Something about the bad guys turned him on.

Of course, his side was the designated 'evil' side, however, from his point of view, the hidden village shinobi were the bad guys. Something about shuriken and kunai aimed at him had him about to burst from the seams with sexual frusteration.

He could always imagine the masked nin with his fingers tracing his chest with light touches. He could always picture the loud-mouthed blond, quiet for once, with his lips pressed against the hollow of his neck, leaving light bruises as he moved from one side to the other. He could always practically feel feather light nips and needy scratches against his hips from the teeth and nails of the feminine-looking branch Hyuuga.

He could always close his eyes and picture all four in his room after a battle, whether he won or not, and push himself towards a release.


Something about the good guys pushed him off the edge.

He was evil and wanted something to do, other than be attacked by the leaf shinobi. He had other things to do, wait for his brother to find him and attempt to kill him---again---, count the amount of times he had to repaint his nails a seafoam green because Kisame had got him to bump the not-quite-dry polish, or even sit across the room from his scaled friend and imagine him naked [though that did him no good. All he could see was an oversized fish with arms and legs. Ugh... talk about unattractive. He really didn't like to fight them, seeing as they were the objects of his fantasies.

However, the girls they attacked him with--- he was willing to fight them any day, knowing from the look in their eyes they were only doing this so they could protect their boy toys.

He wasn't willing to admit that he wanted them all for himself, but he wasn't exactly about to let girls attack and steal away his boy toys-- even if it was all in his mind.


Something about being crazy made him smirk.


Kisame stared at him for a few moments longer than he usually did. The elder Uchiha shot him a cold look then looked back down at the stony floor. "Are you just going to sit there and sulk all day?" the fishier of the two asked.

Itachi narrowed his eyes, still looking at the floor. He was having a wonderful daydream, though it wasn't evident on his facial features. "I'm not sulking," he muttered, closing his eyes and leaning his arms against his knees, trying to concentrate on his dream so it wouldn't slip away so quickly.

"Sure looks like it."

The long haired Hyuuga had just disappeared from his daydream. "I'm not," he countered through clenched teeth.

"Oh, yeah?"

The blond was pulling away, blowing him a good-bye kiss before disappating as well. He needed to concentrate a little harder.

Kisame stared at the Uchiha, staring at him. He took the silence as admittance that he was sulking that they'd had to pull back.

The masked nin was now gone.

He was relying on crazy things to keep him sane while they waited for the Akatsuki to arrive, releasing them of their duties to wait for Konohagakure shinobi. He smirked a bit and looked over at Kisame. "Do I look like I'm sulking?"


Something about slimy scales had him clawing to feel more.


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