Nara Shikamaru doesn't really think about life or living it too much until his is suddenly gone, riding into some godforsaken sunset, and all he's left with is an empty sky and shadow. Now he's aware that life is something like the wind, and he can never have it again.

He knew it would leave him, of course; he knows better than most, how decisions can create patterns and how those patterns shape decisions. He couldn't see it or feel it, but he somewhat absently knew it was there, making things move and live. But before he knew it, it had whisked itself away, like the wind that pushes clouds out of the sky. It had blown right past him, and he was left no trail to follow. The clouds had been pushed away, and his life was suddenly gone.

Once in awhile, looking up at his unforgivably still sky, he wonders about life. He wasn't sure if his was worth much, or if he did any good to anyone or anything throughout it. But he still misses it, because staring at the same sky all the time gets rather boring.

Deem not life a thing of consequence. (Marcus Aurelius Antoninus)