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"Excuse me" Rory said tapping someone on the shoulder as she walked the streets of Los Angeles blindly "Could you tell me where…" She gasped when he turned around "oh my god" she stated

The young blonde man smirked "Sorry?" he asked

Rory snapped out of it and shook her head "Uhm…I was just wondering where the…are you?" she stuttered

The boy grinned, he had seen girls flustered and blush around him but this was just amusing. "Logan Huntzberger? Yes I am" he said, holding out his hand

Rory's jaw dropped and she looked down at his extended arm, slowly reaching out to shake it. "Hi" she said in awe

Logan chuckled "Do you have a name?" he asked raising his eyebrows when Rory nodded mutely. "Well do you want to tell me?" he asked amused

"Rory…Rory Gilmore" she said blushing slightly

"Well Rory, I believe you were about to ask me something?" he said

"Right" she said, trying to think of what she was going to ask him

"Well…" he pressed

"I can't remember" she said lamely

Logan laughed; this was too funny. He had just finished an audition and was walking outside to get some air when she tapped him on the shoulder.

"Why are you in LA?" Rory asked, not wanting to leave

"Really? That's your question?" he asked amused

Rory blushed "Shut up" she said

"Aw look you blush" he teased mercilessly, liking that this girl wasn't asking for his autograph of gushing over him trying to get him to go out with her

"You suck" she stated "I'm sorry for wasting your time…I'm sure you're super busy and all…I'm just going to go…ugh where was I going?" she ranted more to herself than to him

Logan watched amused as all these thoughts and emotions went through her head "Hey I'm always happy to talk to a fan" he said sincerely

"How do you know I'm a fan?" she challenged

Logan raised an eyebrow "Really? That's what you're going with after the last 5 minutes?" he asked

"Yeah well…crap!" She said annoyed

"What?" he asked confused

"I forgot my cell phone. I know you probably get this a lot…and I understand why you wouldn't want to, but can I borrow yours?" she asked nervously

Logan shrugged and took out his cell, handing it to her "Sure" he said

"Thanks" she said quietly and quickly called her mom

"Mom…do you have Lane's number? Yeah, I forgot my cell phone I'm using…someone else's…" she said, evading the name, not wanting her mom to go nuts over him "No…mom why does it matter?" she asked annoyed, mouthing sorry to Logan who was patiently waiting.

Logan just shrugged "Don't worry about it" he said

"No…that was the guy I'm borrowing the phone from. No mom…his name is Logan" she said, hoping her mom wouldn't ask for a last name

"He sounds hott…last name?" she asked

"Why does it matter? I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy right now! Just call Lane and ask her to come pick me up at…" she told her mom to hold on and asked Logan where they were

"Where am I?" she asked

"Well…you're on the corner of Sunset and 3rd" he said

"On the corner of Sunset and 3rd" she said to her mom "God I hate you. Logan Huntzberger! Okay! I'm using Logan Fucking Huntzberger's phone!" she shouted, catching the attention of a few people around them.

"Shit" Logan muttered when a bunch of people started gathering around them. He pulled Rory into his car which was in front of them and drove off.

"Hey!" She protested

"Sorry but I don't think you wanted to get mauled. Not to mention I thought I saw a reporter over there…" he said

"I don't even know you!" She screeched, forgetting she was on the phone with her mom

"What's to know? You're with Logan Huntzberger…get off the phone with me and enjoy it! What did I do to raise such a retarded child" Lorelei ranted

Now in the confined space, Logan could hear everything Lorelei was saying and laughed. Rory groaned and hung up, handing it back to Logan. "I'm sorry" she said sheepishly, now understanding that the reason everyone had mobbed him was because of her shouting.

"Don't worry about it" he said with a shake of a hand "So where do you need to go?" he asked

"I'm staying at the Hyatt" she said

Logan smirked "the one on mission and 2nd?" he asked

Rory nodded "yeah that's the one" she said

Logan smirked, that was only a few miles from his apartment. "Goodbye Rory Gilmore" he said grinning when he reached their destination

Rory smiled softly "Thanks, I really appreciate it. This is so unreal" she muttered the last part and smiled at him. "Bye" she said, taking one last look and walking into the lobby.

Logan chuckled. He liked her.


Rory had a huge grin on her face when she walked into her hotel room.

"What's with the face?" Lane asked

Rory turned to her friend and shrugged "Guess who I just met" She stated enthusiastically

"Oh my god! Paris Hilton" Lane shouted sarcastically

Rory rolled her eyes "Logan Huntzberger" she stated

Lane's eyes went wide "Really? No way" She said in awe

Rory nodded "He's really nice…" she said happily

"Well what did you do? What happened" Lane asked

"I didn't know it was him at first…I tapped him on the shoulder and then when he turned around turned into a blubbering idiot." Rory explained, feeling like a moron now that she looked back

Lane rolled her eyes "Did you get his number?" she asked

Rory looked at her like she was crazy "Are you on crack? Logan Huntzberger doesn't just give you his phone number!" she exclaimed

Lane nodded "I guess" She mumbled "Well…did you at least get his autograph? A picture?" She asked

Rory shook her head "I wanted to ask…but I couldn't bring myself to" She said sheepishly.


Logan sighed, relaxing into his bed, hoping to get some shut eye before he had to be up at 5 the next morning to do another audition. Sometimes he wondered why he was in the business, but then he remembered all of his fans and the difference they said he makes and he knew that he loved doing it. He thought back to the girl he had met today…she seemed too lively and carefree, it was refreshing to him. Most girls he met constantly tried to change themselves for him…they just didn't get that he didn't want that. He sighed and closed his eyes, tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Logan had finished his audition right on schedule; he had gone in at 7 and was done by 11. At 12 he had hopped on his private jet and flown to Hartford…another family dinner he was forced to attend. This time he wasn't as sour though, Honor had called the meeting and he was looking forward to the news she was going to share.

When he landed in Hartford he still had some time before he had to be at dinner. He went drove down to a pretty small town, hoping that he didn't get bombarded by fans or press…he loved them sure, but he had a long and stressful day ahead of him. He walked into the small diner and sat down at the bar.

The man behind the counter threw him a menu and told him he'd be right with him.

"I'll just have a turkey sandwich please" He said

"Anything to drink" the man asked gruffly

"How about a root beer" he said

"Sure" The man said and walked into the back. Logan looked around the diner, it was pretty empty except for a few people here and there, and it was silent. He sat awkwardly as everyone ate in silence…he was starting to question coming here to eat.

"Mom! He did not call you!" A voice said as she walked through the door.

"Rory! Alright fine. But you totally wish he did!" a woman that looked exactly like her, but taller and older said triumphantly.

Rory shook her head and sat down a seat away from him at the bar. "Well hello again" Logan said smirking when she turned to face him

Rory's jaw dropped. No way. She was just talking about him…and he was…he was in her town?

"You must be the man my daughter can't stop talking about" Lorelei jumped in when Rory didn't say anything

Rory turned scarlet and glared at her mother "Shut up mom" She snapped

"Wait mom? No way" Logan protested charmingly

Lorelei grinned "I like him" she stated "So Logan Huntzberger…what brings you to Stars hollow?" she asked

"Is that where I am? Well I was actually just looking for a place to eat" he said, moving his arms when his food arrived.

"What is that?" Rory asked disgusted as he picked up half of his sandwich.

Logan raised an eyebrow as she spoke for the first time and set the food down "it's a turkey sandwich…am I offending you?" he asked curiously

"Jeez Rory…how could you be offended by someone that looks like that" lorelai whispered teasingly, loud enough so Logan could hear it.

"It has…green on it" She said disgusted, ignoring her mother and trying to ignore the fact Logan was laughing.

"That would be lettuce" Logan said amused, maybe he misjudged this girl…she was crazy.

"Why would you eat something so………healthy" She finally said

Logan couldn't help the amused smile that creped its way onto his lips "Because it tastes good?" he asked

"No. you don't come to Luke's and get sandwiches. LUKE!" Rory called out

Luke groaned and walked over "You beckoned" he said sarcastically

"Luke…would you please get him as well as my mother and I some burgers and fries? Sans the healthy stuff" she said sweetly

"You know him?" he asked, pointing to Logan

Rory nodded "Well…sort of. That's not important. Burger!" she ordered

"This is a diner Rory, I'm not your slave" Luke muttered before placing the order with Cesar. Rory shook her head "Luke……………….." she whined

Luke groaned and knew what she wanted. He went in the back himself and began cooking their food. "You and your mother are psychotic!" he shouted from the kitchen.

"This; is what you order at Lukas" She said when their food arrived

Logan smiled "I'll keep that in mind for next time" he said taking a bite and nodding at her questioning face "Great" he said

"See" She said smiling

"So, I guess I made an impression huh?" he asked

Rory looked over and cocked an eyebrow questioningly "I was all you could talk about this weekend?" he asked amused

Rory groaned "She's lying"

"I don't believe you" he said grinning as Lorelai gasped. As the two were talking, she discretely took out a copy of one of his latest DVD's and slid it over to Rory.

"Come on you know you want to do this for mommy" She whispered

Logan watched amused as Lorelai took a copy of a DVD out and a marker, and passed it to Rory who refused to ask him for a signature. He wordlessly took the DVD from her and signed it, handing it back to her.

"I like him" Lorelai said "By the way sorry…I couldn't pass up the opportunity" She said

Logan shrugged "No worries." He said

"So Logan, do you want a tour of this crazy town?" Lorelai asked mischievously

Logan shrugged "What's there to see…" he asked

"Oh…there, well I can't explain it. But Rory's an excellent tour guide. I have to go bye sweets" She shouted before practically running out the door.

Rory groaned, trying not to blush and run after her mom.

"That was a pretty heavy groan" Logan commented

"I'm thinking about disowning her" she said annoyed

Logan grinned "She's your mom. And from what I can tell, she's pretty awesome" he said

Rory nodded "Yeah…but its times like these I wish she were more normal" She exclaimed

Logan laughed and shook his head "Listen, if you don't want to give me that tour, I'll just be on my way" he said

Rory shook her head "You really want a tour?" she asked

Logan shrugged "I have a few hours to kill before I have to be at dinner" he said

"Right this way then" Rory said, jumping off her stool and holding an elbow out for him. Logan smiled and looped an arm through hers.

"Rory that lady you guys call "Ms. Patty" just serenaded me for10 minutes! I didn't know there were songs that long!" He exclaimed annoyed

Rory laughed "I told you there were things to see…these people are psychotic, but they're amazing" she said "If it makes you feel any better, she only does that to the really good ones…usually she just pinches people's asses…its amusing actually" she added, grinning at his horrified face.

Just then Kirk ran out of his house naked screaming something in Latin. Rory looked unfazed "That's Kirk" She stated

"You have a Finn too?" Logan asked immediately

Rory looked confused "Excuse me?" she asked… 'Finn? What the hell was he talking about? What's a Finn?'

"Finn is one of my best friends…he…well let's just say he goes through naked phases" Logan explained

Rory nodded "In that case, yes, we have a Finn" she said

"Listen i had a great time…but I have to go. Thanks for showing me around" Logan said after he checked the time.

Rory nodded and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear "Sure, it was fun. So…have a good dinner" She said awkwardly

Logan chuckled "You seem nervous" He stated

Rory rolled her eyes and crossed her arms defensively in front of her "You mean you don't get pleasure out of people cowering before you?" she said sarcastically

Logan smirked and shook his head "Eh that's more my dads thing" he said

"Alright well…like I said, have a good dinner" She said smiling, holding her hand out for him to shake.

Logan eyed it and raised an eyebrow "What are we 80?" he teased and hugged her in a friendly way.

Rory smiled "Can we do that again…this time with my camera?" she teased

Logan rolled his eyes this time "I'll be seeing you Rory" he said

Rory eyed him confused "What?" she asked but he was already in his car, taking off towards Hartford.

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