Title: White Knight?

Author: Cobra

Rating: T/M

Summary: What if Angelus had called Xanders bluff in the hospital?

Disclaimer: I Own nothing of BTVS.

A/N: I was sitting here reading fic, and trying to write a new chapter of JOH when all of a sudden a bunny jumped on my back and started beating me over the head. For now, just a one shot. But it could turn into more once JOH is finished.

"If I wanted to go in there, do you think for one second you could stop me?", Angelus asked with a smirk on his face. He could smell the fear radiating off the boy in front of him. He had no doubt that the young man would back down.

"Maybe not," Xander said as he swallowed the lump in his throat. "And maybe the cops over there couldn't either, or the orderlies. But, I'm ready to find out."

"Buffy's white knight," Angel said as he gripped the flowers tighter in his right hand. "It must kill you that I got there first.

Xander stepped forward, fear forgotten for a moment as pure rage took it's place. "You're going to die. And I'm going to be there."

Angelus growled low in his throat as the boy stepped up to him. The master vampires anger quickly rose as he slammed the flowers into the young mans chest and with a roar swung a clumsy right hook toward the young mans head. He was shocked when Xander didn't fall back. Xander Harris roared in anger, hoping to gain the attention of the orderlies and guards in the hospital. He jumped forward as quickly as he could, knowing that he couldn't jump out of the vampires reach due to the door behind him. His weight took Angelus by surprise and they both fell to the floor. As the two rolled across the floor Xander used Angelus' weight against him, continually hitting the vampire with a hard fist. Angelus for his part was largely unaffected by the blows. He had taken much harder, but he was impressed that the boy was actually hurting him somewhat. The closest guard yelled for them to stop as they both jumped to their feet.

"I'm going to rip out your heart!" Angelus screamed as he jumped forward. Xander acted on instinct, he quickly fell to the floor. Angelus flew over the young man and slammed into the wall of the corridor, he turned with a snarl of anger, only for his face to change into surprise.

Xander swung the wooden chair as hard as he could. And was surprised when the chair didn't break like he always saw in movies. The young man didn't let his shock slow him down though as he continued to slam the chair into the still stunned Angelus., "Leave my friends alone you bastard!" He screamed as he pulled the chair back for another swing. As he moved his upper body forward Angelus pulled his arm up, catching the leg of the chair in his hand. The force of his grip causing the leg to crack and break. He ripped the chair from Xanders' grasp and quickly moved toward the young man. Xander never saw the punch to his chest, but he did feel it. He landed on the ground but did his best to roll with the blow. He finally stopped when his back hit the opposite wall of the corridor.

"Time to die boy.", Angelus said as he used the sleeve of his dark jacket to wipe the blood from his brow. As Angelus moved forward Xander slammed out with both legs. Twin pops echoed through the hallway as his feet connected with the vampires knees. Angelus fell back, his balance lost for the moment, Xander took the time to slid across the tiled floor and grab the chair leg Angelus had broken only seconds before. He stood quickly and jumped toward Angelus. No emotion on his face, nothing in his eyes. Anglus turned at the last possible moment, the stake drove itself into his back on the opposite side of the heart. The vampire screamed in pain and spun quickly, his right hand slammed into the side of Xander's head. A glancing blow that left the young man seeing stars. Xander lay there on the tile, blood seeping from his his head he left arm at a slightly odd angle., "That hurt!" Angelus screamed as he tried to pull the wood from his back. The sound of running footsteps filled the hospital as the backup the guards had called for finally arrived. "Another time Harris." Angelus said with a snarl as he turned and fled from the scene. His right leg dragging slightly.

Xander groaned as he rolled onto his back. He hissed in pain as he tried to move his left arm., "I hate that bloodsucker."

"What the hell happened?", A large man asked as he took a knee beside Xander.

"Not sure," Xander said after a moment., "Must have been a gang member, probably on PCP."

"Wow, glad he's gone.", The guard said, his face loosing all color., "Come on kid, we need to get you checked out."

"Good idea. Names Xander."

"Charles, but everyone calls me Chuck."

"Well Chuck, it's been one hell of a night.", Xander said as he stood, he swayed slightly and Chuck reached out quickly to help him stay upright.

"Come on kid. Let's go see a doctor."

"Lead the way."


Xander sat in the chair with a wince. His left arm in a sling due to a dislocated shoulder. His head wrapped with gauze due to the seven stitches in his scalp.

"What the hell happened to you?", Cordelia screeched as she walked into view. A box of doughnuts in her hands. Chuck, the newly appointed guard of Buffy's room opened his mouth to answer only to see the glare coming from his new friend. A glare that said in pretty simple terms to keep what happened earlier to himself.

"Nothing big," Xander said with a slightly embarrassed smile. "I was heading down the stairs to the cafeteria and had a little slip."

"You klutz.", Cordelia said as he put her hand on his chin and surveyed the damage.

"Thats me."

"Are you going to be okay?", Cordelia asked, the caring evident in her tone.

"Yeah," Xander started, a genuine smile on his face., "I think so."