Author's note: It seems like five of the last ten stories I've read have been little snippets like this. So here you get my interpretation of story fragments based on a word. Who knows, maybe one of these will evolve into a muse when I'm not looking. Special thanks goes to the random word generator that lives at www .zokutou .co .uk / randomword/.

Please note that I do not own the Teen Titans; they are property of DC Comics.


1) Wade

He wiggled his bare toes in the cool sea water, the grains of sand swirling between his toes as the retreating wave tugged at his calves. "Beast Boy's right, the water's fine!" he yelled back to the remainder of his team.

2) Rested

While it was true that his body only needed fresh batteries or a recharge, Cyborg only felt truly rested when he let his mind sleep.

3) Chicken

"Beast Boy, what are you doing?"

Laying on the floor, the green teen looked up at his friend. "Oh, heh... Um..." Caught and blushing furiously he confessed, "Playing with my stuffed chickens."

"Right... I'll just be... somewhere else."

4) Glows

She would never admit it, but she liked going to the mall with Starfire. The girl literally glowed with joy when she found something she liked.

5) Unsolicited

"You should play that jack on the queen over there."

"Beast Boy, there's a reason it's called solitaire."

6) Sanity

None of them talked about it, but long ago they had come to a silent agreement. The day that they all understood everything Beast Boy did was the day they went to see a therapist.

7) Stupid

She knew she was smart. Maybe she didn't have the technical knowledge that Cyborg did, or the deductive skills of Robin, but she was smart.

She still felt stupid when Starfire told her that Beast Boy was desperately in love with her.

8) Cute

"You know, Silkie's kind of cute when he's eating the laundry."

"Robin... That was your cloak."

"Wha'?! Give that back, Silkie!"

9) Milk

"Yo, BB. How come I see you eating real ice cream?" Cyborg asked. "It's got milk in it,"

Beast Boy blinked slowly. "Cy, I'm a vegetarian. Not one of those wierdo vegans. I just like soy milk better on cereal."

10) Fruit

Many Earth foods confused her. But fruits weren't among them.

11) Comics

Sometimes on rainy Saturdays, four of the Titans would gather in the common room and read Beast Boy's comic collection. When Raven asked to join them, they had all stared slack jawed for a moment before rushing to recommend one of the myriad titles.

She held her hands up to stop her enthusiastic friends. "I'll read one of each of your suggestions. Beast Boy's first."

12) Passenger

Even though he nagged Beast Boy constantly to not play with the controls in the T-Car, he smiled every time his green friend called shotgun.

13) Migrate

It happened every spring. An overwhelming urge to go North. To take wing and fly along the coast, North out of California. North over the rocky coast of Oregon. North over the Olympic mountains of Washington. North into Canada. North into the Cascades of British Columbia to spend the summer.

Every spring his friends watched his morning flights, the false starts before returning reluctantly to the tower's roof. They watched and waited, hoping that the instinct didn't become so strong that he couldn't resist it.

Every spring, Robin reminded the other three Titans where the cabin that his mentor had arranged for them was, just in case they followed their green friend.

14) Bedroom

Robin seldom felt comfortable in his own bedroom. It was too dark, too much like the home he had left behind.

15) Razor

Looking in the mirror, he grimaced. Once, not that long ago he was eager to start growing whiskers so he would get to shave. Now, he hated that he had to. He'd managed to cut himself again.

16) Singers

In the confines of Titan's Tower, it was unsurprising to learn that some of them sang in the shower. What surprised them was that Beast Boy was pretty good – Raven used the word, "tolerable" - and that Robin sounded like he was strangling cats.

17) Innocent

Each of them dedicated their lives to protect the innocent. And each of them had neglected to realize that they were innocents themselves.

18) Chemicals

Robin grinned wryly at himself every time he caught himself daydreaming about being exposed to some chemical spill and gaining "real" super powers.

19) Prejudice

Every February, Robin celebrated Black History Month. And Tamaranean History Month. And Changeling History Month. And Demon History Month.

Of all the Titans, he had been the one exposed to the least mindless hatred because he was "different". And he knew it wasn't fair, right or just.

20) Shy

For all his big talk, he was terrified of talking with girls. When he tried, his knees went rubbery and his stomach did flip-flops. In fact, it took all the courage he had to call her that night.

"Hi, Jinx, what are you doing this Saturday?"

21) Sinking

Whenever the terrifying weight of being an unopened portal for Trigon the Terrible started to pull her down into depression, Beast Boy seemed to turn up with a bad joke and a corny smile. One day she would tell him how he had kept her from sinking.

22) Goat

"What is a goat doing on the island?"

"Um, why are you asking me, Robin?"

"Who else would bring a goat out here? Now quit changing the subject. Why is there a goat on the island?"

"To keep the grass short?"

Robin sighed, "Take the goat back, Beast Boy."

23) Dawn

It was her favorite time of day, the yellow sun of this world slipping slowly up into the sky, illuminating it with wonderful oranges and joyous reds. Each day she saw the sun rise was another day she was free from the Gordanians.

24) Dimension

"So about that alternate dimension you keep threatening me with..."

She counted slowly to ten, then back down to one before turning to face her Beast Boy. "What about it?"

"Would it be more comfortable then hanging here upside down?"

"No, Beast Boy, it wouldn't. In fact, I think the one I would send you to right now is probably filled with creatures that would look at you and see a chicken dinner."

"Oh. Yea. So I'll just hang here on your wall for a bit and, um, count your books again."

25) Polish

"Starfire, I'll sit and talk with you while you polish your toes, but we are not polishing mine."

The young woman turned to face Robin, her eye wide and tears beginning to form at the corners. "But Robin, you promised!"

"I promised to keep you company tonight while Raven was..." Robin trailed off when tears actually started to run slowly down Starfire's cheek. "Oh all right, you can polish my toenails. In that black color."

"Glorious!" was accompanied by a rib cracking hug.

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