue her," Sirius tried not to laugh too hard as Gideon was unsuccessfully trying to pry his brother off of a very irritated Minerva McGonagall. "That man could never hold his liquor."

With some assistance from Fred and George, Minerva was freed. She shook herself off and walked over to say a quick hello to her old friends. She got to formally greet them the day after they returned when Harry called for a special order meeting.

"That lad hasn't changed a bit. Ever since he was a student…"

"Are you coming to the match on Saturday Professor?" Harry could not bring himself to address her any other way yet. "Cannons and the Harpies, Ron vs. Ginny, should be a bloodbath. I can get extra tickets for you."

"I'll be there Harry, I've got a little bet going with Professor Slughorn so tell Ron to keep his focus, will you?"

"Sure thing Professor."

"Ah, well, it looks like I must be going." She was out of the pub faster than Harry thought possible of the old woman, just in time too as Fabian wrestled free from his captors.

"Minerva, my darling! Don't leave me!"


Hermione peeled off her coat when she entered the warm luxury box at the stadium. Being close friends of members of both teams as well as being in Harry Potter's entourage came in handy when it came to quidditch matches. Large as it was, the box was packed with people, mostly Weasleys, ready to watch a little sibling rivalry.

"Teddy!" She grabbed him away from his parents and swung him into a hug. He giggled and pulled her hair.

"Nice to see you too Hermione." Remus deadpanned.

"Yeah, we've been well, thanks for asking." Tonks added. Hermione ignored them both. Regulus also ignored them to come visit his favorite cousin, he did save his life after all.

Sirius walked up to Remus and Tonks and gave them both a one armed hug, his free hand holding a full glass of mead. "Maybe they'd take you more seriously if you weren't holding a bright yellow diaper bag with— what is that on it anyway?"

"Nikki the Kneazle."

Sirius raised his eyebrows as if to say 'my point exactly'. "Here, you look like you need this more than I do," he said, passing his drink to Tonks.


"There's nothing wrong with Nikki the Kneazle and look, I'm even manlier, mine's purple!" Bill laughed holding up the bag in his hand. His infant daughter lay asleep in his other arm. Fleur trailed in behind him, looking as light and airy as ever, despite having given birth a month before. Tonks sighed and took a large swig of her drink.

Regulus grudgingly handed Teddy back to his father when it was time for the match to start. He led Hermione to their seats and gave her a quick kiss before they sat down.

"Please! There are children present!" James held his hand in front of Harry's eyes which only earned him a swat from Lily.

Hermione snuggled against Regulus, her cheek against his shoulder. It was so good to be close to him and at the same time, guilt nagged at her. There were so many more families torn apart in the war, the Diggorys, the Bones, the Creeveys, the Abbotts, countless Muggles… Shouldn't they have a chance to have their loved ones back? What about those who did not have relatives, Emmeline Vance, Marlene McKinnon, Severus Snape? She had researched all of them to no avail. Then there was Neville, whose parents would not be able to appreciate his upcoming marriage to Hannah. Days did not make it feel better, it was unlikely months or years would either.

She watched Harry as he sat with baby Victoire in his arms. He had the same guilty dreams too, compounded by the fact that he now had the family he was denied all those years. Victoire was awake now, with her little hand wrapped around one of Harry's fingers.

"Oi, watch it there tyke!" Sirius twisted in his seat as Teddy dove across his lap to get a better look at Victoire. Sirius held him back, but Teddy behaved, sitting quietly and waiving at the little girl.

Bill leaned over from the row behind and scooped up Teddy, holding him up and saying in his best stern father voice: "Stay away from my daughter."

Everyone broke into laughter, even Bill.

"You better start practicing that now, judging by her mother." Fabian chided.

"I've already asked my father-in-law what the best hexes are," he laughed and sat down, bouncing Teddy on his knee.

"He iz so busy now dat Gabrielle iz of age."

"Gabrielle? You've got a sister? Ouch!" Fabian got elbowed in the ribs by both Gideon and Molly. "Hey, a man can hope."

Hermione smiled. There was always hope. She gave Regulus' left arm a squeeze. Even in the darkest times.