All Around Me

A/N: This is a songfic. I know…ew. But I love this song, and I immediately thought Draco/Hermione! There are 10 chapters to this fic, and I will try to update weekly. After the next couple of weeks, as exams will be in progress. For readers of my other stories—don't fret! All Around Me will not affect any of my other stories. In fact mischievous grin , expect a chapter of Confessions up soon! Warning…this chapters are short. Very.

Disclaimer: I neither own the World of Harry Potter, or the song All Around Me by Flyleaf. All lyrics belong to Flyleaf.

My hands are searching for you
My arms are outstretched towards you
I feel you on my fingertips
My tongue dances behind my lips for you

"What can I do to make you trust me, Hermione?" Draco pleaded, grasping her hands in his—dwarfing them with their size.

"I do trust you, Draco." She said, but she looked away as she did, and her cheeks burned with the lie that filled her mouth.

"No you don't." he sighed and dropped her hands, turning away from her—frustrated. He was frustrated.

"You're being difficult," he added, running his tongue over his lips as he focused his answer.

"I can't trust you, Draco. You've killed far too many. I can't help but imagine—if hewants you to—will you? Kill me, one of these days?" Hermione exhaled as she delivered this sentence, looking tentatively at his expression.

"I can't give you my life, Hermione. I've already given you so much. Can't you accept the fact that I love you?" He said these words cuttingly, and the sentiment behind them couldn't take the edge off the tone.

This was starting to weigh her down—his supposed affection, and she wanted nothing more from him at that moment that to be free of his pleading looks, his crazed demeanor.

"You'll never trust me…will you, Hermione? Ever?" He placed a hand to her cheek—slowly, agony evident in his eyes—they were dark grey, and there was no liquid behind the corneas…deep, dark shards of ice resided in the orbs that allowed him to pierce through her—to recognize her weaknesses even as she tried her damnedest to hide them from him.

"I will, Draco. Eventually. But for now—can you live without the obsession? Can you and I just…be?" She gave him a hopeful grin, and he smiled at her in return.

"Of course, Hermione. Let's…be." He looked pained as he said this, and he quickly pushed the point of his wand into her throat.

"Morpheus," he said clearly, and Hermione's hair shot back into her skull, her eyes taking on a dreamy blue quality, the remains of her short hair turning straight and black.

"Impedimenta!" He said loudly, his wand pointed to the left of Hermione's head as she responded with an equally misplaced, "Protego!" They kept up that pretence for awhile—Draco shooting inaccurate spells as Hermione responded with even less accurate shielding ones. Finally, Draco gave his resonant "Avada Kedavra!" and Hermione fell away. She smiled as she disappeared, and Draco cast a Vanishing spell towards the ground.

"Be safe, Hermione," He said slowly, his tones dark with anguish. Hermione bit her lip, until it bloodied, and slipped her face towards his, her lips grasping for something she didn't know, didn't want to know, and she reaches his.


Crash, and mounds of gore and repulsion rain down upon them, and her face is coated with the realization that this is her life. And that from the day she met Harry Potter—from the day she found out she was a witch—from the day she was born, this was who she was meant to be.

And she as blood in her hair, and she still kisses him, her lips pressed profoundly against his own cold, pale ones.

"Leave," he orders into her mouth, and she obeys quickly, disapparating as the sky is red—and the blood of innocents stains her hands.