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Note: The plot isn't mine as well. (Cries) This is a sasusaku version of the Korean hit movie of 2001 entitled "My Sassy Girl" starring the angelic Jeon Ji-Hyun and the award-winning Cha Tae-Hyun. The major plot and scenes and dialogues are from the movie, however, changes are made, by me, of course to suit and keep them (referring to Sasuke and Sakura somewhat in character.


My sasusaku version of

My Sassy Girl

Written by Purpleblush017

Two years ago, we promised to meet one another here and open the 'time capsule' we buried.

I came after two years of not seeing her.

I came just as promised.

She didn't.


Insert fan fiction cover:

A pink haired woman with glowing green eyes smiling, and looking straight into the viewer while her left arm locks a raven-haired man's neck as her right arm is on top of his head as if beating him. The man with those mysterious onyx eyes is sulking, frowning and is trying to escape her clutches.

. : Isa : .


And the sound of glasses of beer and laughter echo the place.

On the table where beer and chips and viands lay astray, composed of four seats, there sat four men—a blonde one who grins maniacally, a raven haired man who have his hair tied in a high ponytail and carries an unenthusiastic aura, a black-haired man who have thick brows and another raven haired man who has his lips in a thin line.

"Seriously, Naruto-san! I couldn't believe that you and Hinata-san are now going steady and serious!" The man with the thick brows smiled enviously as he eyed the blonde man who happened to be grinning.

The blonde man, referred as Naruto gulped down his beer and smiled, "Jealous, Lee? Haven't the flame of youth hand you down a girlfriend?" he laughed after saying his line.

"Ch, girlfriends are too troublesome." The man whose spiky hair was on a high ponytail interjected. "Women are bound to be troublesome."

Naruto threw a chip at him still smiling, "You always say that women are troublesome, Shikamaru! Then how come you always beg Ino to take you back after you break up?"

Shikamaru slightly blushed and drank another glass of beer, ignoring Naruto's declaration.

"Oi! Oi!" the man with the grumpy face whose lips were on a thin line snapped, "Why are we talking about women?"

Naruto whistled, "Don't be too hot, Sasuke-teme. You just can't get over the fact that you, aside from Lee, who is gay," He said in a small voice, "don't have a girl to hold, gloat about and display with you like a trinket while walking in malls."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "Tch. I can have a girl whenever I like." Looking outside, he saw one woman pass by, he stood up. "Girls are easy to get."

Naruto saw the twinkle in Sasuke's eyes and knew that he was in a dare. He grinned, pushing him forward. "Then show me, teme!"

"Tch." Sasuke took a step forward and was about to take another when his cell phone rang. Taking it off his pocket, he flipped it open. "Don't disturb me." he simply said.

"What do you mean 'Don't disturb me.'? Is that the way to talk to your mother?"

There was a slight change of his tone, "Aa, oka-san." He eyed the woman he was supposed to hit on walk away and out of sight. He sighed. He'll have to show and prove Naruto some other time.

"Don't you oka-san, oka-san me, young man! Where the hell were you earlier? You were supposed to meet my friend—Mrs. Tanaka! She phoned me to tell that you weren't there!"

Sasuke gave out another sigh and rubbed his temples, "I was lost." A good excuse he learned from one of his professors at school as he enters the class late.

"You were lost? Lost, Sasu-chan? Don't kid with me. Mrs. Tanaka was just going to introduce you to a wonderful young woman! Why did you back—"

What do you call it? Ah, set-up dates. Because when older people know that you're single, they assume that you are miserable and lonely. They make it their responsibility to find you a girlfriend. Which single people like Uchiha Sasuke think is unjustifiable. Older people just love to do match-making too much that they would pester single sons of their friends to go out with another single girl they know. Entertainment for them, that's what it was all about.

"I didn't back out." He couldn't really say no to his wonderful mother directly, but Sasuke could always improvise. "I said I was lost."

There was another voice on the telephone talking to his mother, probably his aniki who just got home from his part-time job.

"Oh, Sasu-chan, just get your butt down here and settle things with me!"

And as the obedient and loving son Sasuke is, he laid defeat. "Aa."

Naruto will definitely have to wait another time.


"The next train will be arriving soon. May we please remind you to stay behind the yellow line to prevent any accidents. Thank you."


Her pink strays of hair flutter in air as she keeps swaying on the edge of the platform. She looks down, hands on her brown buddy bag. Sasuke eyes the pink-haired woman as she looks endangering to fall. The woman appeared to be completely drunk with all the swaying she kept doing.

Klag. Klag. Klag.

The train was soon approaching, getting nearer as each second pass by and the damn woman was still on the very edge of the platform, as if ready to commit suicide as she jumps and gets hit by the fast moving subway train.

Klag. Klag. Klag.

Her head was facing downwards, in what Sasuke thinks is of hesitation—to jump or not to jump? That is the question.

Klag. Klag. Klag.

She didn't really plan to move.


The train stopped.

Sasuke's hands were on her shoulders as he has yanked her away before almost falling to her very end. As the people around them exit and enter the subway train, the pink-haired woman looked up to meet Sasuke's eyes narrowed at her, silently preaching her about her stupid actions.

Sasuke have to admit that the woman's green and shinning eyes made an impact on him. There was happiness and loneliness mixed together in those emerald pools. Her eyes were simply hypnotic. And her striking presence is at awe as her smooth satin skin reflects vividly with the light illuminated by the train station.

He yanked her free, a sign of annoyance of her stupid actions as she stare at him like someone who just grew a pair of horns. Leaving the woman to herself, Sasuke went in the train.

Sasuke stood by the left wing of the train, hands crossed, leaning on the door. It seems that the drunken pink-haired woman is in the same train as well, parallel to him. He eyed her as she sway as she stands, her eyes half-closed.

He might have passed for his caliber, but Sasuke would have to give her an absolute no-no. Why? Uchiha Sasuke doesn't like drunken women. A Major turn-off.

"Che." He cursed as he put his thoughts on another direction.

A man whose probably in his forties stood beside Sakura, who was in front of the seated people. Tucking her long pink strands of hair, he regained composure and opened her eyes.

"Oi!" She said with a raise of tone to the young man who sat in front of the older man. She slapped the young seated man's head. The said man winced and gave her a glare. She must have a heavy hand. "Don't you just sit there! Give your seat to your elders!"

Everyone including Sasuke looked at her as she made a scene.

"Tch." The young man glared harder as he flipped his magazine, falling into ignorance.

The pink-haired woman slapped again, harder it seemed as the man cursed. "Give your seat to the elderly, you bastard!" she gave a murderous aura, "You wanna die?"

Cursing for the last time and scratching his head, which hurts, he sat up and walked away to the next compartment. With him gone and the seat vacant, the older man, who was in his forties sat. The pink-haired actions brought a smirk on Sasuke's lips.

The train stopped for the fourth time.

And Sasuke's stop would be next one. Apparently, the pink-haired woman was not yet getting off the train as well. Coincidental, he thought as he looked at her who looked nauseous. She looked pale. She held a hand on top of her mouth, keeping it in. Sasuke knew what was coming next.

With the speed of the running train, the echo of silence between the passengers, she puked over the man, who was sitting in front of her, throwing him what she ate earlier with a mixture of beer and acid, accommodated by the foul smell. Feeling distressed and ill, she turned around, looked at Sasuke, held out a hand and called, "Honey."

And she passed out, lying on the floor.

Everyone's eyes were on Sasuke. He looked back with a glare. "I'm not that girl's… You can't possibly think that—" but when all the intimidating stares and menacing looks from the older people on the train, Sasuke had no chance of getting out of it. With indignation and insult, he approached the man covered with vomit.

He took out a handkerchief, ready to wipe some of the vomit off of the old man when his hands were slapped away. Sasuke looked at the man who cringed in anger, disgust and shame. "Just look out for your girlfriend, damnit!" The old man cursed at him and looked at the woman lying on the floor.

Sasuke could only grunt in annoyance.

Never had he thought that a night like this would dare happen to him. Never. With Naruto, probably, but with him? No freaking way!

But it did occur. And is happening now.

Sasuke spat curses as he adjusted his hold on the pink-haired woman he's carrying on his back. Said girl stinks. He could only wrinkle his nose in disgust. He looked at the bench and stopped. Slowly, he let her drop on the cold marble bench.

With a last look, Sasuke started walking away from her as if nothing had happened.

The girl shifted her position and dropped on the ground.

Sasuke has nothing to do with that girl. He didn't even know her. So why would he take full responsibility of her? It wasn't his fault that she was drunk. It wasn't his fault that she almost died when the train approached. It wasn't his fault that she puked all over the old man. It wasn't his fault that she passed out.

No. it wasn't his fault.

It was her fault. Hers alone. It was her who made up her mind to drink until her mind spun wildly. And it was just justifiable that he left her there. Right?

Now, why was he feeling guilty?

Sasuke stopped abruptly in his steps and went back.


He could only curse as she comfortably curl on his back as he walked, looking for a decent place to stay. He couldn't possibly go home in this situation. They might think the wrong way, especially with his aniki in the house. No. he couldn't go home with her.

"Shit." He cursed again as almost all of the cheap motels where prostitutes and male takers go in and be 'merry' were all he could see. Not one decent hotel around. Of all the time for his luck to run out, it had to be this day.

There was no other choice when the droplets of rain hit his face and the thunder roared.

Cheap motel room it is then.


"Yo! Welcome to the—" the person on the front desk tried to greet, but the plain sight of a wet, handsome and heavenly-built raven-haired man carrying an asleep pink-haired woman on his back was too much to make him cut his sentence short. Well, add the fact that he knew the man. "Uchiha Sasuke?"

Blame it on the Gods, they hate him.

Never had he thought his professor have a part-time job at a motel as a receptionist. "Kakashi-sensei," yes, his silver-haired sensei may be a pervert. But he didn't think he would go his far. He must probably have installed cameras in each room for a live show during those dull nights. "One room please." Sasuke said with the last strand of wit he has.

There was that weird and malicious smile etched on Hatake Kakashi face as he handed him a key. "I always knew you had it in you, Sasuke." Smile. Smile.

"Fuck off, sensei."

Sasuke laid her on the bed and he plumped on the bed side, exhausted. After a moment of catching his breathe, he glanced at the woman and examined her.

That striking presence and aura was still there, captivating him. Her luscious pinkish lips which were slightly parted were enticingly tempting to kiss. The way her hair fell in a messy bundle was simply magical. Her chest, heaving up and down, those full breasts moving, slightly bouncing made him intoxicated with lust. Her smooth legs just behind her pants, delicious.

He leaned in to take just one taste. Just one. It's not bad as he think of it as his prize for the generosity he did for this woman he did not even know.

Yes, Uchiha Sasuke does have hormones. He shook his head, trying to wring off the naughty mental images inside his head. Just one kiss. And his hormones are working just properly.

He was about to dive in and take claim when the stink of vomit covered with the rain invaded his nose. He backed away quickly. Drunken women simply wreaks.

He looked around. Dare he think of it? Will he, a full-blooded male undress a woman he did not know and bathe her? As in naked? As in no clothes at all just bare skin? Sasuke blushed with just the thought. Something was tightening down there, in between his legs. He cursed.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

With his wit, his aching tempted hands rolled around her long sweater unbuttoning it one by one. As he smoothly took off the sweater, his hands brushed on her smooth and warm skin. As soon as the sweater was out of the way and thrown into the side, the stinking smell was eased at least three or four levels.

Sasuke gulped down as he saw the thin white spaghetti strapped undershirt. He could clearly see the butterfly printed bra she was wearing with a peak on its middle. Bad thoughts! Bad thoughts! He chanted as he closed his eyes, concentrating.

The female grunted and scratched her neck. As most drunk people feel, she felt hot on the insides. And when you feel hot, what do you do? Ah, there, as Sasuke opened his eyes, he could see the pink-haired woman sat straight, barely awake. There, right before his very eyes, the woman took her undershirt of in a haste way, not even sexy, but still, seeing that bare skin and those curves and molds.


And now she was trying to get her pants off, which she did in a hurry, without wasting any time. When the blasted thing she called 'pants' were off, she dropped on the bed with a thud, suddenly sound asleep again.

Without nothing on her—just her bra and panties, Sasuke's nose bled. As he has secretly read Icha Icha Paradise, he could relate and connect with the plotline of the story with what he was in right now.

With the strong urge, his treacherous hand stretched itself and was ready to touch and feel skin to skin.



Police wrecked the front door of their room with guns pointed at him. "This is a raid! Stop what you're doing!"


It was a great scene to see for the police officers:

A drunk woman only in her bra and panties while Sasuke's hand was stretched, only an arm-length away from the woman's bosom.

What a lucky day for Uchiha Sasuke!

The police officer called Sasuke and opened the door.

"You just made bail. You're free to go."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Made bail? I didn't call anyone. He stepped out of the jail and went into the front desk only to be surprised as he saw the one person he did not expect and wanted to be there. Really, of all the people, it just had to be him.

"Aniki," he breathed out.

As he saw the malicious smile on Uchiha Itachi's face, Sasuke knew that his dearly beloved older brother knew what happened to him. He racked his brain. Must be Kakashi-sensei's doing. He must have phoned him to tell everything.

Itachi greeted, "Ototo," he smiled again, very malicious and evilly.

Sasuke looked away, with a pink tint on his cheeks. "Tch,"

Older brother smiled, "So, you aren't gay after all!"


Three days later…

Sasuke's cell phone rang.

"Hn?" he greeted the caller.

"Are you the one who kidnapped and rapped me at that cheap motel room?"

Sasuke's eyes squinted as his eyebrows met one another. "What? Rape? Who are you?"

"Meet me later at noon at Shibuya." The caller demanded clear and strong.

Sasuke's hold on the cell phone tightened, "Miss, if you're that pink-haired woman, you must be mistaken I did not kidnap—"

"Later at Shibuya, at noon! Come or else!" she hissed on the phone. What kind of a person hisses on the phone?

The line went dead.

There in front of the park, stood a pink-haired woman, a weird hair color. She's smiling. Smiling as her twinkling bright eyes met my onyx ones. At least she was wearing pants and a very tight t-shirt. She waved and approached me.

"So, you're the one?" she asked, still giving a smile.

I straighten myself as the hands in my pocket curled into a fist. "Look I didn't—" realization dawned. "How did you know it was me?"

"The police officer gave me a picture of you." She grabbed my arm, locking hers onto mine. "Anymore questions, Mr. Uchiha Sasuke?" she uttered cutely and sweetly at the same time.

I raise a fine eyebrow at her, oblivious over the fact that she took the liberty of claiming my hand. "Your name."

If it was possible, her bright smile would have blinded me. "Haruno Sakura." She must be a daughter of light and warmth. Being in the sun made her features more powerful than at night. Leveling from what I've seen when we first met when she's drunken and wasted, she looks better and shining.

My train of thoughts scattered away when she started pulling me as she walked.

"What the hell? What are you doing?" I spat at her, annoyed.

She smiled. "We're going on a date."

If you know the movie, you will see that I edited the scenes and some other things. Watch the original Korean hit movie of 2001 entitled 'My Sassy Girl'! I swear, you won't regret it!