Name: Caroline Wahlberg

Height: 5'9

Body type: Lanky but muscular

Eye colour: hazel

Hair colour and length: Short and slightly wavy, brown with black and hot pink tips

Age: 17

Other: Caroline is a tough punk skater girl who has a hot temper. She's a cocky hothead at sometimes, and at other times, she's meek and quiet. She loves music and is very passionate about it. She plays the guitar and writes songs. She's somewhat of a petty criminal, though her father highly disapproves of her behaviour because she comes from a high-class family. She never liked that life and would be fine living in a small apartment just as long as she could have her music and a skate park nearby. She is a Junior in high school and is the only girl who's ever played one their football team. Quarterback, to be exact. She also plays hockey in her spare time.


Caroline slammed her locker shut and started off towards her second class. She was couldn't wait until football practice after school. Even more, she couldn't wait until Friday night's game when she could beat the opposite team to a pulp, even though she was the Quarterback.

Today just wasn't her day. Her now ex-boyfriend was saying allot of bullshit about her and telling the whole school.

She started to zone off as she was walking and accidentally bumped into a kid who looked about her age, but she didn't recognize him.

"Hey, sorry man."

"Don't worry about it. I'm Jack, by the way. Jack Mercer."

Caroline smirked and shook Jack's outstretched hand. "Caroline. Caroline Wahlberg."

Jack looked at Caroline's appearance. When she spoke, he saw the stud in her tongue. She also had an eyebrow and lip piecing, not counting her ears and the extra studs in them. She had a large variety of bracelets on. Some had spikes on them, others were leather or had studs. Some of them were simply pieces of cloth tied around her wrist. She also had a few beaded bracelets and a few metal ones. She also had a few different rocker necklaces and rings.

Caroline looked Jack over. He had long hair that was spiked and sticking out in any direction. He had a leather wrist band and a cross necklace on with his black hoody. He had one ring on his thumb and a tongue piercing.

"Wait, what's your last name?" Caroline said with a hard look of concentration on her face.

"Yeah. Why?"

"You know Bobby Mercer?"

"Yeah, he's my brother."

"Were you adopted by Ms. Evelyn by chance?"

"Yeah, how do you know this stuff?"

"Because Bobby's my role model and I used to hang out with him and his friends sometimes."

"Dude, really? Well, I'm using his car today 'cause mine's got an oil leak and…"

"Wait, Bobby's back?!" She said excitedly. Jack looked a little creeped out but answered.

"Yeah, but I don't know for how long though." Jack said with a frown. Caroline knew what Jack felt like. Bobby hardly ever came back to Detroit these days. She had missed him too.

"Hey, do you think I can come over after football practice? My parents won't care."

"Yeah, sure. Ma won't care…" Just then, the bell rang.

"Oh crap! I'm gonna be late for class! Hey, see you at lunch. Maybe we can sit together or somethin'."

"Yeah, see you later!" Jack said as he ran off to his next class.


Hey guys sorry it's so short! I'll update soon!