Author's note: Yea, I'm still alive. And yea, it's been way too long. I'm dusting this off to see if I can unblock the creative flow.

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41) Crisp

Sitting at the table, Beast Boy forced himself to swallow. "That was a lot better, Raven. Kind of crisp... What are these again?"

"Scrambled tofu eggs," Raven said stonily.


42) Octopus

Raven walked into the bathroom and stopped. Her eyes fixed on the octopus swimming lazily in the bathtub. The green octopus. As she stared, the octopus waved at her with one of its sucker covered arms.

Backing out of the bathroom, she didn't know if she should be embarrassed or not.

43) Active

They all complained about Robin's marathon training sessions. Yet they each knew that staying active was a way to lessen the stress of being Titans.

44) Combination

"Please, Cyborg, do you not like the chocolate coated mushrooms?" Starfire asked.

45) Door

Beyond its plain metal face lay a forbidden realm of dark secrets. Starfire waited for Robin to answer her knock.

46) Relief

He waited, afraid of her answer.

"Yes," she said, and he knew relief.

47) Understanding

Cyborg sat down next to his friend. "Leading a team isn't easy," he said quietly.

48) Departure

Raven felt a single tear on her cheek as she waved good-bye to Timmy, Teether and Melvin.

49) Guard

The Beast sniffed the air. Out there, somewhere, the Other wanted to hurt Beast's pack. The Beast would not allow that.

50) Amber

As the sun rose, shining its golden light on Jump City, Starfire flew over the harbor. Her fingers grazing the tops of amber waves.

51) Demolishing

Cyborg sighed. After Slade's robots attacked the tower, the first step towards repair would be to finish demolishing the broken and shattered walls.

52) Practice

Like his mentor, Robin knew that the best way to be prepared for a fight was to practice.

53) If

If Raven and Beast Boy ever stopped arguing, they would have to confront the fact that they cared deeply for each other.

54) Lightning

When the thunderstorm started, Raven slipped out of bed and opened her door. A terrified green cat ran past her legs and hid under her bed.

"It's okay, Beast Boy. The lightning can't hurt you in here."

55) Dark

On patrol, under the cover of darkness, he would often think back to his time in Gotham.

56) Disco

She hated dancing, but would still go out with her friends.

57) Workshop

When Robin couldn't find Raven in her room or on the roof, he knew she would be in Cyborg's workshop.

58) Hold

Movie nights were just another way they tried to hold onto each other.

59) Stack

"Pancakes," Starfire told the Robin, "are the best thing humans have invented."

60) Cover

As the gunman sprayed the air with bullets, the Titans dove for cover.

One Titan was too slow.

61) Horn

"Stop that!" Raven hissed at Beast Boy. "You're annoying everyone in the store!"

Beast Boy looked at her as he set down one bicycle horn and picked up another. "I have to blow them all Raven! I want to get the one that sounds the best."

62) Overall

While he wasn't a fan of the maze, or Raven's manifestation of anger, overall Cyborg had been fascinated by the glimpse into his friend's mind.

63) Falling

He was falling, unconscious from a blow to the head.

She was diving, willing herself faster to catch him before he hit the ground.

64) Scratching

It had begun earlier that week. He'd started scratching absently behind an ear. Before long, he was scratching almost constantly.

"That's IT, Beast Boy! Time for a flea bath."

65) Dawn

It was her favorite time of day. As the sun came up each morning she was drawn to her window, where she would watch Starfire perform aerial acrobatics with a green hawk for her partner over the water.

66) Crossroad

The five teens stood at a crossroad. Go their own separate, but oddly comfortable ways. Or come together as a team.

67) Cup

When it was his turn to do the dishes, he would rush through as fast as he could. Until he came to her cup, which he would wash with special care, lest he break it.

68) Lifestyle

"Honestly," he said, "this is not the lifestyle I would have chosen."

"But, I do not understand. Don't you choose this lifestyle," Starfire asked, "every time we respond to an alarm?"

69) Coping

Humor was his way of coping with the things that would otherwise break his heart and leave him a bitter shell.

Raven hoped he would never stop coping.

70) Bullet

"Raven!" he yelled, running as hard as he could. The gunman had caught them by surprise, but training and instinct had taken over. Each Titan was responsible for another, to make sure they had help in battle if they needed it. Raven was his responsibility. She was startled and good cover was too far away for her.

He dove, tackling Raven, and putting his body between her and the gunman.

As the sharp, fiery pain ripped through his back and chest, he knew he had done the right thing.

71) Fetch

"Go get it! Go on," Starfire told Silkie as she tossed the rubber ball across the Titan's living room.

72) Browsing

It was one of his favorite ways to spend time on Saturdays. Browsing auto sites on the internet, looking for something new for his baby.

73) Contest

"Beast Boy... It's not a contest to see how many times you can get her to throw you out of the window," Robin said.

"No..." Beast Boy said. "It's more of a bet I have with Cyborg."

74) Reflection

He stared wistfully at the reflection of a young african-american man in the mirror. "No point wishing things were different," he said, and turned off his hologram ring.

75) Bitter

After the events that had transpired the day before, her tea tasted bitter. And it seemed that no amount of honey would ease the cutting edge.