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Warning: This story is rated M for the following: foul language, shōnen-ai (boy-love) and yaoi related themes, sexual content and sexual molestation. This may not be apparent within the first several chapters however later on expect to see explicit sexual content and other mature themes. Therefore, if any of this bothers you, please don't read—I promise I won't feel bad. Again, this story will contain SLASH among other mature themes, so you've been warned!

Pairing: SasuNaruSasu

A/N: This is an AU story where Naruto and Sasuke are regular guys that attend high school. Regular enough if you don't count the fact that Sasuke had a tragic past that involves his older brother and the fact that he now lives alone, and that Naruto never had a family and is hated by the town for reasons even he doesn't know.

Criticism: I take all criticisms (though, where and how I can improve are always more effective–obviously). However, anything goes; just tell me what you think! I will reply to all reviews on this story!

Synopsis: When your family is messed up, the fangirls give you a migraine, and your teacher ogles you in a way that makes your stomach heave…there's no way you can handle having sexual feelings for your best friend, especially when he's a guy! You certainly don't need your friend having crazy, sexual feelings of his own. Yup, Sasuke's life just got all the more complicated.

Things Pile On

Chapter 1: Rustling matches, Vampires, and Friends that won't keep their distance.

Sasuke answered the knocking on his door twenty minutes after the pounding begun.

"You're late." He said, as Naruto brushed in past him.

"You should talk, teme, what took you forever to open that damn door anyway?" Naruto made his way over to the couch placing the movie he brought on the coffee table before he sprawled out onto the cool, black leather. "I mean was I supposed to live out there or what?"

"Well, next time be on time and you won't have that problem."

Naruto growled, his face scrunching up, "You better not be saying you left me out there on purpose."

Sasuke's facial features remained their usual stoic expression, before he gave a quick smirk. "So what if I did?"

Naruto jumped off the couch. "Well, then I'll have to kick your ass!"

Sasuke gave him a look which clearly said like you can?

Naruto growled again and pounced at Sasuke, who jumped out of the way which caused Naruto to smack into the wall Sasuke had been leaning against.

"Bastard," Naruto said, straightening up. "If you would just stay still, and not run like a coward, maybe I could."

"Running like a coward and avoiding your ballistic attack are two different things, dobe."

Naruto smirked. "Sounds like a lame excuse from a 'wittle scaredy cat?"

"Like I'm gonna fall for that," Sasuke said, yet he still stood in the clearing of the living room as if daring Naruto to try.

"Don't worry, 'wittle scaredy cat, I promise I won't hurt you." Naruto taunted, "Much." And then he charged at Sasuke. Sasuke braced himself as Naruto collided with him. Naruto fought to get hold of Sasuke's arms, but Sasuke pinned his arms in a hold first.

Naruto growled. Stupid Sasuke, he thought. How does he have such damn quick reflexes?

Naruto however, wasn't very light—due to the lingering presence of baby fat that was slowly transforming into muscle the older he got. Needless to say he used that to his advantage, shoving his body weight into Sasuke. At first Sasuke matched Naruto's weight with his own strength and held his ground. However, the more his focus went on trying to keep hold of Naruto the more he compromised his stance. Slowly, Sasuke began to back up. The coffee table was a meager two feet behind them; its sharp edges sending silent promises of pain to the unfortunate idiot who decided to go up against it.

Naruto, facing the direction of the approaching coffee table, smirked. He could use it to his advantage. He might not have been the naturally gifted bastard that Sasuke was, however, he had his own strengths that had allowed him to meet and on his good days beat his rival.

Sasuke, obviously being familiar with the placement of the furniture in his own house, knew just what Naruto was smirking at. Idiot, Sasuke thought, like the moron's face would be obvious enough even if I didn't know my own place. But unlike Naruto, Sasuke's face remained stoic, only tensing a little as he tried to maintain his hold on Naruto.

"Give it up, dobe, there's no way you're gonna get out of my hold." Sasuke said, though now more of a bluff to try to stop Naruto from running him into the glass edge of the coffee table behind him.

"Don't worry," Naruto said with a smirk, "I'm not trying to." And with that, Sasuke's calf muscle met with the coffee table's edge. However, if he didn't mind the rising pain from the edge going into his skin—and Sasuke didn't—it could serve as a perfect anchor. Then, he could focus on maintaining his grip on Naruto and overpowering him.

Suddenly, Naruto used his body weight to push Sasuke roughly to try to get him to fall onto the table—Sasuke's balance shook as he tried to not fall backwards onto the glass. Then Naruto hooked his foot around Sasuke's ankle, and pulled him in the opposite direction. Sasuke's balance gave out and Naruto's weight carried them backwards to the carpeted floor.

Unfortunately for Naruto, Sasuke landed painfully on top of him. Naruto choked; Sasuke was far heavier then one would first think given his normal grace and agility. Now it was Sasuke's turn to smirk at the misfortune that had befallen Naruto. Looks like his plan bit him in the ass.

However, the fall had loosened Sasuke's grip on Naruto's wrists, and Naruto broke free, sending a punch at Sasuke's face; that only brushed his cheek, before Sasuke shoved it away. But, it was enough of a distraction to allow Naruto to force Sasuke beneath him. Bastard, let's see him get out of this one. Naruto thought, he was grinning shamelessly now. Sasuke, scowling tried to grab for Naruto's spiky, blond turfs of hair.

"Ow," Naruto cried out, as one of Sasuke's hands finally got past his barrier of arms and yanked at a thick clump of his hair. Sasuke smirked at Naruto's reaction; though his smirk was now almost a real smile. Angrily, Naruto threw Sasuke's hands down, and pressed all of his body weight into Sasuke.

Uncontrollably, Sasuke made a sound that resembled something between a grunt and a gasp. Naruto's face was now only a couple of inches from his own; Naruto's hands were pressing his hands firmly against the ground. Sasuke could feel the heat of Naruto's breath; uncontrollably he became aware of Naruto's body pressing into his own. He could feel the tight contours of Naruto's forearms as they pressed into his arms, Naruto's calloused hands gripping his hands, the tips of Sasuke's fingers bending slightly over Naruto's fingers in response. He winced as he felt Naruto press his thighs deeper into his; this close Naruto's jeans didn't do much for containing what lay beneath. For a moment, Sasuke stopped breathing; Naruto was too close.

Naruto meanwhile was looking down at Sasuke. From this close to him, he could see the smooth pores on his face, the beads of sweat forming on his brow, and the slight tremble of his lips. Naruto's eyes lingered on Sasuke's lips; for a moment, he wanted to know what his friend tasted like. For a moment, then he seemed to come to himself. What the hell am I thinking that for?

Sasuke, still pinned beneath his friend, could clearly see into Naruto's blue eyes. Sasuke's breathe hitched. He had never looked into his friend's eyes from this close before. Now that he thought of it, he never noticed just how clear those eyes were before, a brilliant, clear blue that would have given the sky a run for its money. As if I would care to notice that? Suddenly angry, Sasuke shoved his head into Naruto's. With a quick "ow" Naruto lost his grip and Sasuke shoved him off of him.

"Dammit, bastard!" Naruto yelled, rubbing his forehead. He had rolled into a sitting position on the floor; Sasuke, sitting up a little ways away from him, gave a snort.

"Well, what the hell were you trying to do, crush the life out of me with your fat ass?"

"I'm not fat," Naruto said, still rubbing his head, "And I really will crush the life out of you, if you don't stop acting like a jackass."

Sasuke stared at him indignantly then he trampled Naruto to the ground again, roughly throwing punches into his chest and stomach. Roughly, but not too much for Naruto who quickly recovered from his shock and returned Sasuke's force, throwing punches of his own. They rustled around on the floor, grabbing at each other, punching; each trying to force the other beneath him. Sasuke didn't know quite why but he felt the sudden urge to hurt his friend. There was still a part of him that was playing but another part felt pretty pissed. Sasuke wasn't really sure why he was feeling pissed, but he was, and so he took it out on Naruto. Or at least he tried too, Naruto might not have been a natural born genus, but when it came to keeping up with Sasuke somehow he managed to do just fine.

Suddenly, as if he sensed the anger in his friend, Naruto growled.

"What the hell did I do, Sasuke-teme?"

Through Sasuke's outburst of anger he managed to pin Naruto to the ground. Dark strains of Sasuke's hair fell onto Naruto's face.

Sasuke hissed, and shoved him into the ground.

"What the hell!" Naruto growled, baring his teeth. He was about to head bang Sasuke the way that bastard had done to him earlier but then he saw that his friend had somewhat froze on top of him, as if he was seeing something for the first time.

From this angle though, Naruto could plainly see why most of the girls in his class (and lots of the boys too, though Naruto wasn't really aware of that) followed Sasuke around. As if his seemed-to-be perfectly smooth and flawless face, shrouded by thick, dark hair wasn't enough, Sasuke's eyes were mesmerizing, deep brown orbs that almost looked black. Not to mention, with Sasuke lying on top of him, he could feel the firmness and strength of his body. Suddenly Naruto began to wonder just how firm Sasuke really was underneath; momentarily, he had an urge to stick his hand inside his friend's shirt. And if his hands weren't pinned to the floor, he probably would have. What the hell? He mentally slapped himself. Why the fuck would I want to do anything like that!

Sasuke meanwhile was wondering how he had gotten himself into a similar situation as before, when a sudden numbness began to overcome his mind. He felt his body begin to react to the fact that he was on top of—and leaning over—Naruto. Again, he could feel Naruto's breathing, warm and moist, on his face. Again, he could look into his eyes; now, the contour of Naruto's body could be easily felt as he pressed his weight into him to hold him in place. He felt his face begin to get hot. This was too much; without a second thought, he quickly got off of Naruto and turned away to hide his reddened cheeks.

Naruto just lay there for a while, glad that Sasuke was looking the other direction. His face felt fluster and he was starting to feel like a total moron. Just then, Sasuke pushed himself off of the floor and said—still not looking at Naruto: "I'm bored of this, what'd you bring anyway?"

Sasuke grabbed the DVD off of the coffee table.

Naruto jumped off of the floor as well, all embarrassment forgotten. "Oh, it's really cool; it's about this town that's up in Alaska, so it gets nights that last a whole month, and then—" Naruto had made his way over to Sasuke and was now waving his arms wildly, caught up with describing in motion what he was saying in words. "Then, vampires come to the town, and you know, since it's a month full of night, they get to raise hell."

"Hn," Sasuke said absently, such a contrast to Naruto's enthusiasm. "Sounds okay; let's watch it." Without waiting for Naruto to reply, Sasuke removed the DVD from its case and went over to place it in the DVD player. Naruto in turn went over to turn off the lights. When he got back to the couch, Sasuke was already sprawled on the far left side, resting his head on the arm of the couch. Naruto went to sit on the opposite side of the couch, leaning on the opposite arm in a similar manner as Sasuke.

The movie started, the first of the many commercials beginning…

"Oh, that sounds good, let's see it," Naruto said enthusiastically. Sasuke just nodded.

Next commercial: "I can't wait for that one." Naruto exclaimed cheerfully. Sasuke rolled his eyes, "You've got to be kidding me; how old are you again?"

"Gonna' be fifteen," Naruto said, "But what the hell is wrong with that? A good movie is a good movie."

"Yeah that's true; but that doesn't fall in the category of the good movie." Sasuke said dryly, "Let's see: thirteen-year-old moron with a miserable life finds out he's really some epic hero of some bullshit legend and saves the day, restoring his miserable life in the process."

"Well, thirteen that's about our age—" Naruto interrupted.

"Guess it is targeted towards you then, loser." Sasuke rolled over, so that his side was prompted up against the arm of the couch. "But I don't buy that crap; not only is it overdone but it's a load of shit."

Then Sasuke smirked: "Though I suppose thirteen is closer to your age then mine, dobe."

"Shut-up, Sasuke-teme." Naruto growled, throwing one of the decorative pillows over to peg Sasuke on the head, "You're only a few months older than me!"

"Ouch, looser," Sasuke grunted. "Just 'cause your dumb enough to identify with the little kiddies, doesn't mean I'm as stupid as you."

Naruto snorted and just rolled his eyes, unable to comment because the actual movie was beginning. Both of them watched; neither talked for a bit. Sasuke now lying on the couch, using the pillow Naruto had thrown at him as a cushion to prompt up against the arm of the couch. Every so often, his foot would kick Naruto accidentally as he tried to get comfortable. "Dammit Sasuke, keep to your side of the couch," Naruto whined, swatting at his foot.

About thirty minutes in to the film, Naruto was starting to get antsy. Sasuke, however having fidgeted for the first ten minutes, finally found a comfortable zone and stayed put. Naruto at first was just bouncing up and down in his seat.

"So, what'd you think is gonna' happened?" Naruto said, a big smile on his face. His voice a little too loud, as if talking was reminding him that he wasn't actually in the movie.

"How am I supposed to know; it's not like I read the script." Sasuke said annoyed.

Suddenly, the television screamed out as on the screen suspense turned into horror. Naruto jumped visibly, only to be met with laughter?

Sasuke was laughing; his face was turned towards Naruto. Every so often he tried to restrain himself into just smirking, but it only lasted for a few moments, before another wave of laughter shook his shoulders.

"You should—have seen—your face, Naruto," Sasuke said between burst of laughter.

"Shut up, teme," Naruto said, secretly grateful that he could replace his fear with anger.

Sasuke kept laughing.

Naruto growled again, "I said shut up, bastard." When Sasuke didn't stop Naruto subconsciously delved into an explanation for his behavior.

"I wasn't afraid; I was startled, okay," Naruto said, "But that's not the same thing." Sasuke just kept laughing; it looked like he was having difficult time breathing.

"If your head wasn't shoved so far up your ass, you'd notice there's a big difference between being afraid and just startled," Naruto continued; Sasuke was still laughing though it had died down a little.

"You can't help getting startled, it's like reflexes," Naruto said, still trying to justify his behavior.

"Whatever," Sasuke said, "You're shitting yourself over there and you know it."

Naruto gave him one last glare, before growling, "Shut up or I'll make you." Naruto's threat came at the same time when Sasuke must have laughed himself dry because while he still smirked, he stopped laughing.

Sasuke's laughter had made Naruto more aware of himself, so for awhile he suffered in silence. Still jumping but trying so very hard not too. Then however, about a little past midway through the movie, Naruto couldn't take it anymore, sitting up he grabbed the last decorative pillow and put it between him and the terror.

"Come on, wuss, you're not actually hiding."

"No one is asking you Sasuke," Naruto said hurriedly, all his attention on the television, "So shut up and just live and let live, bastard!"

Sasuke smirked; again he looked over towards Naruto. The blonde was using the pillow as a fox trench, ducking for cover whenever the scene looked as if the inevitable would happen.

Then suddenly, Naruto jumped up off of the couch pointing an angry finger at the television.

"Come on, that is so not fair!" Naruto yelled, "They cheated! They can't just drop in there from the middle of nowhere; they can't do that! I can't believe it, she had made it!"

Sasuke arched an eyebrow. He too was a bit letdown that the leading heroine was being dragged by a vampire out of what had previously been a safe area but, so much for that thought…. It did seem to be a waste of all of the time she had spent surviving only to get killed now.

"Oh man!" Naruto cringed and turned away from the T.V. "Of course, they have to tear her up; that's SO not fair!"

"Sit down, you're gonna give yourself a nosebleed from all the excitement," Sasuke said in his usual bored voice, "It's not like they can hear you anyway."

Naruto still seemed to be pouting about loosing his favorite heroine, but he complied. So the movie went onward, Naruto making only small grunts or yelps here and there. Finally the movie ended. Naruto didn't seem as enthusiastic as he had been when the movie was first turned on. Sasuke picked up on it and decided to have some fun with his friend who had suddenly become way too easy of a target.

"So, not so happy anymore, now that you can't have your happy I'm-a-thirteen-year-old-gullible-moron ending are you?"

"Shut up, Mr. everyone-must-die-since-life-sucks, hopeless bastard." Naruto countered, "You know, just cause you have given up on life don't expect me too."

"So, now I've given up on life, since I can admit that it's not always fair."

"Just shut up Sasuke-teme," Naruto said, still thinking about the movie, "All I wanted was for those two to actually make it; not everyone, just those two!"

Sasuke got up to turn back on the light. Naruto was still moping on the couch. "Stupid movie, and you said it was good too Sasuke-teme."

"What?" Sasuke was now putting the DVD back in its case, "I'm not the idiot that wouldn't shut up about how great it was supposed to be; that'd be you, dobe."

"Hm," Naruto grunted, his face pressing into the arm of the couch, ignoring Sasuke, "Stupid movie."

"Well," Sasuke said, "It's already one in the morning, you should get going, we still have to wake up for school in the morning."

"Get going?" Naruto almost choked. "You want me to go outside—in the dark—after watching THAT movie!"

"Naruto don't be dumb," Sasuke said, rolling his neck to get the crick out of it, caused probably from sitting too long on the couch. "It's just a stupid movie."

"So you honestly don't care if I go out there and get bitten to an inch of my life?"

"Naruto, vampires don't exist." Sasuke sighed, "Perhaps you really should have watched that stupid thirteen-year-old movie."

"Fine, some good friend you are," Naruto huffed, throwing the decorative pillow down onto the couch as he stood up, "I wouldn't make you go out there."

"Fucking grow up, it's just a stupid movie; you know fake." Sasuke said. He didn't realize just how tired he was until about now.

"Well, why don't you go out there then?"

"Cause it's my house, moron."

"You're such an asshole; you know I'd let you stay."

"Well, where are you gonna sleep, on the couch?"

"Yeah," Naruto said laying back down on the couch again, "You know, I definitely think I could."

"And what about your change of clothes; you gonna' wear the same thing for school tomorrow?"

"No, I could wear some of your clothes." Naruto said, as if he had suddenly gotten a brilliant idea. There was no mistaking the naiveté in his voice, as if he thought that Sasuke was the sort of person who would just jump at the offer.

"Yeah, fucking, right." Sasuke said almost too quickly.

"Well ok then," Naruto replied, feigning hurt, "I guess you know who your true friends are; just like poor Denise when Jake kicked her out, you just knew she was a gonner right there and then."

"Naruto will you forget about that stupid movie," Sasuke practically yelled, he was beyond annoyed now, "I'm sorry it didn't have a stupid, happy ending." Though he didn't sound even remotely sorry, just more frustrated, if possible.

"Fine, you can stay and sleep on the couch," Sasuke continued, "But if you dare come near any of my clothes, that movie is gonna' look incredibly optimistic when compared to what will happen to you."

"Hey, Sasuke-teme?" Naruto asked, as the two of them were standing in Sasuke's bathroom, getting ready for bed.

"Hm?" Sasuke replied.

"Can I borrow your toothbrush," Naruto said, then faltered, "Er, I mean, can I just use it this once?"

"Naruto, what would possess you to ask me that," Sasuke said, splashing more water over his face, "You already know the answer."

"Yes?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"No, moron."

"Always with the insults," Naruto said, again feigning hurt, "Jeez, you'd think you actually hate having me around."

Sasuke just rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

Taking the toothpaste Naruto applied some onto his finger.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing," Naruto said, "And you call me a moron; I'm obviously not NOT going to brush my teeth, so this is the next best thing."

"Idiot," Sasuke said, pulling open a drawer and taking out a brand new toothbrush still in the case. He handled it to Naruto: "Just use this."

Naruto spit out the toothpaste already in his mouth into the sink, coming up sputtering. "You didn't think to get that when I asked you for one?" Naruto grabbed the toothbrush from Sasuke's hand. "And I'm the moron, seriously, Sasuke."

"Shut up, dobe," Sasuke said, the stoic expression still on his face, then he smirked, "You asked to borrow mine, not for one of your own."

"Bastard," Naruto mumbled under his breath, "I swear, of all the times to get technical."

Sasuke again only smirked and left the bathroom. Naruto rolled his eyes at Sasuke's retreating back before he popped open the box containing the new toothbrush and began to actually brush his teeth.

Coming out of Sasuke's bathroom Naruto had expected to see him in his room, but not finding him there, Naruto went out to the living room. He saw Sasuke putting on the last layer of sheets over the couch. For a moment, Naruto paused. Is Sasuke actually making my bed for me?

Naruto took a moment to examine Sasuke's handiwork. Sasuke had applied a base sheet over the entire couch, and then he had placed a rather fluffy and comfortable looking pillow on one end. Covering the entire couch, Sasuke had spread a sheet which looked thick enough for warmth, but not overbearing, just enough to do the job of keeping one comfortable during the night.

Sasuke looked up at him after he was finished placing a thicker, folded comforter on the end of the couch. Naruto stood there with his mouth slightly opened; perhaps it was a simple gesture but it was a lot coming from Sasuke.

"What?" Sasuke asked, noticing Naruto's slightly hanging jaw.

"N-nothing," Naruto said, slowly at first, before his tone went back to normal.

"Anyways," Sasuke said, "If you need anything else, just ask."

"What the hell," Naruto said before he could stop himself, "Sasuke, a caring host? Who would have thought?"

"Shut up, Naruto," Sasuke said, his voice trying to come out as annoyed, "Unless you want to sleep on the floor."

"Well, I have to ask," Naruto said, "You never know, you might have been dragged out of the door by a vampire just now and now he is impersonating you, but doing a very shitty job."

"Naruto, shut up before I drag you out of the door."

"I don't know," Naruto said, drawing out his voice as if he is investigating, "You look like Sasuke, but perhaps the moment I touch you, you'll transform into the vampire you are."

Sasuke rolled his eyes giving him the look that said: I can't believe I'm even humoring you enough to stand here.

Naruto pressed onward anyway, "Let's review the facts: you gave me a toothbrush and you made my bed, yup definitely not something Sasuke would be doing." As he talked he walked over to Sasuke and then poked him in the shoulder. Sasuke just stared at him for a moment. Naruto cracked a smile. He moved a bit closer. "You didn't turn into a vampire yet?"

"Of course not, moron," Sasuke said, yet there was something different about his voice; he meant it to come out as sarcastic, but instead it just came out neutral.

One more step and Naruto would be pressed against Sasuke. From this distance the height difference between them was more noticeable then normal. It was still a debate among them just how much taller Sasuke actually was than Naruto. According to Naruto, Sasuke was only about a forehead taller than him; while Sasuke proudly declared that he was a good two inches more than that. In any case, Naruto had to look up slightly when he was this close to Sasuke; smiling his eyes drifted upwards to meet Sasuke's.

Sasuke was starting to feel uncomfortable again; Naruto was just a bit too close. This close, Sasuke could smell the mint toothpaste in Naruto's breath; this close, Sasuke could look into Naruto's clear, blue eyes; this close he could even see the light fluttering of Naruto's dark, blond eyelashes. Sasuke started to falter again, his breath becoming slightly uneven.

"Well, I suppose you are Sasuke," Naruto said at last, still meeting his gaze, "Or at least your disguise is too good for me to detect," Naruto's smile seemed to get a bit wider,

"However, there's only one way to be sure."

"Naruto, just stop acting like a mor—" Before he could finish Naruto hooked an arm around Sasuke's neck and play punched his stomach before he tackled him to the ground.

The two of them were rough housing on the floor, until Sasuke finally pinned Naruto to the ground.

Naruto was still smiling. Sasuke was on top of him again, pressing his body into his to hold him still. Sasuke's face above his, Sasuke's lips just inches away from his own. Slowly, Naruto's smile slipped off of his face, as the nearness of his friend registered in his mind.

Sasuke meanwhile, was pinning his friend to the ground. It was only when Naruto's smile slipped from his face that Sasuke felt two things: the first was that he liked the way Naruto smiled, and it was this thought that brought on the second feeling, that being frustration: why the fuck do I always end up either being on top of, or underneath Naruto? It is not like we need to behave like this; we're getting a bit old for rustling around on the floor. He couldn't help but feel self-conscious on top of his friend; as if at any moment now, Naruto would burst out laughing at how stupid he looked. And yet, his stupid body seemed to be thinking on a totally different level. Already he could feel—what was starting to become familiar and associated with being on top of, or beneath Naruto—his temperature rising, his face heating up and his body tensing. It was a fleeting thought that didn't last long in the rapids of his mind, but for one moment, he wanted to press his lips against Naruto's. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Naruto's heart was pounding; he thought for one moment—one horrifying moment—that Sasuke would lean down the small distance between them and kiss him. The thought horrified him and yet sent a wave of tingles down into his gut. Then the horror he was feeling brought about another feeling: embarrassment. Why the hell are we staying like this; we must look ridiculous. I mean, what the hell, I'm thinking about Sasuke like this. Gross!

Without another thought, Naruto shoved Sasuke off of him. This wasn't as difficult as he first thought it would be; only a little nudge and Sasuke complied with rolling off of him.

Again, Sasuke didn't look at Naruto.

"Moron," he said, then got up off of the ground, "I'm going to bed; don't you dare wake me about any stupid vampire shit." And with that he left the living room heading towards his room, not looking back at Naruto at all.

Naruto stared at his retreating back. Stupid Sasuke, who the fuck would like him anyway, with that stick he has up his ass? Naruto pulled the top sheet covering the couch back roughly. Stupid bastard, why the hell does he keep tackling me anyway? Naruto pounded on his pillow to get it puffy enough for his comfort. I mean is he gay or something? Still angry Naruto lay down, for a moment he wanted to rip the carefully wrapped sheets off of the couch. Probably, why else won't he leave my ass alone? Then Naruto finally felt comfortable; the base sheet seemed to hug the couch in just a way that Naruto actually felt that he was laying in a rather comfortable bed instead. "Stupid Sasuke," he muttered, "But he at least makes a warm bed." Soon he was fast asleep.

Sasuke lay awake in his bed. His body was still flustered. Plus he now felt stupid. Why the hell can't Naruto keep his fucking distance? Sasuke rolled over to get more comfortable; he ended up lying on his other side. Damn, he always gets so close to me; what the hell is he thinking? Trying to relax, Sasuke let his mind wander; these last thoughts still lingering in his mind. He glanced at the alarm clock on the nearby bed stand, "2:30 A.M." it read. Great, Sasuke thought. It's gonna' suck having to not only get myself up but now Naruto too. At the mention of Naruto, a strange tingling feeling fluttered in his stomach. Almost before he could stop himself, his mind wandered to the feelings of Naruto's body being pressed beneath him, the warmth of his moist breath against his face; Naruto's smile that turned serious, Naruto's features melting into a lustier haze that echoed in his deep, clear, blue eyes; then he felt himself moving down until his lips covered Naruto's. Sasuke snapped his eyes open. What the hell is wrong with me?

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