The End


Author's Note --- HEYYA!! yea this is going to be a romance/tragedy just cause i was feeling up to writing something like this :D



Uchiha Sasuke --- 17

Haruno Sakura --- 16


"I'm going to get Sasuke-kun back." Haruno Sakura uttered to herself for the umpteenth time that day.

She sighed and wiped the sweat forming on her forehead.

"Damn.. It's hot today."

She wiped her forehead once again; growling in annoyance from the stickiness of her clothes against her skin.

Whatever little breeze would blow by, Sakura would stop and just close her eyes; losing herself..

Her pink locks of hair dancing with the wind.. She let out a breath of air, gazing at the setting sun.. Even though it was growing more and more dark each and every minute, the temperature refused to lower.

Instead. It only seemed to rise.

She had been.. i guess you could say- dreaming about the young Uchiha and what he was doing..

Or better yet; her in his strong arms.

She blew out some air.

"Like that would ever happen." She reminded herself. Again..

The cherry blossom of Konohagakure.. That was what she was in her village..

And.. of course. Naruto was still known as the number one knuckle-head ninja.. That one would never change.

Sakura had grown. Grown and blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Her finger brushed the ends of her hair, reaching only an inch or so below her shoulders.

Her eyes were the same as ever. Wide, emerald colour; simply wondrous..

She had surpassed Tsunade, yes. It took her a while to do so but she had nonetheless.. And she was proud.

Sakura stopped once again.

Letting the gentle breeze dance around her, her eyes growing sad while she tilted her head upwards to look up at the setting sun..

Why was she doing this again?

Sasuke wasn't going to come back to Konohagakure with the likes of her! He wouldn't for Naruto and he sure as hell wouldn't just because she loved him and wanted him back..

Was.. was she being selfish?!

Letting that thought drift to the back of her mind, Sakura focused more on the task at hand but.. where the hell would she find Sasuke?! He wasn't just going to pop out of nowhere and surrender.

Although that did sound nice- it would never happen..

For now she could only pray..


"Shit!" Sakura dodged the paper bombs attached to the kunai thrown her way..

She shielded herself using her arms.


Her first problem she had encountered.. Rogue ninja. Just her luck, ne?

The kunoichi spat at the leader, "Leave me the fuck alone already."

He snarled at her, "Such fowl words coming from such a pretty girl.."

She ducked, the man was behind her now.

"But.." He started.

"I'm sure that mouth can be used for something else as well."

He pointed towards his private part and Sakura growled in complete disgust. Pulling back her leg before the bottom of her foot connected with his manhood.

He fell over in utter pain, howling and cursing loudly.

"Little bitch!"

Sakura sighed, "And the chase starts all over again.."


She peered behind the mighty tree she was resting near or more like hiding..

"They're.. gone."

A sigh of relief.


She took out her canteen of spring water and took large gulps to satisfy her dry mouth. She had been running for far too long..

"What did I get myself into?"

She punched the forest floor.

"This is pointless!"

Sakura was frantic. According to the map she should already be in Sound continent!!

But.. she found herself utterly lost.


The sound of shuriken being thrown and whizzing through the air caught her ear; before her mind could register what was going on, Sakura had jumped to the side; avoiding a fatal attack.

Her eyes darted around the dark surroundings, she couldn't see anything!

Getting out a kunai, Sakura prepared herself for the worst.

There! She dodged the flames that threatened to char her. Looking up, the pink haired girl saw a figure moving swiftly from above and she had to force herself to roll out of the way.

Propping herself up using her elbows, Sakura gazed at the lone figure..

She almost didn't believe her eyes at first but.. there he was! Uchiha Sasuke was standing a few feet away from her! Maybe this had been a good idea from the beginning.

"Sasuke-kun." She almost shocked herself by how calm she sounded.

Inside she was screaming and cheering..

he didn't acknowledge her in the slightest, simply taking a quick glance before swiftly turning on his heel and walking away from her.

She called to him again, "Sasuke-kun!"

He didn't stop. Why would he?

She stood up and before she knew it, he had appeared behind her. This had happened before. Sakura was almost sure of it!

She moved out of the way before Sasuke had a chance to knock her out and render her useless..

Gripping his wrist and staring into those unreadable onyx orbs.. They blended in with the surrounding darkness which made it hard to know what he was looking at.

"Sasuke-kun.." She whispered, inching closer to him.

"Please.. come back with me.. please."

He didn't speak. Again..

Next thing she knew, her arm was being twisted painfully behind her backside, lips parting to allow a quiet whimper to pass..


"Be quiet."

She shut her mouth instantly.

"You really must hate me, huh?"

Oh God! If they kept this up, she'd sob all over..

Trying with all her might, Sakura failed to remove her arm from the Uchiha's firm yet painful grip.. He was twisting far too hard for her liking.

"Why?" She whispered more to herself.

"Why does.. revenge mean so much to you?"

"Shut up."

She didn't however.

"Tell me!"

Her arm was twisted more and she swore that she heard a crack erupt from within!

"Stop it!"

And with that, she was slammed against the nearest tree, a few leaves rustling and some even slowly -gracefully- falling to the ground..

He was gripping both of her wrists now, pressing them harshly against the trunk of the tree and holding them there. Like a restraint.


He cut her off.

"Get out of my head!"

She was caught off guard by the roughness of his voice. It usually sounded so silky but now.. He was angry at her, that much she knew.

"What?" Sakura whispered almost breathlessly.

He didn't repeat himself, simply stared at the face he remember from long ago. Too long..

And with the blink of an eye, he was gone.. Leaving an impression of some sort..

And she broke.. again..

Choking on her sobs, arms wrapping around herself while she screamed and screamed.


So.. this was it.. in no fewer than a few months he was giving his body and soul completely over to his mentor. Orochimaru..

His charcoal orbs closed momentarily, breathing some air out while his fingers ran throughout his hair..

He had completed his main goal. Itachi was dead how, having killed him with his bare hands..

He wouldn't lie. It had felt good to see that bastard die with all his sins in mind..

He would never forget that day.

"I am an avenger." He said lowly.


Another moonless night.. Sakura buried beneath the bedsheets covering her shivering body. It was another cool night, her body being covered in goosebumps..

But, little did the cherry blossom know; that there was a figure standing just outside her window.

She jumped a little when her bedroom window burst open, the heavy winds blowing inside and causing her to shake even more so..

She strode quickly over towards the source of the wind and shut the window, making sure to lock it this time around. But when she went to turn around, she nearly fainted..

Someone was in her bedroom!

"Who the hell are you?"

The figure said nothing.

Once she caught a glance at the person's crimson eyes, Sakura seemed to tense even more than before!

It was..


He took a few steps towards her. Still saying nothing but gazing at the young girl clad in only a skimpy, white nightgown.

When he was close enough, Sasuke curled strands of her pastel locks around his index finger, lowering his head.

"I told you.."

There was a pregnant pause.

"Stay out of my head."

And with a gasp, he claimed her lips. Taking the opportunity to delve his tongue within her sweet crevice, running along rows of teeth and wrestling with her own..

She was so shy.

Before either of them knew what was happening, clothes were flying in every direction.. Kisses trailing down aching flesh, lips molding perfectly together..

This is what she wanted for so long.. Even if he was a wanted criminal now, Sakura didn't care..

She loved him.

Her fingers sank into his raven locks of hair, tugging softly at first but when his hot, wet mouth descended to her plump breasts, taking a nipple and sucking on it; she pulled harder.

Moaning his name loudly like a broken record.

"Sasuke-kun, I-ah!"

He bit down, licking at the skin and nipping at it again. Blowing cool air over it and watching as it puckered again..

Sakura blushed under his scrutinizing gaze; she was completely naked for him to see..

This was something he had to do before he handed himslef over to Orochimaru..

It had to be done.

His fingers touched a sensitive spot, he found that he rather liked the expression she displayed when he touched the small bud concealed beneath pink curls..


He lowered his head, breath hitting her womanhood and causing shivers to run up and down her spine.

She felt him wet her down below. It drove her crazy, he was teasing her she knew.. Running his tongue in an up and down motion and then decreasing the speed so that it was almost unbearable.

And that was his plan..

When he felt that she was ready, Sasuke slowly spread her legs out, he looked into her eyes; making sure that they held no regret..

She urged him to go on. Knowing full well that it would hurt but this was what she's always wanted..

He caressed her cheek in an almost loving way, guiding his erect cock closer and closer towards her dripping core..

She tensed up, once she felt the tip of him enter inside of her, everything else slowly fell into place..

She arched immediately against his chest, arms wrapped securely around his neck while he sheathed himself completely.

Her emerald eyes were closed, hiding from Sasuke's view.

He touched her cheek, lowered her down to the bed while he dominated her.

Guiding himself, thrusting forwards enough to make the headboard hit the wall and create a 'thudding' sound to echo off the walls.

"Oh God!!"

He ran the pad of his thumb against the aching bud nearest to where they were joined from below.

Somehow the pain slowly subsided and was switched with pure bliss.. She had never imagined herself to be doing such a thing with Sasuke yet here they were.. having sex.


He pressed his lips against her temple, held her hips and pressed again inside of her. She was hot and pulsing all around him, engulfing him completely..

His thrusts grew rawer, harder and faster.. All he needed and wanted was to be able to feel all of the girl underneath him..

"Sa- Sakura.." He rasped, feeling himself reaching his limit.

She called his name as well, feeling him reach some wondrous spot within her and then-


His head rested in the crook of her neck, fingers entwined with the girl's that he had just fucked..


She closed her eyes and she fell asleep..

Sasuke left to gaze down at her beautiful and peaceful face. He sighed in content, brushing away strands of pink hair from her face, tucking them behind her ear and almost smiling..



Of course he hadn't told Sakura that his body was nearly about to be taken over by Orochimaru. He would never be able to forgive himself if he did, mainly he'd be telling her that he was going to die..

He had nothing left for him..

His life was already over the moment he had willingly gone to Orochimaru years ago when he was only a genin..

So now, he was waiting.. Waiting for that snake-bastard to show up and finish what had been agreed long ago..

he closed his eyes, savoring in the sweet breeze that rushed by, everything around him, Sasuke had savored in..

Because it would be the last time he'd get to see, hear, smell, touch and taste anything..

He was going to die an avenger..

He had been an avenger ever since the Uchiha clan was slaughtered; though he would have much rather preferred Itachi kill him while the rest of his clan had died..

Then maybe his life wouldn't have had been so screwed up.. And he wouldn't have hurt the people that grew to befriend him..

"Sakura.." He whispered her name.. Half-expecting her to answer him.


He opened his eyes, Orochimaru standing across from him, hands on his hips while he looked at the young Uchiha.

Sasuke nodded, there would be no going back. And definitely no regretting what was going to take place.


The pain he felt was immense but he didn't show any signs of it.. Orochimaru was already starting to take over his entire body but it seemed to be going slowly..

'Get out of my head.'

His eyes snapped open.

Even though he tried to rid any thoughts of the cherry blossom, they would always return and haunt him in a way.

Torment him..

"Stay still!" He heard Orochimaru hiss beyond the pounding of his heart.

Sasuke's eyes closed before shooting open once again. His body wasn't responding to his requests.. With all his will-power, the last Uchiha struggled to reach for his katana but he managed to grab the hilt..

He held it out, eyes looking down at his front side where Orochimaru was taking over his body.. His eyes narrowed, "You won't be the one to kill me."

And with one last thought..


He thrust the tip of the katana towards his chest, piercing through the skin and rendering him immobile for the time being..

He held back the grunt of pain..

Though, Orochimaru hadn't. He howled in pain.

"Foolish boy!"

Sasuke knew that if his body was dead. If he died, Orochimaru would have no chance of getting his filthy hands on his body..

The snake sannin, forced himself out of the young Uchiha. Knowing precisely what his intentions were.. Sasuke fell to the ground, katana falling out of his grip and scattering across the ground.

His vision blurred and he didn't bother letting out a small cry of pain.. The warmth of his blood covered his entire front side.. Basking him in a deep crimson..


His colour was paling by the second and his eyes caught sight of storm clouds forming in the darkening skies..

He was going to die alone.

Leaving Sakura by herself..

Levering himself until the nausea subsided, Sasuke wearily stood to his feet and wobbled momentarily before placing his hand over the wound in his chest..

It was large and still bleeding.

He didn't know where he was going but.. one thing was for sure; he wasn't going back to Konohagakure, back to Sakura because he was far beyond repairing..

He was like a living corpse now.. Slowly decaying.

The sound of rushing water caught his ears and in his weary state, followed the noise.

He found himself nearing a ledge; a cliff? And a running waterfall right near it, hidden beyond acres of forest.

He stood by the edge, raising his arms by his sides and closing his eyes.. The rain fell good and hard, washing away the staining blood and ultimately his sins.

The wind rushed past, dancing around the male as he swayed between the edge of the cliff and nothing. Life and death..

If he returned to the village; if he was still living, he'd just ruin the girl's life.. Sakura deserved better and he didn't want to be the cause of yet another heartbreak..

At least this way; she wouldn't find him.. And hopefully forget..

His lips formed a sad smile, eyes never opening for a moment. Taking in a deep, ragged breath; Sasuke let his lips part for a second-

"I.. love you.."

And then, he tilted forwards and the feeling of the wind whipping at his face as he fell at an incredible speed. Plummeting to his untimely death..

The rocks at the bottom, the force of the water holding him under.. Made him stop struggling and finally, Uchiha Sasuke gave in to fate.


Sakura's fingertips grazed the fogged window of her bedroom. She had only seen Sasuke a week or two ago and he still hadn't returned..

She sighed, "Why would he stay?"

She let out a small sob, touching the area right over her heart; for some reason.. It was aching so much all of a sudden.

Crawling back into bed, Sakura slowly closed her eyes, her pounding heart drumming in her ears.

"Goodnight." She said, as if Sasuke would say the same thing. But he wasn't next to her..

And never would be.

Her breath evened out, arms falling to her sides, tears slowly trailing from the corners of her eyes..

They fell unnoticed.


His body was cold.. Not that he could feel it any longer.. He was now only a corpse sinking to the bottom of a small lake..

The crashing waters near the base of the waterfall forcing his body to stay in place until he met the bottom and simply drifted there..

His arms however, were raised, pointing upwards towards the faraway surface; like he was reaching for something..


The water surrounding him made his hair slowly dance over his face, his lips slightly blue and parted. Body submerged in freezing cold water, enveloping all around him..



The cool breeze blew gently, moving the trees surrounding only two people in such a state of tranquility.

The cherry blossom tree where 'they' sat beneath, shed it's blossoms, falling gracefully to the grassy floor.

Haruno Sakura; sat against one side of the tree while Sasuke sat against the opposite side; hands stuffed in his pockets..


She closed her eyes, "Yeah?"

Sasuke paused, held out his hand and watched as a single blossom drifted to rest on his calloused palm. His fingers gently stroking the petals, as if he were afraid that they'd fall apart and wilt.

"I.. love you."

The girl closed her eyes and for once smiled a genuine smile..


Author's Note --- NO! -cries- that made me actually cry! -sniffles- i hope you guys don't hate me for this but i'm always writing happy, sappy Sasuke and Sakura fics so i just chose a different theme: Tragedy :

The last little part where it's Sasuke and Sakura by the cherry blossom tree is just Sasuke's last thoughts before he died :(

Hope you enjoyed!!

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