Lunacy of Blue Angel — Metroid Blue

Prologue: A Galactic Excerpt

(Disclaimer: The characters presented in this story are not owned by this author. Those honors go to several creative minds at Nintendo as well as the alien concepts drafted by one Akihito Yoshitomi. The author is a poor college student and not worth suing. However any character who only exists in this story is owned by me.

With that out of the way, I'm about to introduce this story: hopefully the only thing you'll need to read this story is some basic knowledge of the Metroid series, if that.)

Several years ago, a simple planet found itself at war against alien invaders. Galactic Federation found itself unable to interfere due to the delicate situation and the pride exhibited by both sides. These aliens manipulated a number of unstudied weapons with hallucinogenic effects, earning them a clean victory against the planet's natives. As a result, they built a space colony nearby with the spoils of the defeated planet.

This race, simply known as the Arume, are known for their highly unusual technology, their high appreciation for beauty... and the fact that all of them are female. They are well versed in various technologies and highly intelligent. To this day they have eluded Galactic Federation examination and continue to conduct experiments of varying morality. There have been reports that the Arume have visited numerous other planets and have brought back select people to this colony to aid in their research.

We can't touch them. We don't know anything about them.

We have sent an agent to this colony, but no word has been received back.

This is a growing concern; we need to act quickly before they become anywhere near as dangerous as the Space Pirates.