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Edge Of Victory 1 Conquest (the untold scene)



This all starts when Anakin talks to Tahiri in her room they both are looking out in space when Tahiri asks "Are you going to go out and fight the Yuzzahn Vong again?" "Eventually" he says "I want to go with you" "that's why I said eventually I'm staying on here for a while until you've healed until I've healed then if you still want to go we go together" Tahiri nodded and for the first time since they escaped Yavin he felt something like hope in her. They looked out at space again when all of a sudden Tahiri starts sobbing "Tahiri , what's wrong?" Anakin asks "Tahiri?" she doesn't hear him and keeps crying the pain in her heart is so bad she doesn't feel anything else but her pain. Anakin takes her into his arms and cradles her and strokes her hair and keeps saying "what's wrong? Shh... it's going to be ok." She sobs into his chest "It's all my fault!! Master Ikrit dying!! Everything it's all my fault!! you shouldn't have come back for me you should have left me I wanted to kill you and everything else!!!" she says. Ankin pulls her away from him and takes her chin in his hand and takes her chin in his hand and tilts it up , and looks deeply into her eyes and says "Tahiri , I would never leave you like that your my best friend you mean so much to me more than you can imagine! One of the reasons I didn't say good-bye to you when I left with Mara was I didn't want to say good-bye to you, and when you got kidnapped and I felt your pain all the time it took me so much not to go and kill all the Vong in sight! too get you so don't ever say things like that and don't cry" he wipes her tears from her face. "Really?" Tahiri asks "Really" Anakin says "Thank you Anakin for everything" she hugs him and he holds her till she's asleep in his arms and puts her in bed and just stares at her for a while then leaves thinking "what is this I'm feeling for her?"

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