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I had no idea Mr. Kaldrenkrops needed so many bodyguards. Not only we are a dozen, but we are also well equipped. We have white uniform with Plexiglas helmet… I have also so many weapon: a laser rifle, two plasma guns and a laser whip… cool but pretty strange. At least I am paid very much: finally I have some decent clothes and I can live in an hotel room … it's a much better life than the one with Samus. I mean, I miss her a bit, she was so harsh to me but also so friendly … she was also so hot … I should forget about her.

But why do I feel something wrong ? Mr. Kaldrenkrops was initially so kind, now he starts looking quite malicious, and his right hand, Nixl… he gives me creeps: he looks like a giant green goblin-like humanoid worm with a grainy voice, and it's the nicest description I could come up with.

On the other side, I couldn't think of a better life. We just sometimes escort our boss, but we rarely, no, I mean, NEVER get into real action. I'm upset: on one side I'd like to have a fight, as that's why I'm being pad, yet, on the other side, I am aware of my limits, and I know I am likely to bite the dust if I attempt to put up fight. And I think I remember too much what happened last time and, despite I think it's unlikely that those Space Rider will attack again, but… well, I'm thinking too much… I just don't have a good feeling about what's happening around, that's it!

"Mr. Smith, is something tormenting you?", an obnoxious voice says from behind. I know who is, yet I turn around. My eyes have the displeasure to have again to 'enjoy' Nixl's appearance. Geez, he's so ugly… why didn't my boss hire an hot action girl like Samie? Perhaps a quirk of his specie I will never be able to agree.

"No, Mr. Nilx, just… - I stay silent, but I eventually decide to confess my feeling – There is something around too wrong. And I'm not empathic at all! Do you feel this too?"

Nilx doesn't answer and disappears out of thin air. As you can guess, I hate him, but don't be he is not a guy to mess up with… unless you are Samus Aran, but I'm just her wannabe boyfriend… I mean, I WAS. Better I go to bed, it is never going to happen anything wrong. After all, it has been so relaxing today, yet my feeling is draining me of all my energies. When I promptly reach my bed and I see my bed, I use my remaining willpower to jump onto it. I neither put on my pajama Suddenly, I feel something vibrating: believe it or not is MY PILLOW…

I wonder why my boss keeps making phones out of the most unthinkable object. I guess the Krops aren't that smart. Just like that time, I take it and answer. It's Mr. Kaldrenkrops, and he wants all of his bodyguards with him right now. Fortunately, I'm already dressed, so I have less labor... The only thing is to put on my helmet… Well, now it's time to go!

We are all gathered in a large room, our boss being above a chair and his right hand crawling on the wall behind him.

My favorite floating head stays before us and says: "I'm sorry to disturb you, my trustworthy worker, but we have an intruder! An assassin, hired to kill me and anyone on his way. You have to stop this person!"

Oh, God! The day I have feared all along has come

"Sir – a coworker of mine, called Frank, asks – who is this criminal?"

"Well – Nilx replies – One of you knows this person VERY WELL! A bounty hunter that has eliminated whole planets singlehandedly. This character has taken out flying dragons, well-armed and armored enemies by the score, is fast and can roll into a basketball-sized Morph Ball to get into tight places. The arm cannon on the armor suit worn fires a variety of both energy beams and projectiles, when in ball form it drops bombs of various kinds, and can execute enemies by simply jumping through them, with the infamous Screw Attack. It doesn't hurt either, that SAMUS ARAN, under all that armor, is a female"

OH, NO! Why, out of all the guy existing in the galaxy, Samus MUST be the one who want Mr. Kaldrenkrops dead?

"Well, listen, my next mission involves going into a pretty rich planet and taking care of a mysterious businessman"

"When you say 'taking care' you mean killing, right?" I interrupt her

"Of course" she blurts out

Oh, yeah, for this! For the sake of business and danger, just like I, for the sake of self flagellation, am going to fight her toe to toe… I think I am the only one who fears so much the situation. I'm just guessing how much my colleagues are gloating about taking her out.

"Samus? Is he kidding", another coworker of mine yells.

"She brought beast ten time our size down with her power suit, and I heard that even without it, she is still strong enough to rip a man in half", another bodyguard cries really scared.

" That girl's not a badass – Frank shouts – she's a worst-ass, the worst worst-ass in the galaxy!"

Seeing that even my buddies are afraid, I gain a bit more of self-confidence and says: "Yeah, she is dangerous, but I object: Samus has a really nice ass".

All of sudden, everyone in the room stares at me like I was mad.

"Of course – I state – that's just a personal opinion, and…"

"SILENCE, MR. SMITH! - both Mr. Kaldrenkrops and Nilx scream – That's not the matter. The trouble is that SAMUS IS HERE AND MUST BE STOPPED at all the costs. Now, all of us around this building. The hunter must not get out of here alive! ".

All of we head to the way out of the room, me being the last. But before I can quit, Nilx stops me with his hideous hand.

"No, Mr. Smith – he hisses – you ain't going with 'em!"

"Listen, Nixl – I shyly reply – about that comment, I wasn't joking, I really think…"

"Screw Samus' butt, Mr. Smith – Nilx interrupts me – we need you somewhere else!"

Just a question: did Nilx's statement contain innuendo? I have no time to answer to myself that my two superiors bring me to an air vent.

"What should I do with it, sirs?", I ask puzzled.

"Mr. Smith, you know it's a classic an assassin break in his/her victim's base through air vent, don't you?" , Mr. Kaldrenkrops affably says.

"Of course, sir!", I answer.

" So we decided to put our best bodyguard as well in the air vent, so he could bring Samus to a standstill for enough time to gather up all of his colleagues and ultimately bring the Hunter down."

Okay, I understand: as I told him I trained with Samus, he really think I am a skilled fighter when actually I am an incompetent who will be walloped by the Hunter as soon as he will meet her.

"Just a question: wouldn't have been easier if there weren't air vent large enough to make Samus break in?", I ask to confuse them

Mr. Kaldrenkrops stares at me just like he expected the question and answers: "My architects were moron. Fortunately, Nilx got rid of them".

For some disturbing reason, Nilx is licking his narrow, dark purple lips with a snake-like lips. I'd rather not think what my boss was meaning

"Also – the Krops continues – we are exploiting this weakness, as you see. Now go inside!"

"But they are so narrow: I need to be greased up at least.". All of sudden, a can of grease appear. I talk WAY too much.

Now, all greased up, I am crawling inside the labirint which are the air vents of Mr. Kaldrenkrops' building. He rightfully made Nilx "got rid of" the architects: those construction are freakishly long, devious and neither vent very well. Luckily for me, my helmet has a light. Also, the grease on my outfit is really bothering the hell out of me.

Dark, lack of air, grease, long time…it is very tiring at least to me. If I will relax for a bit, no one will notice it… I haven't slept today yet. I just need something akin to a pillow. Oh, look. Someone forgot an orange ball here in the air vent. I hope it is comfortable enough. Just a moment: why would someone leave an orange ball in an air vent? … Uh oh!

SHE is fast and can roll into a basketball-sized Morph Ball to get into tight places.

Good, I've just found out Samus' location! Better to call my fellows.

"Guys – I say in my communicator, hoping someone else will hear this message - I found Samus. It's in the sector 3E, more or less near the living room. She is in the Morph Ball form, at her "most vulnerable", she hasn't seen me yet!"

"No, no, you are wrong – the orange ball, suddenly next to me, says – I have!"

I feel really scared. So scared I can't feel any emotion at all. I'm like a robot. So I expressionlessly keep talking and say: "I mean, she's just seen me. I'll try to hold her as long as I can. In the meanwhile all of you must reach the sector 3E. Bye Bye!".

Then I face the orange ball Samus is and gawk at her. Heck, I have no idea what to do! On the other hand she is now, as I said, at her most vulnerable. I mean, what could she do to me while he is in that form?
I get the answer in a matter of second. She drops some bombs and (I'm not making this up!") ram against me. Incredibly enough she is managing to toss me through most of the air vents, and the explosions aren't helping my suit. I end up out of the air vent, on the living room crashing against a very soft sofa. If you consider it luck, I remind you Samus is still here, and with a really cool move gets out of the air vent and with a jump lands before me with all of her armor, with her cannon arm aimed at me! It's NO good. All of the civilian present in the room run away screaming and panicking.

Luckily for me, Nilx and my coworkers show up. Their entrance distract Samus for enough time to let me back away from her. In the meanwhile, however, Samus takes two bodyguards out with her Ice Beam and proceed toward Nilx. I have no clue about what I should do. On one hand, Samus could have a reason to kill my boss better than, as I said before, "for the sake of business and danger", yet I don't know how much I can gain by switching sides: Samus may not be that grateful, and let's not get started about what my fellows would do to me if I dare to betray them… Just got an idea.

"Mr. Smith – the Krop asks – why are you here?".

"Well – I boldly reply – I thought Samus would have been surprised to find the most skilled of all the bodyguards still protecting his target, so…"

He looks at me questioningly, then he nods and says: "Good Idea! After all, she should be tired after fighting Nilx and the others… I hope you have a strategy anyway"

"Of course I do", I grin, and I'm not lying.

Samus soon appear with an huge explosion. She is covered in grayish slime, which, from Kaldrenkrops' expression, I realize it's Nilx's blood. The Hunter slowly walk, with her right arm energy cannon charged, and promptly says: "Okay, Krop. All of your bodyguards are knocked out or escaped. Only we remain… face to face!".

Mr. Kaldrenkrops answer: "Wrong, girl! I have still a bodyguard. Mr. Smith, go forth and kill her!"

Why did he have to call me? I slowly go toward Samus, who quickly aims her cannon at me, and I take off my helmet, shouting: "Hello, Samus? Do you recognize me?"

While I can't see her through the visor, I guess her face is between shock and rage, as she almost venomously says: "You?". As soon as the Hunter completes the world, I toss the helmet at her, hitting square her face. She merely shrugs the attack off and blasts me, heavily damaging my suit.

"Was that your strategy?", the krop asks.

"Well, yes! I thought I would have knocked her down!", I firmly answer.

"But didn't Samus herself train you?", he angrily shouts.

"But no avail!", I sadly reply.

At first, Mr. Kaldrenkrops was about to explode, the he turns calm and says: "Okay, then follow my orders: use you laser whip and take her cannon!"

"Are you sure it will work?", I question.

He merely says: "Don't worry!"

I do exactly what he says, but Samus exploits the situation by lifting me and using her superhuman strength to pull me toward her. Then she punches me…


That's a veEEEEryYyyyy baaAAADddd hHiiiTTtt, mMe cAaNt'T' rReEAsssooOOn WwEEElllll… wegjdèpgweohjvbgpqowehgfpwehgpwheb dsifjewoihpibwvhlv bidshiewhpt924u' 84t'9uu3fpovjvdkeue gufvjeifhwopfè aihs ….--….

Whoa! That was a punch with the capital P. It knocked me unconscious and… What? I'm floating in the air? Next to Mr. Kaldrenkrops? With Samus using her Screw attack to dodge fireballs? On the top of a flaming building?

"Wey, guys! Did I miss something?", I ask them, despite I see they are too busy to answer.

"Not very much! – Mr. Kaldrenkrops answers – I'm just using you as a meat shield! You are neither a pretty good hostage, anyway".

"Mr. Kaldrenkrops, are you sure it will work! This plan seems rather pointless!" I barely manage to say between all this chaos.

"Well, I managed to fake my death when I sent that biomechanical Space Raiders to get my life insurance and making much better businesses in this planet. This plan is much easier. It will work".

What? He cheated his death and brought so many people to their doom jus for business matters? What kind of merciless moron could do it? And I'm in a brawl between a giant floating head covered in flames, who revealed himself to be an outright bastard, and Samus Aran, the most badass female I know, and I can't do anything but SCREAM.

No, a better term is SHRIEK like a girl. And so I shriek like I have never done in my life. All of sudden, the krop looks very fuzzy and weak. Why? That's strange, it seems krops are weak to loud sound. Well, Mr. Kaldrenkrops deserves to lose and I owe Samus something for all her hospitality. So I keep screaming and the krop, now too weak to fight, is soon blasted to death by Samus' plasma rays. As my former boss crumble to ashes, I lands on the hard roof, fortunately without breaking any bone and so does Samus,. She then face Mr. Kaldrenkrops' cinders and says: "Mission complete! Now we can turn to personal business".

Ops, why is Samus facing me? I have no intention to fight Samus… I slowly crawl back as Samus walks toward me. Noticing my stress she firmly shouts: "STOP!". I obey, ready to face my doom. Instead she kindly asks: "So, another coincidence?".

"Yup!", I answer.

"Well – she says - It was delightful seeing you, a bit less that you were fighting against me but… after all the stuff we had before, I'm not surprised anymore. Well, Goodbye!".

So, she is about to go away. But, it's strange, I missed Samus and, now that I don't have a job, I want Samus back! I grab with a jump her calves and I say: "Please, Samie, can I remain with you?".

I think a tear is going along my cheek. I can't believe it I consider the greatest menace of the galaxy and the most dangerous being in the galaxy as a friend. It's even more unthinkable about my lustful feelings for her…

"Please, Samie!", I keep saying.

Samus stares at me and answer: "Apoc, you shouldn't stay with me… My life is too hard and you are too immature to deal with it!"

"But consider the advantages – I answer – your ship has never been that clean! You have human company! And I break monotony constantly!".

Samus says: "Okay, tell me something completely unpredictable. I may let you stay again with me!"

I say the first it comes up to my mind: "I find you attractive even with your armor on".

"Dear Apoc, if I had let you roam free around the universe, I would have done a crime neither a Space Pirate would be willing to do!", an armorless Samus shouts while driving her ship.

"Well - I answer – I could agree about the not letting me "roaming around the universe" thing, but you could have let me roam around you ship instead to imprison me into a giant container of Plexiglas. I can barely breath inside it!"

"I'm punishing you for that horrible joke. I now understand why one of the bodyguards asked me to see my butt to see if it was really "that nice" . I may leave you free after a month! Then you will start cleaning my ship and do other chores"…

I guess it will be a very long moth, so I decide to switch topic. I look at the panorama through the visor of the ship.

"Wow, what a beautiful panorama. Those stars, planet. Isn't it wonderful, Samus?"

She slowly turn to me and says: "Actually, I'm used to this panorama and I see nothing particular, yet… well, it isn't bad at all. You know, Apoc, you are a very strange guy!".

I answer with a shrug, a smile and a "Yup!"

This is my relationship with the Hunter. At first, I had only respect and lust for her, now there is a more complex feeling: a friendship which I know it will last forever. It was worth of it, and I wouldn't change it for anything else. No doubt, I suffer of Stockholm syndrome, and I like it!



Name: Samus Aran
Mid twenties
Position: Bounty Hunter
Home planet: Earth colony K-2L
Weapons: Mech suit, right arm energy cannon
General wear: Usually Mech Suit while on a job, but wears Zero Suit (form fitting blue suit, much less bulky than Mech) or a pair of pants very short and a high-necked sleeveless top in free time
Hair: Blonde, mid back length, usually tied up in pony tail when in Zero Suit
Eyes: Blue
Has been a bounty hunter for many years, many hours of experience under her belt, generally hanged around her main employers', the Galactic Federation, base. She has recently become an outlaw.

Name: Apoc "Smith"
Unemployed, Samus' assistant
Home planet:
Weapons: energy whip
General wear:
general clothes
Hair: Black, neck length
Background: Saved by Samus during an invasion, he just out of gratitude has become her assistant