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Finn, drunk on the Green Fairy because the damn stuff is delicious and Aerrow, so pretty he could turn straight men with a giggle. And they are my otp of SH. (Expect fun with Finn clones too in later drabbles; it's too good to pass up...) Enjoy!

Pairing: Finn x Aerrow

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Aerrow wasn't sure if it was the strong whiff of aniseed or the off-key singing which reached him first. Either way it was coming from Finn's room and he knew it was check what was going on or have a near apocalyptic disaster. He was tired and just wanted to go to sleep. Maybe Finn could just wait until morning?

A hiccough and sudden silence.

The door clanked open and revealed the blonde sharpshooter sprawled on his back across his bed, clutching a bottle of something viciously green and waving the other hand in the air as he continued mumbling and then singing (see: yelling) some heavy rock song Aerrow wasn't sure Finn was even singing the right words to.

"Err...Finn?" The blonde's head fell back and blue eyes stared lazily at him for a few moments. A broad grin and Finn flung his arms wide, the green liquid sloshing in the bottle with a merry sound. As if the bottle itself were singing 'I'll get you very drunk, very quick; can you not tell by my colour?'

"Aerrow!" When the sky knight merely quirked an eyebrow, Finn pouted and patted the bed none too lightly with his free hand, rolling drunkenly onto his stomach and taking another swig of 'Green Fairy'. The redhead sighed, moving towards the sharpshooter with the self-set mission to take the bottle away and make sure Finn didn't hurt himself before he was asleep. He'd worry about the massive hangover his human friend was going to have in the morning. However, Finn seemed to guess this and sat upright, with some difficulty, insisting he sit. The very moment Aerrow was seated, Finn rested his chin on his leader's shoulder and grinned up at him, arm round his neck holding him tightly. "Get drunk with me, Aer." The bottle was thrust in his general direction. 'General' meaning 'off by at least a foot'. "An' tell your sparkly twin to sit still...'s makin' me ill..." Aerrow blanched and recoiled, ready to dart out the way should the blonde's stomach feel like making its opinion known.

"You really shouldn't be drinking that you know. You're going to regret it tomorrow."

"Mmm..." The green-eyed teen sighed and scratched his cheek in thought.

"How come you're drinking, anyway? Didn't picture you as the drinking type." A pale hand reached to covertly pilfer the bottle but its current owner was having none of it, despite having offered the bottle a moment ago.

"Ahm not...jus'...smelt nice...bit like you, Aer. You smell nice."

"Umm...thanks?" Finn slurred a 'no probs' and continued to stare lazily at him, smiling away like he knew some inside joke. The bottle was once again offered, Aerrow seizing his chance and the liquor. The blonde frowned – tried, at least- and then whined.

"You're no fun... least taste it –'s really good," The redhead reluctantly sniffed it and reeled back. The stuff smelt like the fumes from a liquorice factory vat.

"Geez, Finn!" Green eyes squinted at the label. "Seventy-seven percent! You might as well donate your liver to hospital if you want rid of it so badly!" The blonde only grinned, hanging onto the sky knight with both arms now.

"Tastes nice."

"Yeah, bet it does." The drunken human missed the sarcasm and urged his friend to drink some.

"It won't bite." It was biting his eyes just looking at it. It was well known in Atmos that, particularly on Terra Neon's dark, adult sibling, Nova, that powdered crystal was added to some of the more potent alcohols to make them all the more...potent. Someone had once likened the 'Super Nova' (a drink illegal everywhere but Nova due to near toxic levels of crystal – one drink, two if you were 'lucky', and you were a drooling mess in the corner) to being 'kicked in the back of the throat and having molten gold poured in the stomach, then kissed breathless by the sweetest girl ever seen.'

"It's green enough to."

"Awww, widdle Aerrow's scared a' drink. What's the matter, too young, kid?" Aerrow frowned at him, the fifteen-year-old smirking. Apparently, though overly 'huggy' and calm when drunk, nothing could drown that defiant smirk that was so unmistakably 'Finn'.

"You're not much nearer the limit yourself." Sky blue eyes blinked up at him with a thoughtful look.

"One sip. I won't tell," Finn managed a deviously angelic smile, the redhead rolling his eyes. If drinking vile green poison was what it was going to take to get some sleep tonight, he better kiss his taste buds goodbye.

It didn't taste even half as bad as it looked. In fact, it was just like aniseed. With an alcoholic tinge, true, but not unpleasant. The younger boy made the mistake of letting the bottle linger at his lips for a moment too long whilst he realised this, Finn not missing an opportunity and tilting the bottle almost vertical. Aerrow spluttered and took it from his mouth almost immediately, feeling the liquid gliding down his throat. "See, 's good,"

"Don't do that ever again." Green eyes scowled sideways at Finn dangerously and the blonde seemed distracted for a few seconds, staring at the other with an unreadable expression. Then he snatched the bottle back and happily swigged. A sudden second of dizziness and Aerrow blinked in confusion. He'd never really tasted alcohol before and though he didn't feel like he was losing control, the single gulp that had been at least a shot was already working some sort of sinister way through his bloodstream. Blue eyes were watching him with a knowing grin.

"Go on, try it properly." He really shouldn't. But it did taste nice...and if he drank it, Finn couldn't get worse. And he was a lot more sensible than Finn anyway, so he'd be able to control himself under the influence. Another tentative sip. And another.

...And another.

Five minutes later, Aerrow was leaning back against the wall, a pleasantly vacant smile in place. He wasn't drunk, just content with the world - tipsy, if you will. "This reminds me of whe' we met tha' siren..." Finn slurred, shifting slightly against the taller, younger boy and waving a finger round in illustration of the point he was about to make (or waving his finger round was fulfilling some strange desire one attained when drunk). Aerrow couldn't summon the effort to push him off so left him there. It wasn't uncomfortable, just slightly too...normal feeling; too right. "All' like this...kinda close."

"What do you mean?"

"...Ca' I tell you a secret?" Sapphire stared into jade for a long minute, the redhead nodding slowly.

"I s'ppose."

"You can't tell anyone though...migh' think 's a bi'...weird." Another nod and Finn shifted to face his side, leaning against him, mouth close to his neck; the older teen was so close the pale boy could feel breath against his skin, a heartbeat both sides of his ribs.

So close it snapped him out of the haze he was descending into, alert and alarmed by the sudden closeness. Finn's fingertips at either side of his neck were a warm, ghostlike touch, thumb stroking the underside of his jaw. "You see...I was lying about what I saw..."He seemed lucid now, not slurring - whispering in Aerrow's ear like a lover. "I don't even like blondes...I like red." Green eyes widened slightly. "Ha...can you believe?...I like redheads Aer, red hair and pale skin..." Finn pulled back and moved almost into Aerrow's lap to rest his forehead against the others, stroking high cheekbones and soft lips.

Green searched blue, puzzled, restless. "And green eyes...nice and pretty're really pretty Aerrow, did I ever tell you that?" He chuckled, more to himself than anyone, laying a finger against Aerrow's lips and looking into his eyes very seriously. "I lied again;'re pretty beautiful, actually." There was something dark, hungering in his half-hooded stare that was unnerving, exciting, even as his eyelids drooped and he snuggled into the sky knight's shoulder, the latter not moving an inch, staring at the bottle of 'Green Fairy' on the dresser. "I think I...might just..." He trailed off.

Slowly, hesitantly, Aerrow touched the blonde boy's mumbling lips, curious as to what exactly Finn had been about to say and was going to remember, and what he thought in his own mind, now too full of absynthe and sleep to remain coherent. How were they to act in the morning if both remembered? Did this change everything?

He sighed, and finally smiled, dazedly.

He'd never been called beautiful before.


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