((randomness alert!!! This might be a oneshot, might not be. No clue, just have writers block for my stories and wanted to put something up. So yea, enjoy! And review plz!!))

Flock usernames

Max: Updraftrider

Fang: Fnick

Iggy: ICU

Nudge: Silent1

Gazzy: Dr.Stink

Angel: AngelInUrHead

Random ppl usernames

Emily: GumiBear

Sam: GuitarGoddess

Jenna: PBJtime

Jordan: 2Hi

Polo: Alpha

Mack: iGuy

Underline- log in/out

Italics- emotions (laugh, cry, hug)


Updraftrider has logged on!

Fnick has logged on!

PBJtime has logged on!

Fnick: Max y are you following me

Updraftrider: cause u spend 2 much time on computer i was curious

Fnick: stalker

PBJtime: u ppl no each other?

Updraftrider: unfortunately

GuitarGoddess has logged on!

Alpha has logged on!

PBJtime: SAM!!

Alpha: hey guys

GuitarGoddess: hey Jenna hey Polo

Updraftrider: Sam?!?! This isn't Sam from Pruitt's hellhole is it??

Fnick: its guitarGODDESS. U think sam would be a goddess?

Updraftrider: o… rite

GuitarGoddess: …. Should I b offended

Fnick: no sry luv she's paranoid

Updraftrider slaps Fnick

Updraftrider: HEY

Alpha: …….

Fnick laughs at Updraftrider

GuitarGoddess: u ppl are strange

PBJtime: yup they r

GuitarGoddess: I ment u 2

PBJtime: fine! I waz gunna ask u to go skating w/ me and Polo and Jordan and Emily but FINE!

PBJtime: lol jk we're going in an hour at the rink

GuitarGoddess: wut about Mack

PBJtime: he got flu

GuitarGoddess: aww… I bet Emily will b next to get it I caught them kissing ysterday


GuitarGoddess: believe it

PBJtime: ………. Wow……….

Fnick: gosh aren't humans so…

Fnick: trivial? So many little issues

Updraftrider: yea really

Updraftrider: they're scared of the flu while we are on the run for our EFFING lives every EFFING day of every EFFING miserable year of our EFFING short and EFFING horrible lives

Fnick: ……..

Updraftrider: sry im venting

Fnick: yup

GuitarGoddess: wth do u mean by humans being trivial

GuitarGoddess: ur human

PBJtime: yea really

PBJtime: wait a sec

PBJtime: on the run for your lives?!?!?!

Alpha: wadda ya mean by that updraftrider

Fnick: good job holmes

Updraftrider: u started it w/ the human comment

Fnick: still ur fault

Fnick has logged off to run for his life!

AngelInUrHead has logged on!

AngelInUrHead: Maaax

Updraftrider: yea hon

AngelInUrHead: iggy and gazzy are in ur room again and they're thinking of wires

AngelInUrHead: again


Updraftrider has logged off to kill Fnick and attempt to save her room from mass destruction

AngelInUrHead has logged off to go calm things down

Dr.Stink has logged on!



Dr.Stink has logged off to join Fnick in running

PBJtime: ….

Alpha: …….

GuitarGoddess: …..

GuitarGoddess: strange

PBJtime has logged off to get ready for skating

Alpha has logged off to get ready for skating

GuitarGoddess has logged off to reluctantly get ready for skating

((sry its so short, but my writers cramp is fading and I gotta get another chappie up on my stories. I'll probly keep going w/ this. And it's not going to be just another random IM'ing thing. There might be romance, humor, and some spilled secrets. Don't step in them, u'll get ur shoes dirty))