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Flock usernames

Max: Updraftrider

Fang: Fnick

Iggy: ICU

Nudge: Silent1

Gazzy: Dr.Stink

Angel: AngelInUrHead

Random ppl usernames

Emily: GumiBear

Sam: GuitarGoddess

Jenna: PBJtime

Jordan: 2Hi

Polo: Alpha

Mack: iGuy

Underline- log in/out

Italics- emotions (laugh, cry, hug)


iGuy has logged on!

GumiBear has logged on!

GumiBear: im so sorry about ur party

iGuy: yea so am i

iGuy: i new polo and sam were up to something

GumiBear: yea Sam said that what she was doing was risky

GumiBear: but i didnt believe they would get effing kidnapped

iGuy: yea they stole my parents car, smashed a bunch of windows, and then got kidnapped by a bunch of evil random guys

iGuy: im still in shock

GumiBear cries

iGuy hugs GumiBear

GumiBear hugs iGuy

Fnick has logged on!

iGuy: YOU!

Fnick: here we go again


Fnick: wait wait i can explain



GumiBear slaps Fnick

iGuy punches Fnick

Fnick cowers

Fnick: HOLD IT!!

Fnick: listen, I didn't want Polo or Sam to get kidnapped

Fnick: they wanted to

Fnick: it's long and complicated and confidential


GumiBear: you had better tell him

GumiBear: he's going catanotic

Fnick: fine fine

ICU has logged on!

ICU: fang u had better go max is coming


Fnick has logged off

Updraftrider has logged on!

Updraftrider: ig why do u keep sneaking on just b4 I do

ICU: no reason

ICU: g2g

ICU has logged off with an evil smirk

Silent1 has logged on!

Updraftrider: crap

Silent1: MAAX why is ig laughing like that cause its scaring me so can u tell him to stop plz? But really, where is fang and y do u want to kill him? Angel said u were on rampage about someone named Sam and Polo but idk who they are do you know?

Silent1: cause I don't and im really curious and ig keeps telling me that fang is fine but how would he know that? can he read minds like angel? That would be sooo cool then he could mayb see through other ppls eyes instead of his own and it would be like having eyes again!



Updraftrider: sorry no can do


Updraftrider: !!

Silent1: OMG where is fang? He's been gone for a long time but ig or ICU has been saying hes fine but he can't know can he?

Updraftrider has logged off to go kick Fnick's sorry arse right after torturing information out of ICU

Silent1 has logged off to try and get Updraftrider to answer her questions and to watch ICU's torture

iGuy has logged off to punch a wall

GumiBear has logged off to calm iGuy down

((A/N: yayness! More actual-writing-and-not-internet-chat-messenger-form-writing-thing!!))

Sam stared blankly at the cage bars in front of her. It had been two days since she'd arrived at the School. From where she'd come, she had no clue.

All she knew of before the School and her wings was she'd been with Polo somewhere, dressed very fancily, and had gotten captured. Polo didn't know anything more than she did. She could only guess that he'd gotten her the locket around her neck, but it was empty. No pictures, no words, no hints to her past. Occasionally, a random name would pop up in her head, but it didn't stay long. Fragments of sentences people had spoken to her (or had she spoken it herself?) would surface momentarily, scraps of places or faces that would never stay put. It was incredibly frustrating.

No, all she had was a small cage, ragged, once-beautiful clothes, a useless locket, and a bunch of evil eraser and whitecoat guards.

She sighed, twisting the locket in her fingers. Polo gave her an anxious glance.

"You okay?" he asked quietly. She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Hmm. Let's think. I'm a freaky human-avian mutant hybrid who lives in a cage, is constantly tormented physically by equally weird lupine-sapien beings and mentally by some strange past that I don't have an effing clue about," she muttered. Polo stared at her, and she sighed again.

"Yeah, I'm not bad. You?"

"I'm in the same position as you are. What do you think?" he replied sarcastically. She returned his look from earlier. "I'm fine," he murmured, reaching through the bars of his cage to hold her hand. The bars were firm and strong, but they had been able to bend them just enough to fit their hands through and touch. Try as they might, they couldn't bend the bars anymore, or stretch to unlock their cages.

Boredly, she opened and closed her locket over and over again. It was a nervous habit she'd developed over the last few days.

Snap. Open.

Snap. Closed.

Snap. Open again.

Snap. Closed again.

Snap. Open again again.


Wait. Click? She pulled off the locket curiously, Polo straining to see. She scooted closer so he could watch. In the center of the locket, on the blank glass, she'd pressed on it unusually hard for a moment. In that instant, the glass had done something, and a tiny green light shone behind it.

What's happening? Polo mouthed silently, another habit they'd gotten into so the surrounding mutants and erasers wouldn't hear.

I don't know. I pressed on the glass and something happened. It was a button or something, she replied. She passed it to him through the bars. He held it up close to his eyes, scrutinizing it for a moment before pulling it away, eyes narrowed a bit.

What? she asked silently. He shook his head, putting it to his ear. Polo had been given different DNA, embedding some different traits from Sam. For one thing, he had a bit of eraser, so his hearing was much better, though Sam's eyesight was best of the two of them from her falcon DNA. He had hearing and smell, while she had sight and touch.

Polo finally drew the locket away, beaconing for her to go closer. She leaned it, and he spoke so softly in her ear she had to focus completely on his velvet voice.

"I can hear a faint sound to it. I thought my ears were just ringing, but it sounds like it's sending a signal," he said. Sam stared at him with wide eyes. A signal?

She shook her head, confused, as he handed her the locket back. She clipped it around her neck with a shrug, and absently counted the chain links with her fingers, wishing she could do more. Or even know more.

What she didn't know was twenty miles away, quite a ruckus was occurring…


"FANG!!" I screeched, circling the woods. "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR ASS UP HERE RIGHT NOW!!"

Apparently, he'd heard my call, since there was a dark shape zooming up toward me. A moment later, he was hovering beside me, all black and white with no detail or color (even freaky mutants like me have their poetic moments. You can bow down now).

"You screamed?" he said calmly. I wanted to punch him, shout at him, run from him, chase him… Of course, I would probably pull him to his feet, apologizing all over myself.

"WHY DID YOU TELL?!" I didn't need to say anything more than that. Only years of being stuck with him let me notice the almost unnoticeable way he bit the inside of his lip, his version of a sheepish look.

"They're our age, mature, smart, curious, and really devoted. They're just what we need on our side," he said quietly. I raised my eyebrows.

"There's more, my master Jedi skills tell me." I was good at holding grudges and hating people. But Fang isn't people. He's Fang.

"They remind me of us."

"That's no reason to go and tell them. They're probably babbling to the press right now!"

"That's not possible." I wanted to slap the smug look off his face.

"Really? Are you a mind reader now, too?" I sneered. His smirk grew.

"Only on you." I waited for a moment, glaring daggers at him. He finally decided to continue.

"Last time I checked, the whitecoats don't allow interviews with their experiments. Have they started that now?" Fang said innocently. I gasped at him.

"Fang, you didn't…" I couldn't finish the sentence. His grim look told me everything. My anger rushed back through me.

Actually, anger isn't a good word. But I couldn't think of a word to say 'pissed-off-because-my-best-friend-and-co-leader-was-telling-people-about-a-secret-world-that-could-get-them-and-us-killed-then-continued-to-put-them-into-this-evil-demonic-world-where-they-would-likely-live-out-the-rest-of-their-short-miserable-lives-wishing-they'd-never-met-Lucifer-otherwise-known-as-Fang'. You try, I bet you can't. Mighty as I am, vocabulary isn't my strongest point.

"You…put them… in… th-the School?" I stammered. He nodded slowly and solemnly.

"You are the sickest, most twisted creature I've ever had the misfortune to meet." My words had a black ring to it, and my hands curled into fists. Fang's eyes widened slightly as I spun on the spot.

Pride didn't allow me to turn around and see his descending form.


Oh. Crap.

The worst timing ever: when your best friend/leader gets a new ability to cause extreme pain right when she's shouting at you.

Yeah. And you think a track meet on your birthday is bad? Suck it up. I don't even have a birthday.

I would like to say I was thinking about what Max said, or regretting my decision and creating a skilled plan to undo it. That would be lying, however, and I'm trying to get it under control. No, what I was thinking as I plummeted was something along the lines of 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!'

I felt the connection break when she got a distance away. I muttered a thank-you to nobody that she had super speed, and had gotten far enough away for the pain to stop before I crashed. My wings beat unsteadily as I pulled myself away from the dangerous trees, breathing heavily. What was that?

Something had happened when she became angry at me. Her voice had turned… wrong, and her eyes seemed to blaze. In her blinding fury, she'd looked completely sexy.

Whoa, easy there. Where did that come from? Bad Fang! Badder Max for looking so gosh-darned hot!

I shook my head and quickly descended, gathering my things from my camp. Iggy was waiting, and he helped as best as he could.

"So? What happened?" he asked, kicking dirt over my fireplace. I shrugged and explained as much of it as I could, minus the hot Max details. Or, as I've (unfortunately) seen (and have resisted the urge to claw my eyes out) on some websites, 'Faxness'. Yeah, eww. If I ever find a blog comment talking about this 'faxness' crap, I'll find you. Yes, you, the one who is currently plotting the sickest and freakiest way to say it.

"She didn't go back to camp, so you can come back with me," Ig said shortly. One good thing was he didn't dig when he felt it wasn't the time.

I returned to the camp, and fended off Angel, Nudge, and Gazzy's questions as well as I could. No, I wasn't in jail. Yes, I told some people. No, they aren't dead (I hope). Yes, they're at the School. Yes, they're getting wings. No, I don't like briefs, I like boxers.

I dumped my backpack beside Iggy's stuff, and he reached into a pocket. His hand shot out with a gasp, as if a snake had bitten him.

"What is it?" I hissed, shifting to a battle-ready position. He shook his head silently, and pulled out the small, wired mess we'd rigged up to the locket.

It was vibrating slightly, and had a green light on it.

They were waiting.

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