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Everything Went Wrong

Chapter 1

The brightly shining sun and the warm summer-like breeze did nothing to cheer up the thick tension that plagued the occupants of the planet. Bulma's eyes nervously shot back and forth between the ruthless Saiyan and her short bald friend, and she couldn't help but shudder in fear. She had just witnessed the cold-blooded Saiyan slaughter some blue skinned man and now he was advancing on them. His dark sinister eyes blazed with a bloodlust that in no way resembled that of a man's. The menacing sneer he wore corrupted his wretched features even further, making him look more like a mindless demon puppet wrought from hell rather then a mere normal mortal.

Her body froze up. She could feel her body trembling as he approached and the fast beating of her meek human heart. Meek, meek enough for that minion of hell to sink his claws into and tear out then crush the soft vital organ in this clutches in front of her face and laugh. Bulma felt a bone-shivering chill spill down her back. Her feet, somehow finding strength to move, slowly inched back as the monster took a predatory step forward. Her dear friend Kuririn, though stronger then she, was no match for the Saiyan. He stood bravely before her, though the shaking of his legs let her know just as well as she, he would be no match should the monster attack.

"I'll ask one last time," His voice, cold and ringing with emptiness, bled in her ears. "Give me the Dragonball."

Kuririn gulped silently. She noticed the beads of sweat gathering and falling in rivulets down his face. His eyes were shaking and he gulped again, most likely his throat constricted and allowed no answer to escape. Her keen, fear induced senses picked up the Saiyan growl. He growled, like some kind of beast. He took another step forward and Bulma took two steps back. Her eyes, disobeying her brain's command, stared mesmerized into the monster's eyes. Her throat tightened and no manner of gulping or licking of dry lips seemed to cure her sudden dry mouth or loosen the tightened invisible ball in her throat.

"I- I won't tell you!" The voice of her dear friend Kuririn, trying so hard to be brave even though he knew all efforts were in vein.

This did not appease the Saiyan and he let loose another one of his menacing growls. The scowl that he wore morphed into something different, something darker for in that split second, he changed from frothing monster to a sadistic mindless killing machine.

"You continue to disappoint me, bald man." The Saiyan's voice also had gotten deeper and more threatening. He paused in his steps, then took a thoughtful look in her direction, sending a tital wave of fear and panic to slam against her visciously.

"If you don't give me what I want, the girl dies."

A flash of light and the razor sharp edge of his voice, and Bulma's heart stopped in her chest. In that second she forgot how to breathe, her vision began to blur white and her head felt light and dizzy. She felt her jaw tremble and didn't know how her legs could still support her shaking body.

Kuririn took a surprised looked behind him and stared wide-eyed at Bulma. Turning back he faced the flame-haired Saiyan. The serious look in his dead eyes let them know he wasn't joking. In his hand was a ball of energy that he held so carelessly you would think it was harmless. And…by gods, if she thought his scowl was wicked, her fear and distress only doubled at the sight of that monster with a sadistic grin on his ugly face.

"Don't hurt her, she's an innocent and has nothing to do with this! Why would you even waste you energy on someone as weak as she?"

If it were at any other place at any other time, Bulma would have scolded Kuririn for insulting her. However, right now Bulma was what too busy shaking in fear even to notice Kuririn speak. If she would have been paying attention, she would have realized Kuririn was trying to persuade the Saiyan from killing her.

"You think I care about some weak little female?" His gruff chuckle, dripping with mockery, boomed loud in her ears making her blood rush harder. But his grin slowly faded and his face twisted into a scowl of disgust.

"Do you take me for some kind of idiot?" He yelled in a sudden dose of anger. "Why else would you have brought such a fickle little girl with you here unless she had a significant purpose?"

He then laughed, "I bet she's the pilot of your primitive Earth vessel, its obvious you don't have the brains to do it …and it would be such a shame to have her die and for you to be stranded here on this miserable rock so far away from home." His sarcasm was thick and his throaty laugh made shivers of dread slither down her back like a cluster of snakes and worms wriggling under her skin.

Kuririn looked back at her, the look of terror written clearly across his blanched face, though she was certain hers did not look much better.

"Time to decide baldy." He advanced again and the impatient tone in his voice dropped on a bigger wave of anxiety.

The thudding of his boots and the humming of his energy ball was all Bulma's mind could process. Her mind was spinning thoughts a thousand paces a second. Her entire life began to pass before her eyes; the time she found the Dragonball in her basement, the first time she met Son-kun, when she first saw Yamcha.

With every crunch of grass under the Saiyan's feet, memories flew across her mind. When Son-kun and the crew first summoned the Eternal Dragon, watching all her friends participate in the martial arts tournament… tears began to form in her eyes …the fight against Piccolo Daimyo…

"Time's up."

Bulma's body locked up. Her breath, already deep and haggard, came out harsher until she began to hyperventilate and finally her lungs seemed to constrict and she could no longer find the strength to intake precious air. The blood pumping through her ears was so loud she could hear nothing else, save her loud drumming heart. Her blue eyes, brimmed and shinning with crystal tears, opened wide as the Saiyan pulled back his hand...

and threw the ball of energy straight at her.