Show me Love til I'm Screaming for MoreSesshKik

Sniffing, Kikyou wiped away her tears. She knew it'd only be a matter of time before InuYasha would be with Kagome. Kikyou let out a scoff then stood. She then let out a small laugh. It slowly became an evil laugh. Kikyou refused to allow InuYasha to hurt her this way. She was gonna have her revenge.

Sesshoumaru's sword clashed with InuYasha's. "Why are you attacking me out of the blue, Sesshoumaru!?" InuYasha asked, pushing him back. He continued not to say anything, only attacked his younger brother again. InuYasha grunted as his fist connected his cheek, knocking the hanyou to the ground. "InuYasha!" That wench of his called. She began to attack him but InuYasha let out a small growl. "No, Kagome." She nodded and put her arrows down. "I have a question, InuYasha." "What?" "What is the difference between that Miko and this wench?" He gasped. "This isn't about them!" Sesshoumaru scoffed then sheathed the Tojikin, walking away from his younger brother. Leaving the hanyou with his thoughts.

Sesshoumaru sniffed the cold night's air. The smell of tears floated into his nose. He slowly followed the smell to the Miko. The same Miko that he asked InuYasha about. Her brown eyes looked into his. "Sesshoumaru." "..." He said nothing and started to walk away when one of Kikyou's Shinigamis wrapped around his waist as to stop him. "What is that you want, Priestess?" Kikyou didn't say anything. Sesshoumaru ripped the shinigami from around him, walking away from her again. "Sesshoumaru. I need your help." His gold eyes shifted back to her. He was very interested now. The Great Miko, Kikyou was asking for help? "With what?" He asked, already knowing the answer. "…Killing InuYasha." She said coldly. He gasped softly. Who knew Kikyou could be this..cold. To actually kill the man she once loved and thought loved her. "Why should I help you, Lady Kikyou?" Kikyou smiled softly. She knew he was going to or he wouldn't have addressed her as 'Lady Kikyou'. "..Because..You hate him too. Once InuYasha is dead, you can have the tetsaiga." "I have no need for that sword. I also have no need to help you, Kikyou." He stated coldly before walking away. She grabbed onto his sleeve with an inaudible sob. "Please, Sesshoumaru. Please help me." There. That's what he wanted. He wanted Kikyou to beg. "Alright, Lady Kikyou. I'll help you." Outside, her face was a mixture of sadness and coldness while inside, there was a sick smile and an evil laugh.