Characters and a small description so you can keep track during the story.

Sasuke: Vampire Master

Naruto: Sasuke's 'Pet'

Hinata: One of Sasuke's slaves, Vampire

Itachi: Bought for Naruto, is both Naruto & Sasuke's slave

Gaara: A 'friend' of Sasuke's

Kakashi: Sasuke's Master, he is legendary and very cruel

Yomdaine: Head Vampire, top in the Council

Shodaime: Second on the Council

Nindaime: Third on the Council

Sakura: Adores Sasuke

Chapter 1

Sasuke walked through the crowd not caring to speak with anyone. He searched and took a seat. The auction would begin soon and he only had a few hours before sunrise. His face was pale and held no smile. He scanned the stage as a woman was brought out. She had ropes on her hands but he didn't care much for women. Finally they showed a young boy whose neck was chained to a wall. The chain attached to a metal collar and the chains from his hands and feet. His head was bowed hiding his face from everyone, his blonde hair messy.

He was in line to be sold at the moment, his back carefully hidden from the possible buyers, after all, it wouldn't do for them to find out that the slave they wanted to buy had a shredded back. His loose shirt was ripped everywhere and hung off of him. He sighed quietly, his seller glad that the boy's head was down. It hid the hatred he had in his eyes, it hid the defiance, the unwillingness to be broken.

"This pretty little boy is an exotic, eyes the color of the sea! He's not a virgin, but he's as tight as one, no matter how many times he's taken in a night! He's meant for pleasure and is very good with what he does! His only previous master was myself, as I broke him from the wild state he was in. He's well broken behavior wise, but not in his spirit. He's a wonderful buy, tight as a virgin. Starting the bidding at... $100"

Sasuke sat in a seat looking up at the boy. He grinned. His black hair came down a bit past his eyes and was in his face. He didn't look up as he raised his placard.


He sat back keeping his eyes closed listening. The auctioneer's words echoed in his head. The boy seemed to be fine and could easily put in a better shape.

The seller smirked, "I have two hundred! Anyone for three hundred?!"

Within moments, the price had raised quite a bit, already at five hundred or so. The slender teen was trembling just a little from the stress on his body from the shackles. His pale eyes were aimed at the ground, lightly tugging at the chains. He was anxious, wondering how much he would be sold for. He knew his seller wanted to get at least a thousand.

Sasuke grinned letting the price go up. Being around the mortals excited him. A throbbing in him grew. He could hear their heart beats. He hadn't fed in two days and his body urged for more. He stood lifting his head. "1,100" he called still standing.

There was instant silence around the boy's area. All heads turned towards the man who'd made the price jump so much. Immediately, another man called out, "1,200!"

The slave was trying his best not to look astonished at the hefty price he was apparently going to be pulling in. They wouldn't vote so high if they knew how bad his back was, that he was blind... if they only knew everything, it'd be different.

Sasuke grinned being careful to hide his fangs. "Make the boy stand." he demanded. "1,500" he added. He crossed his arms probing into the boys mind. He pushed into his thoughts watching him to see if he would be able to notice and react.

The man shook his head, "He remains kneeling until he's sold and I give the new owner a key to release him."

After a moment, the bid was up to 1,700. The teen's eyes flickered up briefly, feeling something odd in his head, he wasn't sure what it was, but it gave him a bad headache and a feeling of... being invaded.

Sasuke smiled wider as he probed through the boys memories. He dug into his thoughts. He was able to find out about his back and a little about the blindness but he stopped. "2,500" he said staring.

The man laughed, "alright then, I have it for 2,500!"

No-one raised the bid and he smirked, "SOLD! For 2,500 to the man in the weird jacket. If you come up here and give me the cash, I'll give you the key!" He turned, moving over to the boy on the block. He crouched before him, whispering, "Now, slut, be a good slave for your new master." As he rose, his knee slammed harshly into the boy's torso and there was a snap audible to the thin teen, making him gasp in pain, the boy slumping as much as his bonds would allow.

Sasuke was up quickly as he noticed the man knee the boy. He pulled out the cash counting it carefully. He handed it to the man waiting for the key. "Next time you should beware holding in too much information, it might get the buyers mad" he said pulling the boys shirt up looking at his back as the owner smirked, dropping the key in his hand and walking off, money pocketed. Sasuke didn't say anything but lifted the boys head by his chin. "What's your name?"

The teen grimaced as the shirt was lifted off his torn back. He'd been whipped so much and so badly that in at least one place, bone almost showed through. It was really quite amazing that the boy was still conscious, but he was quite resilient. He bit his lip when his head was tilted up, pale, sightless eyes flickering to meet the others. "Naruto, Master," he responded, voice tight and soft with pain.

Sasuke looked at the boy with surprise. He was well broken in. Of course Sasuke liked to put his slaves in pain but this was a bit much. He had different methods that would at least keep the slave alive. He unlocked the chains and picked the boy up holding him. Naruto gasped in pain as his body was lifted, pain shooting through his slender body. He clutched to the other, obediently.

"Hold still" he said and put part of his jacket over Naruto's head and left the crowd. He quickly and quietly disappeared as he went towards his estate.