Moody's Point in Baby Moody, Epilogue

(This part takes place six months after Moody has been babyfied, which means she's now back to her normal teenage self. When Moody is talking on the phone, you'll notice that I put in a last name for Sternum. I don't actually know his last name so I just made one up.)

(CAPTION: 2 Months Later)

(We go in Moody's bedroom)

Moody: (Talking on the Phone) Hi, is this Sternum Rice? It's me, Moody. I just finally came back to my normal teenage self after having to be babyfied. And to celebrate, I will now serenade you with a song. (Sings her rendition of "Where The Boys Are" by Connie Francis) Where the boys are… Sternum waits for me… (Stops singing and looks shocked, but then…) Okay, daddy, knock it off with the remote. Dad? (Looks and sees that her dad isn't there) What happened?

(Now to Sternum's house)

Sternum: What was that garbage?

Guy who looks like Sternum, who is his brother: What wasn't that garbage?