"Glen why don't we see your first," Paula suggested unsure how'd she take he's result but knew that Spencer's was going to be harder to accept because she was her little girl.

Glen nodded rubbing the back of his neck, "Okay." He reached for his envelop, securing it in his hands before running his blue eyes over everyone's faces. His parents were on edge, his father's hands held together so tight that his knuckles began turning white to keep them from shaking, his mother was nervously chewing on her finger nail old habit she got from medical school. Bending the metal hook to open up the envelop, sliding the papers out.

"Read it out loud," Raife spoke quietly.

Clearing his throat, "Um I've been accepted to Marshal's Space Stay Science Academy for engineering." He glanced up than back down on the paper in awe; never in his wild dreams did he think he'd be involved with science or building. He was the golden jock boy, athletic build not very smart very egotistical but even Glen knew his limits when it came to book smarts.

"No way...you an engineer of what a basketball court," Spencer laughed at her brother.

"Spencer hush," Arthur warned his daughter who scowled and slouched down further in her chair. Ashley slid her hand into her girlfriend's under the table squeezing just a bit for comfort earning her a small smile.

"I think she's right I mean this test must be a joke, I'm no engineer." Glen sighed tossing the paper on the table shaking his head in confusion.

"These don't lie," Christine spoke pulling the paper to her and scanning it, "Glen you did an excellent job on the test, see here," Christine pushed the paper back to the boy pointing to a few spots, "You show great interest in the subject."

"That's only because I liked Star Trek and thought that the warp engine was cool,"

"Hence why you got picked for that school," Arthur beamed proudly, his son was following in his foot steps even if the boy didn't know it, "I graduated from that school as well."

"You did?" Glen and Spencer asked in unison.

"But I thought you're a social worker?"

"I' am you see I graduated from Marshal's with a psychology degree and an engineer degree. Here on earth I'm a social worker, for Starfleet I'm a 4th class engineer for warp core diagnostics."

"And I'm a doctor both on Earth and for Starfleet," Paula smiled.

"Mom what are you?" Ashley wondered all she knew about her mom was that she was always gone and never home and when she was home she'd bring strange men in, throw money at her to stay out of the way than leave yet again.

"Well honey I'm a Counselor for Starfleet Command, that's why I'm always gone. I'm taking care of other students and officers."

Ashley nodded and looked at her father, "And you...what does a rock star do dad?" the tone was a bit bitter but after everything the kids had gone through not one adult had the heart to scold them for that.

"I'm a Security Officer, for the last few months been stationed in New York."

"Ashley why don't you open yours now?" Christine raised an eyebrow.

"I...um, okay," she reached out and took hers. Looking at it than around the table, "Only if Spencer opens hers at the same time?"

"Fine," Spencer rolled her eyes grabbing for her envelop, "On the count of three okay?"

Ashley nodded, "One..."

"Two..." Spencer licked her lips.

"Three," they both said opening their respective envelops.

"What did you get?" Ashley asked trying to peek at her girlfriend's paper.

"Um...well I've been accepted to Rowland's Space Academy for a Command Position."

"No!" Paula and Arthur said at the same time, desperation and fear laced their tone.

Ashley glanced at Spencer's parents before locking her brown eyes with the beautiful blue of her girlfriends, "Me too except I got it for Security!"

"No!" Christine and Raife said in unison the same desperation and fear in their tone.

"What's so bad about that?" Glen wondered since his father had been proud about his school but not his sisters.

"Ashley let me see your papers," Raife demanded.

"Spencer," Arthur wiggled his fingers indicating that he wanted her paper. The girls sighed and handed them over. Arthur looked at her paper and started laughing, holding the bridge of his nose trying to stop the tears, "Did...y-you really...I c-can't believe it!"

"What?" Paula grabbed the paper from his hand trying to find what her husband was laughing at as soon as she glanced down she saw it, smiling and shaking her head she stared at her daughter, "Why?"

Spencer shrugged her shoulders, Ashley and Glen knotted their eyebrows together in confusion, "What?" Glen asked.

Paula flipped the paper over, the test that they all had to take but instead of answering anything Spencer had wrote in big black letters...


"Spence?" Ashley chuckled.

"What? I was pissed, my friends and family are dead and they want me to take a fucking test." She growled causing the laughing to cease at the table.

"Okay," Glen said trying to break the tension, "What now?"

"Now you start school on Monday," Raife concluded.

"That's it?" Ashley asked.

"Yep." Paula smiled getting up; you could tell she wasn't happy as she made her way downstairs with Arthur following after her. Raife and Christine went to their room as well.

"So..." Spencer sighed.

"So..." Glen and Ashley replied, the silence taking over the kitchen area.

"So this is weird and I'm going to my room," Glen concluded as he stood up and walked away.

Ashley sat back and looked at Spencer, "Command huh?"

"I'm just that great," Spencer chuckled, "Come on let's get some sleep cause you know what tomorrow is right?"

The brunette shook her head as she took Spencer's hand which was held out to help her up, "Nope."

"Monday!" Spencer spoke dragging Ashley to their room for the last time.