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Chapter 18

Aelita opened her eyes. So it was just a dream? It seemed so real! However, when she looked around, it wasn't her dorm. It was Jeremie's.

"Hi, Princess."

Aelita's gaze darted to her right. Jeremie was propped up on one elbow, smiling at her like he'd won the Nobel Prize. It wasn't a dream.

"Hi, Jeremie," said Aelita, grinning at him.

"I love you," said Jeremie, using his other hand to rub her side.

"I love you, too," said Aelita warmly. "How'd we get here?"

"I've got a hunch Ulrich and Odd had something to do with it,"said Jeremie. "I called them, and they admitted that they 'kidnapped' us."

"Oh," said Aelita. "When would you like to kill them?"

"Any time is fine with me," said Jeremie. Aelita laughed.

She curled up next to Jeremie, hugging him tightly, as if she'd never see him again if she let go. Jeremie blushed, still trying to comprehend that he was dating an angel. He kissed the top of her head and stroked her back.

"I wish I would have told you sooner," admitted Aelita, sinking into Jeremie.

"It's not your fault, I wanted to tell you, too," said Jeremie. "I was afraid, though."

"Why?" asked Aelita, looking up at him.

"You don't know how perfect you are, Aelita," said Jeremie, sighing. "I never thought I'd stand a chance against the thousands of guys who'd kill to have you."

"Really?" asked Aelita, surprised. "I was afraid, too."

"Of what?" asked Jeremie.

"You heard what I said in the closet," said Aelita sadly. "It felt like you were just being nice to me sometimes. You knew that if you rejected me, I'd probably throw myself into the Digital Sea."

"I'd never want that to happen to you," said Jeremie, holding her tighter. "And I'd never reject you."

Aelita was comforted by what he said, and "rewarded" him with a kiss.

"There's one bright side to my teachers," said Jeremie, smiling.

"What?" asked Aelita.

"I can still talk after you kiss me," answered Jeremie.

"I'm glad," said Aelita, squeezing him. "How many plans did you go through?"

"Counting the closet?" asked Jeremie. "I got to plan F, which is strange, since I only remember five."

"Same for me, I got to plan G, but I only remember six," said Aelita. "After plan D, which was when you helped me after I slapped Theo, they skipped to plan F, which was to get me ready for the Valentine's Day party."

"They skipped between plan A and C for me," said Jeremie.

"What was A and C?" asked Aelita.

"A was contacts and cologne, and C was..." said Jeremie, blushing.

"What was C?" asked Aelita curiously.

"Hitting the gym," mumbled Jeremie. "I guess Ulrich and Odd told you I got into a fight with Theo's friends or something. I nearly got a concussion from an evil treadmill."

"I feel like killing those two all over again," said Aelita. "I was worried sick about you!"

"So, what happened between changing my look and the gym?" said Jeremie thoughtfully.

"What about the fight we got in?" asked Aelita. "About the valentines?"

"Wait, you don't think..." asked Jeremie.

"After everything else they've done? I wouldn't doubt it," said Aelita.

"I'm sorry about that fight," said Jeremie, averting his gaze.

"I shouldn't have gotten so angry with you," apologized Aelita. She turned his face to her. "That's in the past, though. You're my future."

Jeremie smiled and caught her lips with his. Aelita's eyes went wide in surprise. She pulled him closer until her stomach grumbled loudly.

"S-Sorry," said Aelita, blushing in embarrassment.

"It's okay," said Jeremie kindly. "It's already (Jeremie glanced at his watch) almost 8:30. We missed dinner."

Aelita nodded. She pulled him with her as she sat up, and rested her head on his chest.

"I love you," said Aelita. It seemed she could never say it enough.

"I love you," said Jeremie. He resumed running his hand over her back, and stroked the sides of her face with the other.

"After plan C, what happened?" inquired Aelita.

"D, which in Odd's words, stood for double date," said Jeremie.

"You knew we would be double dating?" asked Aelita.

"No, Odd said it was one of Melanie's friends," answered Jeremie. "I didn't want to, but they said I'd get dating experience without humiliating myself in front of you."

"That's what Melanie told me!" said Aelita.

"She planned the double date, too?" asked Jeremie.

"No, but she said it was Surprise A," said Aelita, shrugging. "I almost passed out when I realized Odd's friend was you."

"You weren't the only one" said Jeremie, chortling.

So they had both been keeping their fair share of secrets. Aelita knew there'd be more to come. But the fact was, she and Jeremie were a couple. It was worth the work. She'd try her best to be a good girlfriend, but she didn't know much about that. Oh well, she was sure Jeremie would tell her if she was doing something wrong.

"Jeremie, do you think I'll be a good girlfriend?" asked Aelita.

"I have no doubt," said Jeremie, gazing lovingly at her. "I'm just going to try and not mess everything up."

"Jeremie, how could you possibly mess it up?" asked Aelita, looking up at him. "If dating you is half as much fun as flirting with you, you'll do wonderfully."

Jeremie went red at her compliment. He was about to kiss her when he heard a loud knock on his door. Reluctantly, Jeremie let go of Aelita and answered it.

"Belpois, if I were you, I'd make sure Miss Stones was out of your room pretty quick!" roared Jim. "There's no reason for a young lady to be alone in a boy's dorm at night!"

Aelita blushed darkly and walked up behind Jeremie.

"I'll be right out, Jim," promised Aelita. She gave Jeremie a tender kiss on the cheek. "Good night, Jeremie."

Jeremie distractedly touched the place where she kissed him, watching her leave. Jim looked from Jeremie to Aelita, then back to Jeremie.

"I knew it," said Jim, smirking. "You two just make sure to keep it appropriate."

"Y-Yes, sir," stammered Jeremie. He bid the man goodnight and went back to work on the antivirus.

Odd sat up with a start in the morning, then started cheering.

"Odd, what are you yelling for?" asked Ulrich angrily, throwing a pillow at him.

"We're still alive!" cried Odd. "I don't have a butcher knife in my stomach!"

"Odd!" yelled Ulrich. "Shut up!"

"Forgive me for celebrating the miracle of life!" said Odd, his nose up in the air. "I'm shocked that you aren't happy Einstein and Princess didn't kill us."

"Ugh," said Ulrich.

"Hey, what are you all gloomy for?" asked Odd, frowning. "Is it about Yumi calling last night?"

"How'd you know about that?" asked Ulrich, scowling.

"I know things," said Odd, shrugging. "Now what did she tell you?"

"Her family is staying in Japan for another week," said Ulrich sourly. "Yumi was supposed to come home tomorrow!"

"I know," said Odd. "Einstein won't take this too well. We need Yumi on Lyoko. Good thing he just got together with Aelita."

"Yeah," said Ulrich half-heartedly.

"Oh, buck up, she'll be back soon," said Odd. "In the meantime, let's go eat some breakfast, I haven't eaten in forever!"

Ulrich rolled his eyes and grabbed his towel to take a shower. Jeremie had Aelita, Odd had Melanie, and he was stuck here waiting! Life just wasn't fair sometimes.

Odd and Ulrich's eyes went wide when they saw Aelita carry a tray piled high with food.

"A little hungry, are we?" asked Ulrich.

"I would have eaten dinner last night, but I was accidently locked in a closet for a few hours," said Aelita, smirking.

"Where's your new beau?" asked Odd, trying to look innocent.

"I'm not sure," said Aelita, munching on an apple.

"You're seriously going to eat all that food?" asked Ulrich disbelievingly.

"Of course not, I'm giving some to Jeremie as well," said Aelita.

"Don't tell me you're going to start feeding each other," said Odd, faking like he was about to vomit.

"Maybe," said Aelita slyly. "And maybe you two should think the next time you kidnap me."

"Einstein told you?" asked Ulrich sheepishly.

"Yes," said Aelita curtly. "I'm not about to let you guys off the hook."

"Morning, everyone," said Jeremie, taking a seat next to Aelita. He actually looked well rested.

"Morning," mumbled Ulrich and Odd.

"What's up with them?" asked Jeremie.

"Oh, it's nothing," said Aelita, kissing him on the cheek. "Have some scrambled eggs."

Jeremie obediently ate, still overcome with happiness. Ulrich and Odd were surprised he was eating full portions, and the skin around his eyes was considerably lighter. If this kept up, he'd look like a normal human being instead of a zombie by the end of the week.

Aelita saw each of her tutors pass by their table, and smiled at every one of them. Even Sissi. Because although she was annoyed with them now, she would not be with Jeremie if it wasn't for them.

Jeremie looked over at Aelita every few seconds. He really was amazed at his own luck. He had always feared the possibility of Aelita being charmed by another guy before he could tell her that he was in love with her. But it didn't look like that was about to happen. As much as he hated to admit it, some credit belonged to his teachers. He never would have built up the nerve if it wasn't for them.

Both silently agreed that the lessons were hard and embarrassing, that they could even have been worse than Xana at some points. But in the strangest ways, they helped. And maybe someday, they could bring the same happiness to another lucky couple.