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The next morning, Jack shook Caroline up gently. She rolled over and covered her face with a pillow.

"Go away."

"Car, come on!"

"No, piss off, Jackie!"

"Fine, I'm going to get Bobby."

"You do that."

"I will." Jack said then turned o his heel and left the room. He came back minutes later with Bobby.

"Car, get your ass outta bed."

"No. F(bad word) off, Bobby."

"Fine then." Caroline thought he had left the room, but was proven wrong when Bobby flipped her mattress off of the bed with her on it. She growled then stood up with her hands clenched into fists. She pointed an accusatory finger at Bobby. He laughed. "Shut up! Why the hell did you do that?!"

"Well it worked, didn't it? We gotta go to Ma's lawyer's office."

"Fine!" Caroline said. She grabbed a long-sleeved red and black striped tee-shirt and black jeans and expected Bobby and Jack to leave, but the just stood there. She cleared her throat as if to say "get the hell outta here" Bobby raised an eyebrow. Caroline pointed a finger at the door.

"Get the hell out." She muttered. Bobby smirked and put his hands up when he saw the evil-looking glare she was giving him. "Fine, fine. Be ready in five minutes or we're leavin' without you. Put a leash on your cat, Jack." Caroline and Jack both scowled in his direction and flicked up their middle fingers. Jack and Bobby then left the room. Caroline pulled her pajamas off and put on her shirt and jeans along with her chain wallet and studded belt. Then, she put on her converse shoes and brushed her hair before running down the stairs just as the four brothers were exiting the house.

"We almost left you, Car." Jerry scolded as Caroline slid into the car in the seat behind Bobby.

"Hey, don't point fingers at me! It's Bobby's fault!" Caroline said and pulled a strand of Bobby's hair. He yelped and turned around angrily. "Don't do that, Car."

"You know you like that, Bobby." Jack laughed. Bobby was silent as they drove to the lawyer's office.

When they got there, the four Mercers and Caroline all got out of the car and followed Bobby into the building.

"Hello, I'm…"

"Yeah we know who you are. You're our mom's lawyer." Jerry said politely and shook the man's hand. The man shook hands with the brothers and hesitated when he came to Caroline.


"This is Caroline Wahlberg. She's an honorary Mercer." Bobby said seriously. The man nodded and shook hands with Caroline.

"Ah, yes. Evelyn mentioned you in her will."

"Really?" Caroline asked. Had Evelyn really thought of her as a daughter? "What'd ya think, Car? You thought Ma would leave you out?" Angel asked. Caroline shook her head.

"Now, I must say I am very sorry for your loss. We are here to discuss…"

"How much do we get?" Jack interrupted, getting a slap on the back of the head from Bobby and scowls from Jerry, Angel, and Caroline.

"As I was saying… here's your mother's safety deposit box. I'll leave you alone to look through it." The lawyer stood up and left the room.

Bobby opened the box and started taking stuff out. He handed Jack and Jerry some birth certificates and even Caroline's was in there. There was also an envelope with Caroline's name on it. Bobby looked at it for a second, then lost interest and passed it to Caroline. She just tucked it into her coat pocket. "Ma went to Woodstock?" Jack asked as he saw an old ticket stub. Bobby laughed. "You didn't know Ma was a hippie?"

"Nah." Caroline said.

"There any papers for me in there?" Angel said as he looked into the box.


"What about you?"


"You sure?"

"No, but here's some paper for you." Bobby handed out a few bills of money to Jerry, Angel, and Caroline and shoved a few in his jacket pocket. When Jack gave him a questioning look, Bobby pulled out a diamond necklace and handed to him.

"Here this'll look nice on you, sweet heart." Caroline raised an eyebrow and was about to say something but Jack stopped her:

"Don't say it, Car. I know what you're thinking, and don't say it." Caroline laughed at Jack. "Jackie-poo you have no idea what I was about to say," Caroline said through her fit of laughter.

"C'mon, let's go." Bobby said. The Mercers and Caroline followed Bobby out the door and back into the car. They went to Jerry's "dream" which was more like an old warehouse. It was going to be a housing project.

While Angel, Jerry, Caroline, and Bobby were talking, Jack wandered off to a corner. "You got insurance, right Jer?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"'Cause I want to burn this…"

"No way, man! You aint burnin' nothin' down."

"Hey remember when you burnt Jerry's tree house down?" Angel cut in. Caroline laughed. Jerry had built the whole damn thing all by himself and was so proud over it. Bobby, who was and is a huge pyromaniac, decided to see how long it would take for a hockey stick to burn. He decided to try it, and being the not-so-much thinker that he was, caught the old, worn hockey stick on fire along with Jerry's tree house.

"Yeah I remember that. I wanted to kick your ass, Bobby." Jerry said. Bobby laughed. Caroline noticed Jack standing still in the corner and realized what he was doing.

"Man, look at your little brother!" Caroline said and pointed over at Jack. The three brothers looked over at Jack and shared "looks". "Jack!" Jerry said. Jack zipped up his pants and smirked.

"Oh I'm sorry, is this the master suite? Am I making the property value go down?" the other four laughed. Bobby dropped finished the beer he had in his hand and dropped the bottle, watching it shatter.

"Come on. Let's go get a real drink." Bobby said. They all made their way back out to the car and went to Johnny G's bar. When they got there, the four brothers and Caroline sat down at the bar. Bobby made a toast:

"I wanna make a toast to Evelyn Mercer, the greatest mother four degenerate bastards ever had. Pour us another round and some nice warm milk for my little sisters." Bobby said and held up a shot of Jack Daniel's whiskey.

"Shut up Bobby!" Caroline said.

"Man, I will drink you under the table." Jack said. "I'm sure you could, but we're not talking about sperm, Jack, this is whiskey."

"Leave it, Bobby." Caroline said. "Let's go over to a table, man."

"Yeah, Car, that'd be a good idea." Jerry said, looking at an already half drunken Jack. They went over and sat down at a table that only had four chairs and all of the tables around them were full. Caroline was the last one to get there. She stood there and crossed her arms.

"What?" Bobby asked. "I don't have anywhere to sit." The slightly drunk Caroline pouted. Bobby laughed. "Sit on Jackie's lap. I'm sure he wouldn't mind."

"Fine." Caroline said and walked over to Jack and sat on his lap. He didn't seem to care. The oldest three brothers laughed, especially Bobby. A few minutes later, Jack and Caroline were completely drunk.

"Jack drinks Jack! Jack drinks Jack!" Jack said in a sing-song voice.

"Jackie is drunk!" Jerry said.

"Jack liked ass-crack and ball-sack!" Bobby said. Jack shook his head. "Jack doesn't like ass-crack and ball-sack! Jack likes boobs! Jack got fans! Jack got lots of fans!" Caroline laughed and got up and went back over to the bar to get another bottle of whiskey.

"Hey, hold on, Car. I think you've had enough." Jerry called after her. She just went on. Instead of getting the whiskey, she sat next to a guy and flicked her hair. They could see her talking to him and the grin on his face. A minute later, they stood up and Caroline began to follow him towards the door. Jack saw this and grew enraged. He stood up and strode over to them and punched the guy square in the jaw. The guy stumbled back, clutching his face.

Jack grabbed Caroline by the wrist and literally dragged her back over to the table. He sat back down in his chair and pulled Caroline into his lap. She squirmed to get free, but he was too strong and kept a firm grip around her waist. All the while, the oldest brothers were about to die from lack of oxygen from laughing so hard.

Caroline finally gave up and fell back into Jack's lap. Jerry finally managed to stop laughing.

"C'mon, guys. Let's go home." He said and stood up. The other four followed and Jerry drove them home.

Caroline woke up the next morning, (or more like later that morning), to yelling, which very much irritated her pounding head. The voices were downstairs; one was male, one was female. She could tell that the man's voice was Bobby's, and guessed that it was Sophie who was the woman's voice, though she hadn't seen Sophie for years. She rolled over and groaned in annoyance the yelled, "Sophie, just shut up!" Then Bobby laughed. "See? You're a household pest!" Bobby said to Sophie.

Caroline stood up and yelled, "Bobby, you shut the too! You're both too damn loud!" Caroline could hear Jack laugh from his room. She brushed her hair and put on her eyeliner before throwing on a red and black guitar tee-shirt, dark jeans with a chain wallet, and her black boots (not like fashion boots, but like Bobby's boots) before running downstairs. Sophie ran past her up the stairs.

"I thought you were a macho man, Angel. Big tough guy. It's a cryin' shame when Jackie here's the only one who's down for a ride." Caroline cleared her throat.

"Oh yeah, and Car too. Come on you two, say goodbye to your big sister."

"Bobby, where are we goin' again?" Caroline said as they got into the car.

"To the contract killer's house. The guys that killed Ma."


"To find something on them." Jack supplied. "Okay. We gonna break in?"

"Is there any other way?" Bobby said with a devious grin. When they got to the house, Bobby handed Caroline and Jack a flashlight and brought one himself. Bobby broke in trough the window. The three climbed inside and started looking around. Bobby flipped the mattress up and found a bunch of guns. Caroline shivered a little thinking that one of them killed Evelyn.

Jack went through the drawers and pulled out some CDs and a digital camera. He turned it on and started looking through the pictures. "Hey Bobby, I think I found somethin'!" Jack handed the camera to Bobby. "Hey Car…come here a second."

"What?" Caroline asked. Bobby shoved the camera up in her face. "What's this?"

"That's Ma and the insurance agent."

"These guys were stalking Ma." Jack said quietly. Caroline and Bobby both gave Jack a "duh" look.

"Wait a second, that guy said he only met Evelyn once!" Caroline pointed out. Bobby grunted angrily. Jack frowned.

"Son of a…"

"Shut up, Car."

"What?! You're in no place to tell me to shut up, Mercer!"

"Car just shut it!" Bobby hissed and held up his hand. Caroline silenced herself as she realized that Bobby was listening for something. He abruptly stood when there was a loud thud outside. Caroline and Jack also stood and Jack tucked the camera away in his jacket and Bobby put all the guns in a bag. They then made their way back to the window through which they entered.

"Shit!" Jack growled as he tripped over the leg of a chair. Caroline turned around and snorted. "Nice Jackass." Caroline whispered. Jack grunted and flicked up his middle finger. They all went through the window and ran back to Bobby's car.

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