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Bellas POV: Chapter 1

I trudged down the steps of the plane, the light drizzle soaking my hair and clothes but I couldn't feel the cold, only the warm. I could never feel cold or pain. My skin was pale, flawless, and icy cold, I didn't even have to brush my hair because it was so perfect. My eyes were a light brown, almost butterscotch color but darker. My hearing and sight were a lot better than most and I could probably be a genius if I wanted to be. For these reasons everyone in Phoenix hated me, hence me moving to Forks with my dad.

"Bella!" Charlie exclaimed. He walked up to me and shook my hand seeing as neither of us are big for huge reunions or lots of emotions.

"Hey dad," I said, smiling at him.

"Jeeze Bells, you're so cold! Come on, let's get you in the car." I wasn't surprised at this. Mom was used to my skin feeling cold all the time. As she was with me never getting sick or being hungry or sleepy.

Charlie attempted to grab my suit cases but soon gave up the effort with a sigh. I surpressed a laugh and picked my things up, making his eyes grow wide. "Well Bells, you've been working out!" He joked.

"Yea dad and it looks like you need to," I retorted. We both smiled and walked to the rusty red truck he had gotten me a while back for my birthday so I would have something to drive while I was here.

"Home sweet home," I whispered, staring out at the scenery of the only place I'd ever been accepted by the other kids. Well, almost accepted.

"Bella, wake up! It's your first day of high school!" Charlie called from down stairs. I moaned and stood up, falling over as my feet got tangled in my bed sheets. That's just like me, clumsy Bella falling all over the place.

I walked over to my closet and pulled out a simple blue sweater and a pair of dark wash jeans. I slipped on my tennis shoes and walked downstairs slowly so I wouldn't trip and break my ankle. Heading into the kitchen I saw Charlie making eggs on toast, just about the only thing he could cook decently.

"Smells great dad," I commented and he smiled, handing me a plate of the toast and eggs. I dug in gratefully, eating it all swiftly and grabbing my coat, keys, and backpack. "See ya' Bells!" Charlie yelled after me. "Bye dad!"

I hopped in my truck and drove to school, parking in the student parking lot and making my way to the office building.

"Hi," I said to the stubby lady behind the desk, "I'm Isabella Swan." She had curly red hair and black, square framed glasses which she pushed up her nose as she said, "Here's your schedule. You're first class is in building C."

I nodded and walked out of the building, ignoring the voices of gossiping receptionists as they inquired about 'Chief Swans Daughter.'

Walking back out into the rain I found building C. My first class was literacy with Mr. Doham. I gave him my little slip of paper for him to sign and he nodded to a seat next to some boy with greasy blonde hair.

"Hi! I'm Mike," the boy said as I sat down. "Bella," I replied with a small smile.

"Oh I know who you are, you're police chief Swans daughter right?"

I nodded my head and looked towards the front of the class. I already knew I was going to hate school here, just like I did in Phoenix. It wasn't because of all the kids hating me, no I could deal with that. It was because I knew all the material already. Whenever a teacher showed me something new I got it immediately, making me able to finish work quickly and have a bunch of time to spare. Time to think. And when I think I think about my life and how different I am.

I copied down the notes on the board and pulled out my book Wuthering Heights. I had already read it about a million times but I had nothing else on hand at the moment so it would have to do. I read for the rest of class seeing as it took a full hour for everyone else to copy down their notes. Once the bell rang though I stood up slowly, gathering my things and being careful so I wouldn't trip. I wasn't as clumsy as I used to be, and it got better everyday, but I'm still a klutz.

I walked out into the hall and out the building door. Next was biology and then lunch. I walked into biology class and got my slip signed by Mr. Englert. "Class," he announced when I walked up to him. I groaned and mentally kicked myself for not waiting until the end of class. "This is Isabella Swan. She's transferred from Phoenix," he stated. I looked down at the floor and went to sit in the seat he indicated. So far no one was sitting beside me and I hoped it would stay that way.

Knowing my luck it wouldn't. A tall boy with pale skin and bronze hair walked through the door. He looked straight at me and smiled, making me positive that if I could I would have blushed. But thankfully I haven't been able to blush since 6th grade.

I let my hair fall over my shoulder when the boy sat down, shielding my face from him and anyone near him. "Hi," I heard him say. I reluctantly brushed my hair back and returned his smile with a small, shy one. "I'm Edward Cullen. You must be Bella."

I nodded and his face fell for a second but he soon perked up, or so it seemed. I looked towards the board and saw that we were going to be dissecting a perfect flower today, and apparently the person next to us was our partner.

Mr. Englert passed out the flowers and the utensils and me and Edward got to work. Every once and awhile he would ask about me, like my age and how I liked Phoenix and my mom but other than that it was relatively quiet. It wasn't awkward or anything, more of a comfortable silence. When people are around me they don't need to talk.

Finally the bell rang and I grabbed my stuff, rushing out of class as fast as I could without tripping over something (or even my own 2 feet). I stuffed my things in my locker and headed towards the cafeteria. I bought my lunch quickly and scanned the area for a place to sit, but not stopping my slow walk at all so I wouldn't stand out. That was the last thing I wanted, to stand out. Sadly that could never be accomplished.

Finally I made up my mind and decided to eat outside on the benches I saw under the protection of the roof to keep from getting wet. I always liked the sound and smell of rain, it was calming, which is just what I needed on this nerve wracking day.

As I was walking towards the door I heard someone say my name with my oddly strong hearing. My head snapped up and I looked towards the direction where I had heard my name, my gaze zeroing in on a table with 5 kids sitting at it, all with pale skin and butterscotch eyes. My eyes locked with Edwards and he looked slightly startled but I brushed it off, walking out side and sitting down on the bench as I was planning on doing.

The rest of the day was a blur. I had met a couple kids but the only ones I could remember are Angela, Mike, Jessica, Ben, Lauren, and Edward. All of them had seemed nice enough (except Lauren). But Mike had a crush on me and it was getting annoying. I could hold my own books thank you very much.

I drove home and started to cook dinner, leaving it out for Charlie when he got home. There was no home work today so I basically went up and went straight to bed. I was wiped.