"...heh. You know, we're very much the same, you and I."

"Don't insult me, I'm nothing like you."

"Aren't you? I've always thought that envy and greed are very much alike. Not in the way that lust and greed are alike; lust is more a part of greed. A specialized form of it, if you want. The same goes for gluttony. But envy... Envy is very much the same. It looks around and sees all these wonderful things and you want them, don't you? You want them. That's what envy is: the desire for another's possessions."

"It's not. It's merely to be resentful of another's attributes. That definition is your own, Greed."

"And yet surely you must feel the desire to have those attributes, too? If envy is to think, 'Why should they have it?', then surely the thought of, 'Why can't I have it?' must naturally follow. The thoughts of, 'They don't deserve it,' and 'I deserve it,' must surely lead to, 'I want it.'"

"You would think that. Not me. I am Envy, not Greed; I resent the fact that others have things that I don't, and it is you who comes to covet that which you don't have."

"There, you put your finger right on it! Greed is a desire born of the resentment that is envy. Envy and Greed come almost hand in hand."

"Don't use that phrase to describe us."

"And why not? Isn't greed very closely linked to envy? Doesn't greed come from envy? First you resent, and then, almost inevitably, you want.'They don't deserve it, I do, why can't I have it, it should be mine, I want it.' It's one nicely flowing chain, don't you think?"

"I think you're bullshitting."

"You would. But I can see it, even if you're blinding yourself to it. Envy can only ever see what others have, and never realize, never appreciate what he already has. Much like Greed, yes?"

"...fuck up bastard."

"Hey hey, no need to be so cold, precious. I mean, Envy and Greed. We, perhaps, are the closest in all the seven sins. Sometimes, we might even feel each others' sin in ourselves."

"Don't make me hurt you."

"Aw, but you love me, really!"

"I thought it was opposites that attract; too similar a charge and two objects will repel each other." If we're as similar as you say we are, then obviously we can't be that close.

"Well, you're hardly agreeing with me now, are you?" Alright, I take it back anyway; we're not that similar. But we are also unavoidably linked. You can't escape me, Envy; I'll always be right on your tail.

"Then let's leave science out of this and just say that I hate your guts."Nice and simple for your simple mind: Keep the fuck away from me.

"Of course you do." For a simple mind I seem to know one hell of a lot more than you, Envy; you can't even see past you own lies.

"...hn. Envy and Greed, huh? ...Dream on." No way am I bringing myself down to your level.

"I will. And don't you forget it." That's okay; I'm fighting my way up, precious. Remember: Greed is always just one step behind, wanting, and waiting for you to stumble so I can finally take you into my arms and never let you go.

:: sonryz ::
Just a little rabble I came up with lying in bed one night, not sleeping (obviously). It's only dialogue, but I have plans to make a little mini series off it. Sorta. We'll see what happens. It's a hard relationship for me to understand (or maybe I'm just trying to make too much out of it : S) but I'll do my best.

Apologies in advance for any major stuff ups and OOCness I may end up doing, I just really want to have a go at putting this relationship into words because I've found it really interesting recently and I think there's something more to it than first appears, and I want to try and figure out what it is by writing about it.

Again, sorry if I botch the whole thing up. --; Here goes.