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Axel batted the fist arcing toward his face aside with ease, lips twisting into a sneer as he forced Roxas against the warm brick wall. Moving quickly, he pinned one of Roxas's wrists above the boy's head and tangled bare fingers roughly in blond hair, wrenching Roxas's head up until the younger Nobody was looking at him. Roxas's eyes were like chips of ice in his pale face, which was all right, was almost normal, but the confusion behind the anger – both fake – was not.

Axel's lips stretched in a silent snarl as he forced his leg between Roxas's, sealing their lips together in a hard, demanding kiss. Roxas refused to cooperate, his free hand raining weak, ineffective blows against Axel's side – they were too close for the blond to put any real strength behind his punches, but it was still irritating. Axel twisted his trapped wrist in retaliation, grinding the thin bones together until Roxas was writhing in pain.

Axel couldn't help but feel a vague echo of disgust at how easy the whole thing was. Not that Roxas wasn't fighting – Axel grinned against the blond's lips when the boy tried to bite him, sending heat flaring through his hands and taking a small measure of deserved satisfaction when Roxas hissed in pain. But…

It was still too easy. The real Roxas would've left him a broken, bloody mess by now. This Roxas, though he wore the same face and almost the same expression (finally), was only a pale imitation of what he had been, with too many fake emotions cluttering his brain and making the whole struggle almost pathetically one-sided.

Axel paused; drew back a little to actually look at the younger Nobody. Roxas took the opportunity to try and hit him again, but Axel only made an impatient noise in the back of his throat and caught the boy's fist in his hand, slamming it against the wall and watching with a detached sort of curiosity as Roxas winced in pain. He still looked the same, dammit. Axel ground his teeth together and tightened his grip on the boy.

"Remember me yet?" he asked, his voice mocking. He let another wave of heat unfurl through his palms, lips twisting in a smirk as Roxas writhed against him, features twisted in pain and defiance.

"Fuck…you," Roxas panted. Axel's smirk vanished – with a frustrated growl, he captured Roxas's lips again, pinning both of the boy's wrists with one hand and working at the button to the blond's pants with the other. Roxas stiffened, then began thrashing with renewed vigor, but Axel ignored him. They were running out of time; he'd already tried to beat the memories into the younger Nobody with steel and flame – it was time for a different approach.

Roxas wrenched his face away, jaw convulsing as Axel finally managed to slip a hand inside his pants. The redhead watched Roxas's expression as he curled his fingers around him, waiting for something, anything that he could call familiar to spark in the boy's eyes.


Axel blew out an aggravated breath and glanced around at the digital town that was the only thing this Roxas knew, idly pumping his hand. This was all Roxas remembered. He wouldn't let Axel drag him away from it. He wouldn't come back.

And Axel would be ordered to kill him tomorrow.

"Too bad, Roxas," he murmured, pressing against the younger Nobody and flicking his own pants open.

Roxas didn't say a word.