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Your Obedient Servant,

"No Coreen. I am taking the night off. I'm not working, they can wait until tomorrow."

"Then can I have that advance yet?"

"Goodnight." The door clicked shut to Vicki Nelson, PI 'headquarters.' Her cell phone rings. "Vicki Nelson."

"It's Mike. I caught wind of you taking the night off. Take-out at my place?"


"C'mon. Like old times."

"Mike. I appreciate the offer. What happened a few weeks ago, at the clinic... It was for the job." Vicki's voice took on an apologetic tone.

"You sure didn't kiss like it." Oh, no. He was getting defensive. This would end in verbal bloodshed.

"We had to keep up appearances, you know that."

"It went beyond that."

"Not tonight, Mike. I have plans."

"With Henry?" he asked accusingly.

"I am so not doing this."


She hung up the phone. No bickering. That was the first thing on her to-do list for the night.

Vicki sat in the taxi silently, thinking about what exactly had happened with Mike Celluci. Perhaps they did get a little carried away. The PDA may have been a bit exaggerated for a couple five-years married. She could see how wires would have been crossed. She didn't realize the taxi had been sitting in front of the quaint club, waiting for her to pay and leave. The driver even left the meter running. Jerk.

She stepped out, ran her fingers through her hair, straightened her jacket, and then paid the cabby his outrageous price. The second Vicki walked through the doors, she forgot about Mike, the clinic, the tiring day. Then again, it could have been the young, charming man sitting at the bar waiting. They made eye contact just before a very desperate-seeming man placed himself in Vicki's way.

"Excuse me," she said over the soft music as she attempted to push past.

"You can get in my way, I don't mind." The tone of his voice was mock-suave. Oh, lordy. He was trying to pick her up.

"Actually, I'm meeting someone." Vicki didn't even try for apologetic.

"Sure you are. What's your name?" His face was undergoing a series of changes that she assumed were suppose to be attractive.

Henry must have sensed her agitation from the bar, because he was behind Vicki in a flash with his arms around her waist and staring up at the stranger from his resting place on her shoulder.

"I was beginning to think you weren't coming, my love." Henry let his eyes bleed to that vampire black of his as he growled protectively.

"The lady and I were talking. I'm sure she'd appreciate it if you kept your hands off her." Henry's eyes didn't seem to phase the man. Perhaps he assumed they were contacts.

"No," Henry grinned," I'm sure she appreciates it very much." His fingers skimmed up her torso to her neck. Gently, but swiftly, Henry turned her head to face him and he simply attacked her mouth.

Vicki, for once, didn't argue.

They heard the man scoff and stomp away in rejection. Henry didn't pull away. Instead, he spun her around to pull her flush against him. His hands cupped her chin and tilted her head farther upward. A quick, thorough sweep of Vicki's mouth with an expert tongue ended the kiss.

After Henry pulled away, Vicki just stood there, stunned with her eyes still closed and her lips slightly parted.

Henry grinned. "Vicki," he said, trying not to laugh.

She lightly gasped a breath. "Right, drinks." As if nothing happened, she placed herself on a bar stool, her face tingling slightly. When Henry joined her, she turned to him once she'd ordered her martini.

"Thanks," she said casually. "I don't think he'll be coming back to me. I think you damaged his ego too much."

Henry laughed slightly. "I didn't do it alone. In fact, I'm pretty sure you did at least half the work."

"No, I just went along, and why can't we ever go to my bar? They make my drinks right." Vicki pushed her glass toward Henry and he passed his hand over it, satisfying the PI at his side.

"Don't change the subject. You kissed me right back." He sipped his own martini as he smiled at Vicki's argument.

"Wha-- no, I-- psh. Well, we had as appearance to keep up." Why did that sound familiar?

Henry laughed outright. "That's what you told Celluci about the case with the clinic, I'm sure. But that," he pointed to where they'd been standing, "that was not keeping appearances. You enjoyed that." The vampire donned an all-knowing and cocky grin. He sure was cheeky tonight. It was no use lying to him about how the kiss had made her feel. He was 400+ years old, he could sense it, smell it.

"Fine, I won't lie. It's useless to lie to you anyways." Vicki took the rest of her alcohol in one swig.

"It was nice to see you, Vicki. I can tell you're upset and I have a deadline." Henry paid for their drinks and left.

Vicki sighed. Why did the men in her life always get so touchy?

Henry looked up from his easel at the knock on his apartment door. Carefully, he opened it to find Vicki staring him down. He took the pencil from his mouth to slide it behind his ear. "Vicki?"

"Listen," she said with a solid voice, "we need to talk.

"Whatever about?"

Vicki didn't say a word. She stepped up to him and shoved her mouth to his.

Taken in the moment, Henry did the noble thing and kissed right back. Well, maybe that wasn't noble per se, but it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Simultaneously, they took the kiss a notch up with hungry force as Vicki pushed her was in and kicked the door shut. Henry shoved her against the wood of the door when Vicki's hands went through the vampire's hair to somehow pull his head closer to hers. After a moment, however, Vicki, at least, needed to come up for air.

"I thought you needed to talk to me," Henry said somewhat breathlessly.

"I am talking," Vicki smirked.

"You're bleeding." Henry gently wiped his finger across her bottom lip, coming away smeared red. "I apologize."

"Why are you just staring at it?"

Henry sucked on the tip of his finger and his eyes bled dark. With a new vigor, Henry carefully devoured and licked at Vicki's mouth. She tasted sweet and intoxicating. She'd had another apple martini before she'd come over.

"What time is it?" Vicki breathed against Henry's eager lips.

"About 1:30." His breath whispered down her neck just before he kissed her jaw line. "There's plenty of time."

"Y-y-you're deadline." Her voice was breathy, whimpery as his lips made their way down her neck, stopping hesitantly at the pulse-point.

To counter Vicki's growing nerves and tension, Henry slid his hand to her jeans and slowly teased her skin before he unbuttoned them. He slipped the zipper open and shoved his palm down to cup her. Vicki sucked in a harsh breath and tensed. Meanwhile, Henry's lips and mouth drew her pulse between his teeth, but resisted the urge to tear it from her throat.

As his index finger made a brush past her clit, Henry drew back to watch Vicki's face. Her eyes were closed and her head arched off the door. She was biting her bottom lip harshly and trying not to scream. Vicki opened her eyes to see his black orbs asking permission.

"Just don't take too much," she squeezed out, forcing her voice box to function properly.

That was all he wanted, all he needed. Silently, he walked Vicki to his bedroom, closing the red-draped French doors behind them. Impulsively, he removed Vicki's jeans as she peeled herself from her top. Next came Henry's clothing, but far quicker. In the blink of an eye, Vicki found herself pressed to the satin sheets of Henry Fitzroy's unbelievably comfortable bed with his unbelievable body pinning her. She could feel him pressed against her stomach. Was she really about to do this? Was Vicki Nelson, Private Investigator about to complicate her life by sleeping with and furthering her relationship with a vampire? Yes. Yes she was.

Henry positioned himself to enter and pushed up onto his arms. He looked down at the blonde and smiled stupidly. Then he tilted his head toward the hollow of her throat. At exactly the same moment, he licked up her neck and drew the tip of his penis against her clit. The reaction was perfect, with her shuddering, writhing, and moaning all at once.

"My Vicki. My love," he whispered in her ear split seconds before he shoved his hips forward. The moment he felt her, Henry's teeth pierced cleanly through the skin at the hollow of Vicki's neck. Blood rushed into his mouth in a sudden, hot stream. So sweet. So warm. So perfect.

His hips kept working, steadily climbing to a quick, hard pace. Moving, moving, moving. So soon, he felt Vicki tense. He pumped into her until her body sucked him in with the onset of orgasm.

Vicki's nails found the clean flesh of Henry's back and soiled it as she bit his shoulder to keep from screaming out. A primal growl ripped itself from Henry when he felt her teeth break skin. He pulled from her neck so that he could get out of Vicki's reach. They rode out orgasm together until there was nothing left.

Henry fought from falling on top of Vicki and instead rolled to her side.

"Tell me you didn't taste blood," he panted.

"I...I...uhm...no," she replied incoherently. "Did you?"

Henry licked her seeping wound and smiled lazily. "You taste delicious."

Vicki smiled and rolled over to his open arms. With her head on his chest, she listened to his impossibly slow heartbeat.

"I thought your heart didn't beat?" she mumbled into his sweat-slicked chest.

"It does for you."

"Now to tell everyone I gave into you, finally."

"Let's sleep first. Wait until tomorrow night at least."

For the first, and definitely not the last, time Vicki slept with a man wrapped and entangled with her. Even if he isn't quite alive.