Sokka didn't knew what to do. The memories of that night, that lovers night, were so grand. He was just without words, really he was without breath. Aang was so cute, and was his lover. He was so unselfish, he just thought the best for him, rather than just looking for himself, as normal boys do usually.

That made him feel with joy, and strangely with pride. His internal ego was higher, because in this days, Aang made him feel more important than nobody else in the planet. It was such a wonderfull sensation. It really was.


Aang was a confused bunch of thoughts. He felt really weird. Being gay in such a sexist world wasn't going to be easy. But really his social life problems was not the factor of his upset. He just felt different. Every time he went to the toilet, his hole wasn't the same. It was… "unvirgin". Being a twelve year old, was not a comfortable job. But adding the gay factor, the gay boyfriend, and the gay sex! He really enjoyed being himself, so, what was the problem???!

Having sex with another guy wasn't really something that made him upset, especially coming from his lover. He actually liked being part from him. Giving his anal virginity was something sublime. It was nothing he would be shame about. He even liked the feeling of not been a virgin anymore. He felt free….. But, he felt confused, he felt scared, that all was just a dream.

That is it! He was afraid that this would just be a nice dream, that was going to an end. There was really no good reason for this feeling, but the boy was so young. Aang was thinking in telling something to Sokka, but he was afraid he didn't had a good response to all this.


The fire nation city of Dalio was a beautiful place. But not as Aang. While the invasion day was approaching, hiding a while in this place was really a good idea. Infiltrating the Fir Nation once again was not easy, especially with Aang's hair shaved. That's why the white lotus guild was so useful. Hiding in a rich fire nation ranch, Aang would be noticed never. The ranch was huge, acres, many acres of forest, farm, and many houses near the lake. All of the houses belonging to the rich man, wich never visited them, but where good decoration. He was rich after all, he could do as much houses as he wanted!

Sokka asked for one of the houses, while Zuko, Katara and Toph stayed in other house really far away. Sokka said he needed to discuss in privacy the invasion plan with Aang. Everyone was fine with this, and not even suspected a thing. All was going evenly.


The night in the lake house was beautiful. The moonlight constantly reflected on the water penetrating the crystal windows of the house. A few blue flame lights just gave a soft touch to the inside of the house. Of course this was Sokka's idea, to create the correct mood to the environment. Just delightful.

Aang and Sokka were having dinner beside a window, in a very fancy table. Each of them was in front of the other one. Though the night was incredibly perfect for a good loving night (the dinner just was for starting on the fire), eating in tables that was as tall as a bonsai, and sitting on the floor was so uncomfortable. Sokka missed Water Tribe's furniture.

At first everything was really quiet. But while Aang was eating his noodles, Sokka constantly stared at him, but when Aang turned to see him, Sokka fastly returned to his food. It was like a chids game. Sokka just loved been childish.

Sokka was going to do the same thing, but this time Aang was faster. Both eyes met.

-Sokka!- yelled Aang to the older boy, apparently mad.

-What boy? Can't you see I'm eating? -he just followed the game.

-"What boy?", hey dude I'm not the one that is sneaking at you when you're eating!

-Oh really, so why are you always spying me when I am having a bath?!

-What the heck are you talking about "boy"??- This last word Aang repeated it trying to imitate Sokka's voice. (Really sarcastic, you know) –Well, well….no, why would I do that? Either way you're always covering yourself so no one can see some….

Aang cover his mouth in a mili-second.

-Aja!- exclaimed Sokka pointing at Aang. –The traitor confesses, "the enemy will be vanished from our village."

-Hey! I never confesed anything!

-Yes you did! How else could you have known I always cover?? Ah ah.

-No, I didn´t mean that, I just, said, we, well…. –Aang was speechless and his now red cheeks speaked for him. Poor little thing. How frustrating was that Sokka always win! And know came his "you know you're lying face".

-Ok –admitted Aang. –I watch you naked.

Sokka smiled with victory.

-You know I hate you in this moment right?- Aang was hiding his face with the food sticks, but it was useless. At least he could bearly hide his eyes.

-Well you know- continued Sokka with his glorious ego. –I cannot blame u.

-Ahhh!- Aang nodded his head. –I don't know how I can be your boyfriend.

-So?- continued Sokka ignoring what just Aang said. (Of course Sokka understood the joke, burt Aang wasn't good for making laughs.

-So what?

-So, you know!

-What do I know? –Aang really loved this games, though Sokka always won.

-My penis.- continued the sarcastic warrior.

-What with your penis dude? I mean do you really whant me to tell you how it is? You're the one that has it hanging around!

-So that means you didn't saw it?- Sokka's voice was more seductive.

-Well not really.- Aang didn't respond sarcastically this time. The others voice seductive mood made Aang's stomached hurt. There were many butterflies down there.

-That's a shame.- Sokka approached to Aang until his face was just one inch away. He gave Aang a fast kiss on his mouth. –Really a shame.

Sokka pushed gently Aang over the pillow where his but had been a couples of seconds before. Sokka layed his body over the younger boy and whispered to his ear.

-Luckily you will have a chance tonight.


The boys were kissing with passion. Laying their bodies over the couch of the living room. The light of the moon reflected directly towards Sokka's smooth brown skin, and overs Aang's creamy flesh. Without any clothes, there was no barrier between their cocks, wich were rubbing constantly. Sokka's penis was rubbing Aang's directly on the head. The Avatar moaned inside their kiss. When Sokka stopped, he leaned beside Aang and catched his breath, though Aangs breath was higher.

Sokka fastly recover. He then went for Aang's parts. Thoug this time he left his legs towards Aang's head. Sokka's chest began to sweat over Aang's belly. Sokka first licked Aang on the pubic area, but fastly he began to go upper until his saliva covered the other boys penis.

He gently used his tongue to give a massage to the head, wow, Aang's moans were pretty much loud than ever. Soon Sokka´s lips covered Aang's penis. Sokka pressed his tongue hardly and began to suck fervently.

-Sooocka!- moaned the younger boy. –I'm coming!

Socka didn't wanted that yet, so he slowly stopped. He instead began to kiss Aang's hips. While then Aang could feel a soft but tight organ began to rubbed his face. It was Sokka´s penis. Aang felt with such lust that he just could not resist the temptation and took it with both hands to his mouth. It was really tasty. Sokka yelled. He didn't expected that! But it was sooo good. Aang started to feel his lovers pre cum. Before swallowing it, Aang covered Sokka's head with his own cum and his saliva. The feeling was gorgeous plus the horny sound it made.

When Aang became tired (it was really quick) , Sokka stood up and faced Aang.

-What happens Sokka?

-Well Aang I cant continue.

-But Sokka, why?

-I can't penetrate you again Aang.

-But I loved it, you were so cute.

Sokka rubbed Aang's cheek with one hand. –The thing Aang is, I made a promise, a compromise to myself, that I would never had sex with u, unless the second time you made love to me.

-You…you…you want me to penetrate you?- Aang was surprised, Strongly shocked.

-Yes.- Sokka's answer was merely a gentle whisper.

Aang layed his head on his chest. He thought a while and then faced Sokka.

-I'm sorry, I can't.


-Well Sokka, I really do not free ready for this, I'm afraid, and I don't really know why.

Sokka expected this. He just had the feeling this would happen. In a sudden he hugged Aang and pressed him tight.

-Since the day we met I felt something with you. I never imagined this, but life is really a mistery. My love, Aang, I beg you to do this, you can do this, you are ready. I just can't continue with this if you don't do this. I need you to do it. Really, I do.

Aang was surprised, shocked with those words. It seemed he didn't had a choice. It was not just Sokka, it was his heart now wich asked him to do this.


Aang took Sokka from the neck and kissed him.


The older boy knealed in four legs. He put his hips in such a way that his anus was completely open. Sokka relaxed gently. Actually Aang was more nervous, but with no real choice, he decided to do it. Aang took a deep breath, closed his eyes and pressed his penis into Sokka. Slowly his cock penetrated Sokka. Each time it advanced, Sokka could feel certain pain but it was not really a torture. It really seemed he liked it.

Aang continued until he dig in to the bottom. But instead of starting the intercourse, he layed his head on Sokka's back and began to kiss him.

Look at him, look how he loves me! He's so gentle and kind. Sokka you don't deserve him, nor his love.

Still in that position, Aang finally started to move his hips. Slow at first. It was really a good thing. Actually…. It was superb! Sokka's hole was warm, cozy. Enjoyable. Suddenly Aang felt the need of going faster, than faster. He didn't noticed it, but rapidly he was making Sokka love. Sokka was really excited. Each movement of Aang reached Sokk'as point inside. It was so strong, so much libido he felt his penis would explode!

Aang had his hands over Sokka's ribs, while his head was over his back. Constantly raining sweat over the older boy. Aang was going too fast know. –Ahh, ahh, Sokka…..!


-This is sooo great!


-Oh yes!

-Don't stop, will ya?!


Aang filled Sokka with all his love milk. But Sokka had been so horny and sensitive that when Aang started to try to masturbate him, he came out in Aang's hand. And Aang was filled with love sauce in his hand, plenty of it. It smelled really refreshing.


In bed, under the sheets, Sokka and Aang were kissing. This was not a dream. It was true. That night Aang learned that this was not e mere fantasy, nor a dream. It was real.