Chapter 12

And everything exploded! xD

Sorry, I know I'm probably crushing people's hopes and trust me, I HATE when authors do this (post and A/N when we only want a chapter) BUT it is needed. And I felt like tricking people .

You see, I have been thinking about this fic a LOT. Now, I know everyone loves it and all, but I am appalled by the horrible-ness of the writing. It's... just tragic... Now, yes, I would love to continue but the only way I will do so is if I start over completely and make up to redeem myself. The chapters will be longer, better written, and I may change some things slightly and add stuff in. Now, this will take some time, though my goal is to at least catch up to where it is right now by the end of the summer. It will be in a different story since I'm closing this one, but yes it will be the same story, just rewritten.

What I wish to know from you is, should I post the chapters as I finish them, one by one. OR, you can wait until I get the rewritten chapters all the way up to where it is now and post them all almost at once and let you just reread the entire thing at once since for the most part, the actual story line isn't going to change.

Please review and let me know. I'll be putting up a poll in my profile as well.