Title: White Knight?

Author: Cobra

Summary: What if Angelus called Xander's bluff in the Hospital?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

A/N: Due to the reviews, i've decided to expand the original one shot. Keep reviewing.

Chapter Five.

Xander Harris smiled as he walked from the library. Night had fallen, but the young man had long ago learned that the less frightened you looked, the less tasty you looked.

"Hey whelp.", A voice said from the darkness. Xander smirked to himself slighly.

"Ya know Spike, for not wanting to be found out you sure do hang around a lot."

"I made sure to dust the two trailin' ya droops.", Spike said as he lit a cig and smiled slightly.

"I meant that Buff usually likes to trail me home. You're just lucky there's some freaky demonic cult cutting people up out there."

"Yeah, the Drakens. Mean bastards them.", Spike said with a slight smile. "Decapitation, dismemberment. Those blokes can be the life of the party let me tell ya."

"You know how many are in the Dale?"

"Three, showed up about two nights ago. I been askin around, figured you and the white hats might want ta know bout em."

"How tough are these guys?", Xander asked as they walked behind his house into his shop.

"Bout like you bloody humans. Maybe a little faster and stronger."

"You up for a little search and destroy mission overbite?", Xander asked as he opened the door of his shop and walked inside.

"Why not. I could do for a spot of violence."


Xander pulled the binoculars from his eyes with a slight smile.

"Only three exits, but I've only seen one of them used."

"Why are we doin this bloody watchin droops? Let's jus go in and kill somethin."

"I'm not nearly as invulnerable as you Overbite. I need to be a little more careful than "kick in the door and kill stuff."

"This is bloody boring. These things are lightweights droopy. You could kill them with a spork."

"A spork?"

"Yeah, ya know half spoon half fork. A spork."

"You are a very strange vampire, you know that right?"

"How would you know droops? You know many vampires?"

"More than I'd like actually.", Xander said as he watched the third demon enter the warehouse., "That's number three. Let's get going."


"We'll finish this interesting Spork conversation later.", Xander said in a sarcastic voice.

"The history is actually..."

"Shut up Spike."


The duo reached the door a smile on Spikes face, and a tight lipped frown of concentration on Xanders.

"So what's the plan droopy?"

"You kick in the door and we kill somethings."

"That's a plan I can get behind.", The vampire said with a smile as Xander squirmed slightly in his long dark trench coat., "You don't like the coat."

"I don't like looking like a vampire."

"I take offense to that."

"Good for you.", Xander answered with a smile as he pulled a short mossberg pump 12 gauge from under the long coat., "Kick in the door already."

"Kick in the door already.", Spike mocked in a high voice. Xander sighed and rolled his eyes at the vampires antics before he motioned toward the door with his head., "Fine." Spike said with a hard tone as he lashed out with a hard right leg. The door flew open with a loud bang and Xander jumped through before it had a chance to swing back on its hinges. Spike walked through the open door slowly a smirk on his face. "Knock knock."

"William The Bloody?," One of the grey demons asked as it stepped forward, almost human looking except for it's tough outter skin and the bones protruding from its elbows and knees., "What is the meaning..." The gunshot echoed through the mostly empty warehouse like a thunder clap. As the lead demon fell the two remaining turned and looked at the human.

"You gonna say something cool or not droopy?"

"I got nothin.", Xander said with a mock sigh as he racked the slide of the shotgun and smiled. "Whose next?" The demon screamed in anger and rushed the two men with near inhuman speed, Xander barely had time to pull the trigger of the shotgun killing one before it was on top of him. Spike quickly sidestepped the last before reaching out and kicking it in the side of the knee. As the demon went down Spike quickly broke it neck.

"What'd I tell ya Droops. Easy.", Spike said with a smile as he kicked the dead body of the demon. Xander couldn't help but smile and shake his head before he quickly jumped and slammed bodily into Spike. The duo tumbled across the floor of the warehouse for a moment before coming to a stop with Spike in a daze. Xander jumped to his feet and brought up his shotgun, firing once. Spike looked up quickly, shocked at the sight of one more demon falling to the ground where he had been standing moments before., "I smell blood droops."

"He got my leg.", Xander answered with a shrug., "Let's get out of here."

"Droops, did you just...?", Spike asked in shock as he stood from the dusty floor of the warehouse.

"Don't look into it to much Overbite.", Xander said through clenched teeth as he walked out the exit. Spike looked back at the body of the demon for a moment before he shrugged and followed.


Xander limped into his first period class with a tight frown. He had skipped the morning scooby meeting, not wanting the group to notice his limp. He just didn't feel up to lying.

"What happened to you?", Cordelia asked in a controlled tone. One Xander knew held some amount of caring.

"Fell off my skateboard.", Xander said quickly. Cordelia sighed as she helped him sit down at his desk and than sat beside him.

"You want to try telling me the truth now? You haven't been on a skateboard for almost a year."

"Cordy, you wouldn't believe me. And if you did, you'd only yell at me.", Xander answered tiredly. His voice strained. His leg hurt like hell, and he didn't have the best stitching ability.

"You can either tell me, or tell the others.", Cordelia said with a hard tone., "I'm your girlfriend Xander. You should be able to tell me anything."

"Meet me at the usual place at lunch.", Xander answered with a slight smile., "You know, I love that about you."

"What's that?", Cordelia asked with a bright smile.

"Your stubbornness."

"I'll take that as a compliment."


"Are you crazy or just suicidal?" Cordelia asked in a hushed scream as she stared in shock at her boyfriend.

"He's going to come after me Cordy. What am I supposed to do?"

"Tell Buffy Duh."

"Don't you think she has enough to worry about? I can handle this."

"Damn it Xander."

"Cordy, after what happened at the hospital Angelus is not going to let go. He will come after me, and if I'm not around he'll go through you guys to get me."

"But, Xander it's dangerous."

"So is walking across the street. Cordy please, just trust me."

"So all this time you've been blowing me off so you could what protect me?"

"Sounds kinda stupid when you say it.", Xander said with a lopsided smile as he looked toward the floor.

"It is you nerd.", Cordy said with a venom filled tone before she stepped up to him., "But it's also kind of sweet."

"I just think, until this is over you would be safer if you weren't close."

"I think that's my decision."

"Yeah, I guess it is.", Xander answered as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"I'll let you off your leash Xander. Just until this is over okay."

"I don't deserve you Cordelia Chase."

"I know."