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Chapter 1:

Rummy ran is hand over his tight, blonde, cornrows. His eyes usually firm, intense, even behind the professional looking glasses, were nervous. A profound fear was rising from his crotch to his stomach and making its way up to his throat. He looked down at Ed, his short red hair damp with sweat, his eyes shut, his breathing light and deep as he slept. Rummy wiped the sweat from Ed's forehead the kissed it softly, and Ed reacted by rolling onto his side. His hips now between Rummy's legs, as if allowing Rummy passage into him again. The blonde smiled and eased himself off of the other man and laid down to face him. His own back to the wall, Ed's back to the door.

This little affair had been going on for about two months. It wan't exactly an affair, but it wasn't a relationship either. By day, they were homies, and by night they were lovers. Ed always on bottom, and Rummy always on top. He'd coaxed Ed into it one night, not entirley on purpose, but it happened. Ed so willingly gave himself to Rummy. Rummy had taken him quickly, the first person Ed ever slept with, though he would deny it in the company of other. Hell, he denied everything between him and Rummy, to everyone, and anyone. They were just homies. Just friends.

Rummy knew, secretly, Ed hated it. Hated keeping it a secret, wishing to just admit he loved him to the world. He hadn't openly admitted it. He'd only sort of hinted at it. But Rummy knew the truth. He could see thrugh Ed's words, and swears, and his outrageous slang. Honestly, if Ed were not a Wuncler, Rummy would never have agreed to this little charade! But, Ed's family was cruel, they wouldn't understand.

Love.. it wasn't anything to the Wuncler's. To them if you couldn't sell it, hold and manufacture it, make profits off of it, then it wasn't real. The person's feelings were obsolete. They would set-up marriages, hook people up, lie and do anything to form powerful marriages. Love was always overlooked. Always pushed aside. Always. And, just imagine, Edtelling his randfather he loved Rummy! Another man. No, they couldn't.

So it was a secret.

Ed stirred, moving his head to lay on Rummy's pillow, "Mmmgh." he muttered sleepily, turning his head once and then again. His nose hit against Rummy's and he opened his eyes to look at the other. Emerald locked with saphire, the stare-down lasted a few seconds and Ed bliked first, curling up closer to Rummy, his head tucking under the others chin. Shutting his eyes and pulling the blanket around them, Ed settled down to go back to sleep.

"I love you, Gin." Ed mumbled sotly,

"Yeah, you too, Ed." Rummy replied, his hands coming around Ed's waist and pulling him closer. He tilted his head to kiss Ed's lips softly, Ed didn't resist. He never did.

-. . -..- -

"Wha's so bad 'bout Ed and Rummy bein' m'friends?"

Huey looked at his little brother. The little thug blinked innocently at him. The older Freeman brother rolled his eyes in response, the real question was: what wasn't so bad about it?! Ed and Rummy were petty criminals, wanna be gangsta's, losers. It angered him that his brother was so intent to talk to them, hang out with them, play with them. If faking bank robbries, and filling a mini-mart with hot brass, and just plain acting like fools, could be called playing.

"Riley, you know those two are idiotic." he said firmly

"So what if they idiots? They fun, Huey!" Riley said stubbornly

"Fine! Go get arrested and thrown in jail, yo' black Riley, they ain't gonna look kindly at you" Huey said, hoping the cold-realization of reality would wake his little brother from his little fantasy of the thug life being so glamorous

Riley rolled his eyes, "Huey, you paranoid."

Huey turned away from him, "Then jus' go play Riley." he said, entering the living room, "I see ya'll later."

"You don' wanna come, Huey?"

"'Course I don', dumbass!" Huey snapped

"Whatevah nigga" Riley repelied grabbing his coat and heading towards the front door, "Gran'dad I'm goin' t'Ed's house!" he shouted

"Be back by supper!" came the reply from the kitchen

"Okay! Bye Gran'dad." he glared at Huey, "and da' hater"

Huey sank down onto the couch. He didn't care. His hands fisted one another and he stared at the ground, at his shoes. Riley could handle himself! If they were back home he may have gone with him, but not here. Of all places! In Woodcrest, he was sure, Riley didn't need any protection. Especially not if he was going to Ed's house. It was just, he was nervous. What if they robbed a place and somebody didn't just let it slip by because they thought they were harmless? What if Riley was arrested too? The corrupt legal system would go harder on him just becaue he was black! Ed and Rummy wouldn't try to help him out, realistically, and if they did no one would take them seriously. No one ever did, those two were too stupid. His little brother was in danger!

"Alrigh' thats goin' far." he mumbled grabbing his coat, "Gran'dad I'm goin' wit' Riley!"

"Make sure he doesn't get arrested!" Graddad shouted to him

Huey smirked. At least he wasn't the only one worrying. He threw the door open and ran after Riley, if he was the only one keeping is brother from the injustice of the law then that was fine. They had to look out for one another. He caught up with him about four minutes from Ed's house, they really didn't live that far from the Wuncler mansion. Uncle Rukus was outside the mansion, at the gate, in the booth for security.

"Aw naw!" he said his one eye bulging open wider when he saw them "We're under attack! Someone call the police! We gots poor-lookin' niggas approachin'!"

"Shut yo' mouth nigga!" Riley snapped, "Yo' know I'm friends wit' Ed. Lemme in."

Rukus grumbled angirly, "Right boy, just watch yo' step in the Wuncler's house." he pressed a button and the door swung open and the boys entered, beginning the walk up the long driveway.

The front door was opened by a butler, whom didn't say a word to them, stuck his nose in the air and lead them all the way through the house. They looked in the living room, Ed and Rummy weren't there. They checked out by the pool, nothing. They checked the balcony on the third floor and then went to the second floor and finally knocked on the door to Ed's room. For a while there was no actual, verbal, reply. Just muffled whispers, and the sound of cloth rubbing togehter, and a thud every now and then. The butler knocked again, the sounds got faster, more frantic. He knocked a third time, then came Ed's voice.

"Can't ya' wait five-fuckin-seconds?!" he screamed, his voice higher than usual, "Damn, man!"

"Sorry sir" the butler replied "But, the Masters Freeman are here to see you."

"Well christ, man! Hold the fuck on!"

The butler sighed and looked at them, "You can wait here for him, if you'd like. I have other duties to attend to."

"Tha's cool" Huey and Riley responded at once and the butler scampered off. Once he was out of sight, and ear-shot, Riley and Huey pressed their ears to the door to listen. What could Ed and Rummy possibly have been doing? Without the butler there the two could get as close to the door as the pleased, they were just able to make out the words spoken. Unfortunatley who was saying it was indistinguishable on account of the thick door seperating them.

"Shit, man, we almos' got caught!" was an exasperated gasp

"I know. I know." came the hurried reply

"Told ya it was dangerous t'do in the day time!"

"I know. I know."

"When will ya' decide t'listen to me, man?!"

"I'm sorry!"

"Jus' listen from now on. Damn. Is that so hard?!"

a long silence, then, "...no..."

"Aw now, don' be like that."

"Whatevah, nigga."

"Aw, you're sulking!"

"I am not! Hey! Ah!"

There was a long silence, muffled noises neither of the brothers could make out. They looked at one another. Riley seemed confused, he thought the two were just a bit too friendly to only be friends, but, were they really gay? Was his random comment correct after all? Huey was sure they were. There was no way the two could speak like that to one another and not be involved. The voices picked up again, and the two boys leaned back in to hear.

"Gin?" It was Ed, Rummy wouldn't randomly say his name,

"What?" came Rummy's reply

"Yo' think I shoul' get th'door?"

"Aw shit!!"

There was a loud thud. Muffled laughter and curses. Riley and Huey backed up and the door swung open, the brothers pretended to be in conversation. Ed stood in the door way, fully clothed, to Huey's surprised. Rummy was in the back fiddling with a large gun, pretending to clean it.

"Sorry 'bout dat!" Ed said moving to let them in, "We had t'hide m'porn!"

"Cut the shit nigga."Huey said sitting down on the bed, then getting back up when he reconsidered what had taken place on the bed before

"What you mean?" Rummy asked, his eyes opening wide as he looked at the brothers

"Nigga, you gay," Riley said and burst into giggles

Ed blushed a deep crimson and looked at Rummy. They both burst into excuses. None very convincing. Huey surveyed the room, how odd it was that he'd missed the signs. They seemed so obvious now. The lack of posters with nude, or scantly dressed women in them. The shameless hugging. Riley was prodding the bed with his index finger, smirking and giggling and then pulling his hand back like he'd burnt himself.

"Guys!" Huey shouted stopping the other two's shouts and Riley's laughing, once it was quiet he said: "Its no big deal. A lot of famous people 're gay."

"Ccept you ain't famous!" Riley jeered

Ed plopped down on the bed then looked at Rummy. That was it. They were caught. Found out by two little kids. Ed wasn't sure why he wasn't happy, he didn't understand why he wanted to cry and beat the shit out of them. In a way the secret had been the best, but it had also killed him. Now their relationship was known, but only by two people. That couldn't endanger them. Yet, he feared it would.

No. He knew it would. Some how his grandfather would find out and he would be screwed. And not the way he liked either.