Authors note: Again I am deeply sorry about not posting. I have three quarters of a chapter done, but I cannot get into the mood to write. My grandfather has been re-diagnosed with squamous cell cancer, and has been given at most a prognosis of 6-9 months. His cancer was caused by Agent Orange in the Vietnam war, and squamous cell is known to effect any organ, so he is not a candidate for a transplant. He only has ¾ of a lung left in his body, and the cancer is slowly growing to surround the area and block his airway.

Right now, I believe, if I were to continue to write, everything would go up in flames, so I'm taking a break from my stories with a promise to write again when I can. My Grandfather insists on reading anything I've written, and he's waiting on the next chapter too. I want to give him a happy ending, and I just don't think I could do that right now. I hope you'll understand, and I will finish this story. I've promised him that, and we've never broken a promise.