A very old one-shot I found in my notebook, I decided to fix it up and such so here it is!

NOTE: May turn into drabble series.

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A young earthbender smiled as she walked down the streets of Ba Sing Se upper ring, a fourteen year old Waterbender at her side.

They had decided that they were to sneak into a party held by the Earth King for his pet "bear". Obviously that would mean dresses. Dresses and make-up, and other girly items. Toph had decided to teach Katara in "the ways of the noble" and she was beginning to regret it.

It wasn't that Toph didn't live the Southern watertribe girl. Oh no. Sure their personalities clashed and Toph couldn't stand Katara's need to mother everyone, but she still enjoyed her company. It was how her airbending friend would react to Katara that unnerved her. It seemed as if he thought of her as perfect. Not one fault in the waterbender's blood. Dressing up Katara would only mean Aang fawning over her again. Everything he did was for her. Everything because of her.

Not that Toph had a problem with that. Why would she? Twinkle Toes had a crush on Katara, that didn't bother her, it shouldn't bother her.

As soon as the two girls returned to their temporary home they began working on their appearances. Or rather, Katara did. Toph soon learned Katara was a quick learner when it came to nobility, leaving them with a bit extra time to themselves. The two shared jokes and told stories of when they were younger, completely forgetting two boys waiting impatiently outside.

Telling one last joke they got ready for their much awaited entrance. As Katara slid the door to the side, Toph held her fan to her face, trying to cover the smile playing on her lips.

"Wow, you look beautiful." She heard a young airbender say dreamily.

For a second Toph thought it was for them both, before frowning. She quickly placed her fan onto Katara's mouth, stopping her from thanking Aang.

"Don't talk to the commoners, Katara." She told her companion before they began walking towards the exit.

It's always for her, she thought as she closed her eyes, never for me.

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