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Stuff happens. Sometimes fortunately… sometimes not so much. I think the stuff happened to me is not good but it isn't bad, just weird, the strangest thing happened to me. My name is unknown to many (minus my parents, my friends, omniscient beings, my worst enemy and almost any people I know ) but I love calling myself "Apoc".

You must know about me nothing, except I am male about sixteen. 'Nuff said. Oh yeah, there is also my hobby of traveling across the Universes trough strange portals called "Interdimentional conducts". I'm not an hero but, as I said, stuff happens: I saved one or two worlds, that's it!

I am currently stuck in a new universe. It's very futuristic and there are many aliens. I read in a sort of newspaper (abet an ultra-technological one) it is the year 20XX. Not kidding, there are two Xs instead of numbers. Anyway the most annoying thing is another. I usually have cool power which revolves about dark magic, mostly pretty powerful Dark Globes, but because of this universe, I got stripped of them. So, instead to "borrow" thing from others, I have to earn money (they call them 'credits'). Thus that, I can't get out of here. I DO Hate this universe. Worst of all, I have caught flu (sneeze) in the precedent universe I have been, and I have a bit of headache.

It isn't easy to live here: to sustain myself I even need to eat smaller rat looking aliens (apparently, it's not an offense as a dragon-like police officer did try to EAT me... or the aliens were true rats) and I almost never find a good place to sleep . However, life started going better one month ago: during the latest fair I met a strange man who, in exchange of my last golden money (stolen from a pirate from a previous universe) gave me a computer-like book called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which has allowed me to live for beyond a month without spending any money., and I traded my armor, which was considered by nine-eyed tentacle aliens "Freakish" with more comfortable light brown farmer outfit. But finally the time is come. I will get a job. Today I am going to be interviewed for the job of journalist. I think to be good to write story . I have just to enter in the biggest building of the city planet and get the Big Boss to hire me. No problem…. I hope.

There are many people (aliens as well) who are attending along with me their interview. The last one to enter was a green gargantuan troll-like beast. He was pretty aggressive: when I tried to talk to him he growled and roared splashing me with green saliva. He is tough. I am about to think that he is gonna get the work… or isn't? Wow, that's strange. Not only the troll has been rejected, but now he is crying like a little girl who wants his mommy. I fell almost sorry for him… almost. If he won the job, then I would not have any hope to get it. Very well, according to the secretary, I am the next. I am pretty worried. If the Big Boss make a gargantuan beast cry, what will happen to me? Too questions, no answer. I am truly worried… but interested.

The Big Boss is a giant black floating humanoid head surrounded by flames. He is behind a white desk in his light gray office with many newspapers. On a coffee cup on the desk there is his name written with dark blue character: "Mister Kaldrenkrops". He stare at me, then he slowly tell me to sit down. I take a chair and obey. Anxiety was slowly taking over me. In Italic I wrote my thoughts.

"Then, what's your name, boy?", he says slowly.

"I am called… Apoc", I answer shyly

"Apoc… What?"

Damn! I have no surname! I gotta improvise."Apoc… Smith" Oh, yeah, truly original! I couldn't havechosen a lamer name!

"So, Mr. Smith, why do I have to get you as my new journalist?", he asks me with a challenging tone.

"Very well – I say with more self-control – I have determination, I am cunning and I can be very tenacious. I have nothing to lose, if I have to get an interview with the most dangerous talking being of the universe, then I will!", Well, I think I have impressed him.

The Big Boss stare at me without talking. Then he says: "I'm sorry, Mr. Smith. I respect your bravery and I am very impressed - YES! – but I need another kind of person for this job."

What? I don't care. I will get it… As of now the best scheme is to flatter him, the I will see.
"But, please, Mr. Kaldrenkrops. I do need this job" I cry.

"SILENCE!", he shouts surrounding himself with even more flame Oh Lord, I do not make a good move. "When I say no it means… Just a moment, how do you call me?"

Why is he asking me this?, "Mr. Kaldrenkrops. Why are you asking me this? Is it not your name?"

"Yes, it is, but… how do you know it?", he is really curious

"I… read it … from the coffee cup?", I say shyly to him. Why is he so surprised?


"Of course!", Now I am truly confused

"And… may you even write?", He says curiously making a paper and a pen appear.

I take the note and write "What kind of people can't write, sir?".

He reads it and says: "Actually, Mr. Smith, there is a very high level of illiteracy in this world. For example, the previous alien did not know either what "write" means. Well, I have no reason to not take you with me. If everything you said about yourself is true, you might really interview the most dangerous being of the universe, the bounty hunter Samus Aran!"

Really? "Really?"

"Yes, you will. You will commence tomorrow. I want you here at seven o' clock!"

"Thank you, sir. I will not let you down!"

Eh… My life is going the right way, and when I will find an interdimentional conduct… it will be even better


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