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I Don't Like Your Girlfriend


She was perfect. Beautiful and slender, long red hair and bright green eyes. Her pale skin was like porcelain and when she smiled Finn would get this look on his face like he had just fallen in love. She was a little taller than Finn with heels on which, of course, she never once stumbled in, and her skimmer was state of the art. She was good with crystals and was an accomplished mechanic. Everyone seemed to like her.

Aerrow loathed her.

The pretty young girl giggled at some passing comment Finn had made and snuggled into his shoulder, tugging his arm a little closer to her hourglass curves and the sky knight's eyes narrowed over the edge of the book he was pretending to read just so he didn't have to watch them gush over one another. That is, Aerrow the sky knight, because apparently she was a sky knight too. She had no documents to prove it and had yet to say when exactly she'd completed sky knight academy. Aerrow had been a prodigy at thirteen, and he would have heard about her too if she was so young and so talented. He muttered darkly to himself and Radarr grumbled too. Radarr didn't like her either, come to think about it. He followed Aerrow around more than usual as the redhead was rarely anywhere near her.

She just...annoyed him.

Batting her long eyelashes at Finn as she cooed something, Marie-Sou (apparently her name meant something along the lines of 'beautiful' and 'interesting'; Aerrow could easily think of a few interesting names for her) was oblivious to the death glare that could make the Dark Ace cry.

Piper and Junko were chattering away with the couple, Stork strangely absent from the controls of the Condor. That was another thing; she never had permission to come aboard the Condor. She just sort of...appeared. The Condor was his, damnit; he was well within his rights to kick her off. True, Stork flew the airship and loved the thing almost too much and the Storm Hawks all lived together aboard it; but it inheritance of sorts.

If Finn asked for her to become an honorary Storm Hawk, he was going to throw a book at his head. And then Stork's library at her. Another giggle that made his teeth grind and Aerrow decided it was time to leave before the stupid blonde thought of asking.

Stupid Finn and his stupid girlfriend.

"Wretched, isn't it?" Startled by the Merb's gloomy voice, green eyes darted up to find Stork sulking in the corridor. For once, the usually chirpy sky knight had to agree.

"Sickening, I was thinking." Stork gave a chuckle, fiddling with the trinket in his hands.

"You know, being leader and all, you could do us all a favour and throw her off right now."

"We're flying." Stork's eyes glinted.

"Oh, I know." As terrible as the idea was, the redhead couldn't help but laugh.

"Don't tempt me. I'm still thinking up excuses not to pick her up tomorrow. And running out of ones to stop her staying on the Condor."

"...Say one of us has Bog Fever, need to stay quarantined. Best if she doesn't come near. That or we're doomed to endure her until Finn finds another annoying girl to fawn over him." A pause as green met yellow.

"Do you think-"

"No. The next one's likely to be worse. Let's just stick with Plan A."

"What's Plan A?"

"Not landing when we drop her off home." The Merb sounded deadly serious, even hopeful. The sky knight sighed.

"Again, don't tempt me." He continued down the hall to his room, slumping down on the bed and frowning at the ceiling. He'd told Piper the girl annoyed him barely a week after she'd first walked aboard. Piper had frowned and said he should give her a chance.

So he had. Really, he'd tried to be nice and listen to whatever the heck she was going on about (probably shoes...or how great she was. Ugh.) but she was just so annoying. Piper, upon hearing him grumbling to Radarr in the kitchen one morning, had laughed at him and with a playful prod to the ribs suggested the horrific unspeakable – "Maybe you're not annoyed with her; maybe you fancy her and you're jealous." The blunette had then squeaked and cowered from the room as his scowl quickly hushed her. He had also been holding a butter knife which could only have added to her fear. For such a nice, sweet (maniacally suicidal) boy, Aerrow had one terrifying death glare.

A thunderous knock at the doorway and Junko peered round at him.

"Hey, you okay buddy? Never seen you frown so much."

"It's Finn's girlfriend. I can't stand her."

"Not like you."

"Hnn." The Wallop hesitated for a moment, then stepped over the threshold and closed the door.

"Uh...not to be nosey or anything,'s not because you fancy her-"

"No." Immediately, Junko fell silent. Aerrow was difficult to deal with when he was frowning; the mechanic wasn't used to it. Junko sat by the redhead's feet, looking thoughtful. Aerrow continued to frown.

"What about Finn?" Green eyes gave him quizzical look.

"...What about Finn?"

"Well..." He began slowly, wondering how he was going to word this. Within Wallop kind, males didn't fall for other males. It simply didn't happen; but he'd heard a second cousin's friend's sister's boyfriend's neighbour's babysitter's brother's girlfriend rambling about a trip to Terra Nova once and she'd mentioned humans of the same sex together like couples. Truth be told, his knowledge of humans wasn't extensive, but he'd seen some rather effeminate male humans (he had to admit, Aerrow was kinda...pretty) and some very masculine female humans and had come to the assumption that it was less rare in humans for couples of the same sex. He was pretty sure this meant they couldn't have children because humans couldn't reproduce asexually...'I think...'

"Well...?" Junko blinked. Aerrow quirked an eyebrow and the Wallop suddenly remembered what he was trying to say.

"You don't think you hate Marie-Sou so much like Finn?" Aerrow stared at him as though he'd just spontaneously grown another head.


"My second cousin's friend's sister's boyfriend's neighbour's babysitter's brother's girlfriend said when she went to Terra Nova she saw human guys together like couples so I guessed it was a human thing - it's okay if you do I mean Piper'll be upset and there is the problem that Finn seems keen on girls-" Aerrow wasn't listening. No way did he like Finn like that. It was just wrong. Terra Nova was full of people who didn't fit into Atmos society. Inter-specie couples, half breeds, homosexuals; a haven for the sexually diverse and perverse. They weren't welcome in the rest of Atmos so they congregated in the city of sinners. He couldn't like another guy; he was a normal person, not...not one of those.

He didn't. He refused to believe it. He hated Marie-Sou because she annoyed him, not because he wanted her boyfriend. A lot. In naughty ways. The redhead swore and Junko stopped going on about whatever he was going on about, he wasn't sure himself anymore, it had taken a turn while taking a turn, and blinked at the sky knight. "None of us would think any less of you Aerrow. And I won't tell anyone if you do." He actually did...he actually liked Finn a way that he wasn't supposed to.



"...I think I do...y'know, like him..." He sat up suddenly. "Thanks Junko, I needed that talk."

"Where are you...?" The Wallop called but the sky knight was already out of the room and zooming off down the corridor. Junko sat and twiddled his thumbs. "You're welcome."

Aerrow felt like he was on some sort of sugar high, power walking down the corridor heading in some undetermined direction. Maybe he did like Finn. In that way. Now it had been said he couldn't help but wonder if that was why he felt so warm and smiley round Finn usually. Some small, logical part of his mind (that was always overpowered by his spur-of-the-moment often suicidal part) flailed in vain that he should stop, turn around and go hide in a box until he convinced himself he did, in fact, not fancy one of his closest friends. It swiftly shut up as he rounded a corner and found Finn walking towards him. Alone. Butterflies buzzed round in his stomach like skimmers. The blonde looked up, utterly unsuspecting, unable to even utter a greeting before he was pushed against the wall.

"He-Hey!" Aerrow swiftly cut him off as his impulsive brain threw caution to the wind and pressed his lips against Finn's in a fierce kiss. Pulling back he couldn't help but smirk at the sharpshooter's expression. ""

"I don't like your girlfriend."


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