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I can't believe it's over. A few tears trickled down my cheek as I waved goodbye to Charlie. He was the last to leave the reception. Edward's arm around my waist tightened. I looked up into his face. He smiled down at me, smoldering, but controlled. We were standing at the top of the steps outside the beautiful house that Alice transformed into the most beautiful, flowery, Victorian style wedding reception. It was perfect. I couldn't complain about anything because everyone I loved was happy. Even Charlie couldn't help but smile as he walked me down the aisle toward Edward. Or maybe he was smiling because Emmett would be performing the ceremony. It was Edward's idea anyway. Emmett was thrilled when I asked him to go on-line and get certified so he could perform the ceremony. Edward wasn't too keen on the idea, but he knew it would make me more comfortable.

Forks would not soon forget this event. Alice went all out... again. She didn't let one detail go undone. All I had to do was show up. It's the least I could do. But now, I could breathe. Edward watched my face as I thought about all these things. I could see he was getting impatient for me to tell him what I was thinking about. I felt his hand slide down my left arm, and cradle my hand in his and bring it up to his lips. He kissed my hand so gently, then he kissed each fingertip. He stopped and stared at the rings around my third finger. I could see the pride and joy swell up in his eyes. He looked up at me and said "Isabella Marie Cullen, for the rest of my existence I will try to make you as happy as you have made me today. I love you."

I couldn't speak. I felt like my heart would explode it was so full of love and adoration for this angel in front of me. If only he knew he didn't need to do anything to make me happy, he just had to BE. Just then, the front door swung open and Alice came bounding out of the house and wrapped her arms around me. "Welcome to the family Bella! We are officially sisters!" I loved Alice. I knew we would be the best of friends for the rest of our...existence. I saw her make a face at Edward, then I saw Edward mouth the word "Thank you" and he smiled as she bounced down the steps toward the garage. I wanted to ask him what that was about, but Rosalie now came out of the house. Her beauty still took my breath away, but she looked a little sad. I hoped over time she would learn to like me. I was surprised when she came over and hugged me. She whispered into my ear "enjoy the time you have, and thank you for making Edward happy." She didn't even look at Edward. She just walked past him down the steps in the direction Alice had gone.

I looked at Edward, unsure about what to feel about Rosalie. He read my face and said "don't worry, she'll come around in time, and we will have a lot of it." I felt a little reassured. Before I could worry any longer, I heard Emmett and Jasper laughing as they came around the corner. They were shaking hands. When they saw us, Edward started to shake his head with disappointment. Emmett quickly said "prove me wrong Edward, prove me wrong." Jasper just snickered under his breath. Without any warning, Emmett picked me up in a bear hug. The wind was knocked right out of me. Edward had to pull his arms apart because he didn't realize what he did. I quickly inhaled as Emmett chuckled. "Sorry Bella, I forgot you aren't one of us quite yet." I glowered at him then responded "don't worry Emmett, as soon as I'm changed I'll be back to give you a big hug." That stopped his laughing quick. "We'll see about that." Then he flashed me his warmest smile and I couldn't help but smile back. "Have fun" he yelled as he ran down the front steps. Jasper was still standing there. I suddenly started to feel swells of peace and happiness come over me. I looked at him wondering why, then I realized he was just exuding what he was feeling. "I told you Bella, you are worth it!" With that, he walked past us and down the steps. I looked to Edward again, and he just smiled.

I suddenly wondered where everyone was heading. "Where are they all going?" I asked Edward. He seemed to be holding back a smile. "Uh, I think they have plans for the weekend. Here come Carlisle and Esme." I turned to face them as they came out the front door. They both stood there smiling. Then Esme approached me slowly with her arms extended. I quickly stepped into her waiting arms and hugged her tight. "My dear sweet Bella, thank you. You will never understand what you have done for me. There is no one else who could fill the place that you have in our family. You were meant for Edward. You were meant for all of us. I love you, dear Bella." I couldn't stop the tears that cascaded down my face. She simply wiped them with her hand then picked up my hands and kissed them. "Be gentle" she whispered to Edward as she walked by. Carlisle was suddenly next to me. "Through all the years that have passed since I decided I didn't want to be lonely anymore, I have worried about whether or not I made the right choice. Today, as I watched Edward look at you while exchanging your vows, I realized that I didn't have a choice in the matter. He was meant to be here for you. You have brought peace to my mind on that subject. You are family. You always were. Thank you."

I stood there, my head dropped in shame because I did not feel worthy of all their love and gratitude. I was the one who felt that way. Edward grabbed my hand and swung me around to wave goodbye to them as they all headed away from the house in their vehicles. It took me a minute, then I turned and asked him again "where are they all going?"

"Don't worry, they'll be back. Come on, we need to go." It dawned on me that I had no idea where we were going to spend our honeymoon. I started to blush at the thought of the word "honeymoon". Edward reached out and touched my cheek.

"What are you thinking about dear?" I shook my head and said "oh, nothing." I was about to step towards the house when he stopped me with his arm. I looked up surprised, but then I saw him smiling. "Please, let me do this right" he said as he scooped up my legs and carried me over the threshold. I felt a little silly, but I liked it. The house felt more...officially home now. He set me down once we were inside. I looked at him, confused. "Are you hungry Bella?" he asked as he started walking towards the kitchen. I followed him, not quite sure if I was or not. When I walked into the kitchen I saw a silver tray filled with a wide assortment of food next to some candles on the counter. I realized then that I was hungry. I was so busy visiting with friends and family during the reception, that I didn't really eat anything. Edward was smiling. "Eat up, you're going to need the energy tonight!" I blushed again. I wasn't sure if my stomach could handle food right now, it was too full of butterflies.

I managed to eat a few things. Edward just stood there watching me eat. I started to feel a little self-conscious, but then I realized I wouldn't "need" to eat soon, so I should just enjoy it while I could. I picked up a silver foil covered ball. I unwrapped it and popped the chocolate truffle in my mouth. It melted in my mouth. Edward's eyes grew wide as he watched me indulge in this confectionery morsel. "Mmmm, that was good. You want to try one?" I asked. His face looked amused but he said "no thanks, but are you done yet?"

"Why Edward, are you anxious about something?"

"I just thought we should get a move on."

"Where exactly are we going? You haven't told me yet." I really was curious.

He just smiled. "Can you guess?"

"Alaska? Canada? Siberia?" I teased.

"Not exactly, it's closer than that."

I decided I wanted to experience another chocolate truffle. As I opened up the wrapper, Edward commented "I hear that chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac." I froze.

Then I smiled, popped the chocolate in my mouth, and said "then you must be made of chocolate, because all I need is you to get excited." That made him freeze, then he grinned.

Edward grabbed my elbow and started pulling me away from the counter.

"Okay, you're done. Come on, we're going." We walked out into the main hall and I headed towards the front door. Edward just stopped and watched me walk. I stopped, turned around and asked "aren't we leaving?" I figured Alice had packed for me and it was ready to go in the Volvo. What was Edward waiting for?

"Did you forget something?" I asked as I walked back towards him.

"Yeah, come help me find it." He picked me up and carried me up the stairs to his bedroom door. He paused before he opened the door and looked down at me and said "Isabella Marie Cullen, I will love you forever, and that won't be long enough." He pushed open the door and I gasped.

The room had been transformed into a palatial suite. There were white silk panels draped from the ceilings. There were vases of flowers everywhere. The gentle lighting was created by hundreds of floating candles in shallow glass bowls spread around the room. In the center of the room was "the bed". All the bedding was white, except for a single pillow at the head of the bed that was white with 3 letters embroidered in royal blue floss. Our monogram: ECB. Then I heard a beautiful piano piece playing in the background. Edward had composed something special for tonight.

I looked lovingly at Edward and he looked relieved.

"Will you be happy if we spend our honeymoon here? If not, we can go anywhere you like."

I wrapped my arms around his neck and said " there's no where else I'd rather be. Besides, this is where I first imagined it would happen." He stiffened as he remembered the night I tried to seduce him. He relaxed quickly and leaned in to kiss me. I lifted one finger up between our lips and said "I need a human minute." He sighed and let himself fall back onto the bed. I walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

My heart was racing. My palms started to sweat. What do I do? How do I start? What do I wear? Out of the corner of my eye I saw my weekend bag sitting on the dressing table. I saw a white piece of paper attached to it.

"Bella, congratulations again sister! I have something special for you to wear tonight. Edward might pass out when he sees you in it. Have fun! Actually, I know you will. )"

I really hope Alice didn't see what will inevitably happen in a little while. I had to stop thinking about her. Okay, let's see what she got. I opened the bag and saw a small bundle wrapped in some pink tissue paper. I lifted it out of the bag and something cascaded downward. It was beautiful. It was a blue silk nightgown, with thin lace straps, a moderate V-neck in the front and a plunging V-neck on the back. It was so soft and silky in my hands. Edward will love it, I thought. I just love Alice.

I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face. I let down my hair and brushed it very slowly. I felt beautiful all day, I wished I felt that confident right now. I was about to bear my body and soul to the man I love, and who loves me. Wow, he loves me. He wants me. He is out there waiting for me!

"Bella? Are you coming out or do I have to come in and get you?" Edward asked playfully.

"Just one more minute. Do me a favor, will you close your eyes?" I asked.

"Alright, they're closed."

I took a deep breath and opened the door. I took a step towards the bed. My heart started jumping. I saw the corners of Edward's mouth curl upwards.

"I can hear your heart from here. I could find you with my eyes closed."

"But if your eyes are closed, you'd miss this." I teased.

His eyes popped open and then his jaw dropped. He was frozen. His eyes seemed to darken slightly as he took in the sight of me. Then his eyes softened and in an instant he was next to me, arms wrapped around my body. He was pulling me so close to him, I could feel every part of his body against mine. I was suddenly very, very warm all over.

"You do not know how hard it is for me to keep from...taking you right this second." He spoke through his teeth, restraining himself. I stepped back with terror in my eyes. His face went from shock to sorrow. "Bella, I wouldn't, couldn't ever hurt you." It took me a second to recover.

"I know. I just thought you were trying to tell me you weren't going to keep your end of the deal."

"No, I just want you so badly, but I have to concentrate harder on...being gentle" he whispered.

I remembered Esme's words to Edward before she left. "Be gentle."

I relaxed, realizing he wasn't trying to get out of it, he was simply trying not to hurt me physically.

We walked to the edge of the bed and sat down together. Edward looked at me with so much love, and longing. He whispered "you are the most beautiful woman in the world."

I don't know why, but I believed him. How I loved this man. He was everything I ever wanted or could want in a man. Plus more.

He leaned forward and kissed me, gently, then with a little more feeling. His tongue traced my lips, then found my tongue. I was instantly intoxicated with his taste. I couldn't breathe. He stopped kissing me and pulled away. I tried to pull him back, but he didn't budge. I hung my head down, giving up while trying to catch my breath.

"Maybe you should set the pace tonight, after all, you're the one that needs to breathe" he said trying to hide his giggle.

"Okay" I said as I quietly gulped.

I reached over and started to unbutton his shirt. He just sat there still, his eyes staring at my face. I pulled his shirt off and reached out with my hands and very lightly touched his chest, then I slid them down to his abdomen. He closed his eyes and smiled. I slid my hands back up to his shoulders and started to push him backwards. He knew what I wanted so he rolled back onto the bed. I climbed on top of him. His eyes flew open. I just smiled and pulled his arms around me, leaving his hands resting on my backside. It was my turn to torture him. He closed his eyes again.

I leaned down and kissed his forehead. Then I made a trail of kisses covering every inch of his beautiful face. I pressed my neck against his nose and mouth. He continued to lie very still, with a slight smile on his lips. I saved his lips for last. I decided to trace his lips with my tongue, but I also wanted to taste him, again. He allowed his lips to part slightly as I moved my lips over his and let my tongue enter his mouth. I found his tongue. I paused to breathe. There was nothing in the world that could compare to his sweet taste. It was like he was made especially to please me. He was my personal "chocolate". I teased his tongue, trying to get him to react, but he kept still.

I reached behind me and started to slide his hands up my back over the silky nightgown. That did it. He knew what I wanted and his hands started to explore my body. I ran my fingers through his hair as I kissed him. He started to kiss me back. I touched his lips with my tongue, and this time he met mine with his. Our tongues started to dance, twisting and playing. My breath started to stutter so he slowed down.

I sat up on top of him. I took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. I reached one hand across my body to my shoulder. I slid my thumb under the lace strap and I was about to pull it down when Edward's hand stopped me. He simply moved my hand back down and then he reached up very slowly and pulled one of the straps down over my shoulder. My heart was picking up speed now. He smiled. With his other hand he removed the other strap. He placed both his hands on my neck, under my jaw. I shivered with anticipation. His hands slowly slid down the sides of my neck. Then they inched their way down the front of my body. As he did, I realized I was trembling. His eyes asked me if I was okay, I just nodded. His hands made another pass over my upper body, but this time as they smoothed over the nightgown, he was removing it. I froze. He froze. Then his mouth broke into the crooked smile that melted my heart.

"Bella, sweet Bella" was all he said.

I leaned forward over him, bringing our bare chests together. The chill was exhilarating. I closed my eyes and took a breath, waiting for my heart to slow just a little.

"I think it's best if you stay on top" Edward managed to get out while we kissed. Here we go...